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I Prefer Science So I Won’t “Just Wear A Mask and Just Shut the F*ck Up”, Jennifer



Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation

Reader Supported News just published an astonishingly idiotic article unbelievably called “Put Your Mask on and Shut the F*ck Up” on June 29, 2020 by a certain Jessica Valenti. Her byline says “Medium” so I presume she channeled her science.  She certainly did not get it from journals, studies, books or other reputable sources of scientific information since there is not a shred, not a single shred of scientific evidence that masks reduce infection when worn by the general populace, nor that they are safe for a large segment of the population.  As I indicated in my comment (below) to Ms. Valenti, prior to the current Plandemic every published study on this question concluded that the masks are both unnecessary and unsafe for the general public. It is not clear to me, as a physician, what sudden shift in physiology has occurred since the appearance of a “novel virus” a few months ago. Maybe Ms. Valenti could channel this information for us, too.

She recounts that, sadly, her daughter was born with significant medical problems and needed a ventilator.  I’m so sorry, Jessica.  As a mother and doctor, I can only imagine how awful that was for her, for your daughter and for everyone concerned.  And you tell us that she survived, but that if we do not wear masks she will be horribly ill again. And you kindly tell us what she believes that none of us knows: being deathly ill is awful. Thanks for that. But about the mask that her daughter supposedly needs us to wear and that, equally supposedly, we need us to wear?

Um, not so much. In fact, not at all.  Do a little research, Jessica. Or, better yet, do a lot. There is, as I said, absolutely no science at all to support the carefully crafted, false but incredibly well financed belief (and that is all it is, Jessica, it is a belief, not a fact) that masks, that is, tee shirts, bandanas, cut up jeans or dust masks or even the ‘holy grail mask’, the N95, reduce infection or tame infection transmission. Oops.  No curves flattened here.

Not a shred of scientific evidence.

But there certainly is a religious fervor so virulent and unreasoning that you dare, you dare, Jessica, to tell us to “Shut the F*ck Up” while acquiescing to pseudoscience and personal error based on the fact that your kid needed a ventilator and has immune system problems?

How about, as I suggest in my reply, giving her ½ capful of the well-known immune support, Nano Silver 10 PPM, daily and then making sure that she has plenty of oxygen, sunshine, clean organic food and parents who do not engender anxiety and fear by telling her or other people who disagree with them to just obey them and “Shut the F**K Up!”?

I am astonished that you, a medium, are not used to the process of scrupulously examining what comes into your mind as “truth” in the process of channeling since eliminating overlay, your own “stuff” that can confound what you are actually in contact with, is essential to good mediumship.  When my late husband, Maj. Gen. Albert (Bert) Stubblebine III (US Army) created Remote Viewing for the US Military he made sure that the control of overlay was an essential part of the training protocol and the program so that it could be successfully used to provide reliable and actionable military intelligence (such as the retrieval of General Dozier in Lebanon).

It is also essential, Jessica, to good journalism.

And, I must admit that I am disappointed in Reader Supported News, a site whose journalism I generally respect greatly in allowing such a bellowing, angry and factually wrong piece to appear.

Here is my comment on their site which, although submitted, may or may not be “approved”.

Before the Plandemic we are being subjected to, every paper on the use of masks made it clear that they increase infection rates while increasing carbon dioxide levels, reducing available oxygen and thus present a significant hazard for those with respiratory, immune, cardiovascular, pulmonary and neurological issues.

What, exactly, changed in human physiology when the genetically engineered “novel” virus showed up?

Check out Mandated Mask Madness, for references.

Jessica, I am sorry your daughter needed intensive medical services to survive and delighted for your family that she did. Your vituperative and inappropriate directive, however, “Wear your mask and shut the fuck up about it.” is not only scientifically unsupported but really bad journalism since it is based on unverified and falsifiable political theater facts, not scientific ones.

If you are concerned about your daughter’s immune status, which is why I suppose we should just shut the f**k up about our personal health and liberty, I suggest you give her daily Nano Silver 10 PPM, well known to support normal immune structure and function.

Demanding I mask (while I STFU for her sake) is like demanding that I get a vaccine for her sake as well.  She has needs, you safeguard her rights.  I safeguard mine. It’s called Informed Consent: yelling @me or a million others doesn’t abrogate my rights or make you right.


Not shutting the F*ck Up! or wearing a m*sk.

Masking, which futurist Gerald Celente just called “Sadomaskism,” is a wedge issue.  Accept useless or worse forced masking and you will be ready to accept forced vaccination, later this year.  Oxygen-deprived brains have problems with clear-headed discernment.  More about your right to Informed Consent here:

Learn about and support the current vaccine rights litigation heading to the US Supreme Court here:


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