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Hungary’s PM: We don’t see these people as refugees, we see them as Muslim invaders


In an interview with German newspaper Bild, Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban called the migrant crisis an invasion.

He said: “We do not consider these people to be Muslim refugees, we regard them as Muslim invaders.”

“One has to cross four countries to arrive from Syria in Hungary”, Orban said. “Those people do not run for their lives but seek a better life. The refugees should have requested admission in advance, but instead they had breached the border illegally.”

According to Orban what Europe has seen was not a wave of refugees, but an invasion. He mentioned that he never understood how in a country like Germany the chaos and the illegal crossing of borders could be celebrated as something good.


The Hungarian prime minister rejected the idea that his country should accept people from Muslim-majority countries. “We believe that a large number of Muslims inevitably leads to parallel societies, because Christian and Muslim society will never unite,” he said.

Orban added that Germany’s SPD leader Martin Schulz should have more respect for his country. Schulz earlier criticised Orban’s visit to a CSU party conference in Germany. Schulz said that Orban’s refugee policy can be considered as “dangerous”.

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13 thoughts on “Hungary’s PM: We don’t see these people as refugees, we see them as Muslim invaders

  1. Too late
    Way too late mate
    Hungary’s political arena agreed to this fiasco
    Now they are not happy
    Why not ??
    Most likely the initial plan was to usher in big MONEY
    It was a dumb idea & no financial wins have happened
    So – now they cry foul.
    Suck Eggs Hungary.

  2. My dearest Alp Atak
    Love of my life
    Only man I burn for
    Yes you
    No not Nick, ever
    When I was there last, there were 3 undercover FEDS in the waiting room
    And one in the foyer
    But, all up there were 6 males & 2 females – on that day
    How do I know this ??
    First of all you can spot these persons a mile off, they stick out like a sore thumb
    And therefore – how benile of you all not to notice
    How long have they been there ??
    An assortment of them have been coming & going for at least 7 months now
    What do they want ?/
    Come now darling, lets not play stupid here
    Who told them about the shit
    Anne Brooks
    Why ??
    The establishment that you work for fear you & want you gone.
    She is terrified of you & that is why she obeys you
    I do not fear you darling, not one single bit.
    Alas it has all blow up in everyone’s faces
    Not my doing old son
    The last page of “Fun” was a lie
    Wish you were here
    There is no where for you to sit but on the end of my bed as the chair is broken & I have no liability insurance & my bedroom is the only warm room in the house
    please know that I can be trusted to do the right thing here.

    1. Q&A
      I told David during my 10 day stint at St Vinnies awaiting a bypass that was never going to happen – right David.
      David sat on the window ledge by my bed & we talked about the fact that there is no Australian input on the internet from Australian medical professionals & that Australia should be represented. That the Australian medical profession could hold its own in the global medical scheme of things & I urged him to promote this venture & to write himself.

      And David said, “Didn’t you get diarrhea!!”
      “No” I replied adamantly.
      What was it that I told you I took – in copious amounts & up to 4.000 & 6.000 mg — to get rid of the dizziness, spinning, mild brain seizures & hallucinatory disorientation as a result of the mind altering & hallucinogenic beta blocker tabs.
      Think back & remember.

  3. I watched as you all did this to yourselves
    You were being an unsightly bastard to me so I said nothing / I remained silent in full knowledge that the shit was going to hit the fan.
    What fault is it of mine if you slit your own throats ??

  4. What can I tell you Nick –
    He was hanging around spying on us – we never had a moment alone.
    The second hug went wrong because he was outside listening it was his negative energy that screwed it up.

  5. Raymond is none of your business, I do not ask you about your personal lives.
    Those 2 Flying Doctor Service non ambulance drivers who took me to Craigecare.that evening
    The other vehicle was parked @ the E&E on the Park which means that they had to come back & pick it up.
    Who were the 2 doctors waiting for them & what kind of service was rendered …. ?

  6. There were 2 other persons waiting for their return with the 2 doctors
    All this in front of the FEDS
    How stupid are some people
    & the place might have been wired the whole time.

  7. Brooksie is SICILIAN & not a naturalised Australian.
    She pretends that she is Jewish to give herself that extra clout.
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    I am also sweet on Dr Rubin at the RMH & one of the younger cardio doctors – what a beautiful man – be still my beating heart.

    1. Please note that we do not work on a pro bono basis
      The universe operates in mathematical terms
      A bill will be sent to all of the above recipients of services rendered
      And in due course, the payments will be extracted by our relevant collection agents
      There are no free rides.

  8. Interesting article
    Aletho News – Israel bombs Gaza position for an entire hour: Palestinian Sources.

    Isn’t there anything that anyone can do to stop this monstrosity that is Israel ??

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