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Imbeciles: Mark Latham slams Sydney University academics who say Sharia law should be recognised in Australia

The University of Sydney teaches students how Sharia law fits in Australian law. 

Media commentator Mark Latham has blasted the university he graduated from for teaching its students that Sharia law is compatible with Australia’s legal system.

The former Labor leader says the University of Sydney‘s elite law school’s course on Sharia law undermined the separation of religion and state.

‘The system’s gone mad and you want to have a close look at the imbeciles doing this kind of thing in an Australian law school,’ he told the Sunrise program.

‘It’s ridiculous to break that code. There’s no place for Australian law to have Sharia law as part of it.’

The university’s ‘Muslim Minorities And The Law’ course uses a textbook which promotes the idea that ‘Sharia and common law are not inherently incompatible’.

‘They are both ‘law’ in the sense they represent and communicate a set of ‘norms’ that operate at both individual and a community level,’ the book reads.

Dr Salim Farrar and Dr Ghena Krayem, who authored the book and teach the course, also call for research into whether polygamous marriage should be recognised under mainstream law.

‘Whilst some have argued that there may be reasons for changing marriage laws to include polygamous marriages… there have not been any proposals for any legislative amendment proposed by the Muslim communities in our Common Law jurisdictions,’ the book reads.

‘However, there is no doubt that this is an area that needs to be researched, particularly given the fact that anecdotal evidence suggests that this is an increasing practice in Muslim communities.’

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9 thoughts on “Imbeciles: Mark Latham slams Sydney University academics who say Sharia law should be recognised in Australia

  1. Polygamous Marriage – what does this mean ?
    * 1. The practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband.
    * 2. Polygamy may not be performed in Australia & a person who marries another person, knowing that the previous marriage is still subsisting, comity\’s an act of bigamy under section 94 of the Marriage Act 1961, which carries a minimum penalty of * 5 years imprisonment for all Australians – other than those of the Islamic Organised Religion that practices Sharia law – who are exempt & funded by CENTRELINK payments.

    How curious this is – that the Australian government is so ready to turn over Australia & all that Our Beloved Country represents – to the customs & beliefs – another body of beliefs so alien to Australia – in this case to the beliefs of the Islamic Organised Religion – Sharia.

    Here I assume that the Australian Political Arena in TOTAL – agree with the implementation of Sharia Law in Australia –
    Because it is only Pauline Hanson & Jacquie Lambie\’s out spoken voices I can hear, here – in demanding that Australia remain Australia & not convert this SPECIFIC VERSION OF Islam.

    Has it occurred to the Australia Political Arena that IMMIGRANTS & REFUGEES come to Australia to ESCAPE THE brutal practices & injustices of the countries where they previously lived ?

    Yes folks – there are many different Branches And Schools Of Islam –
    And I can\’t see that anyone is talking about anything other than Sharia – but even Sharia has many different branches of Islam to practice.

    *** Back to the QUESTION:-
    Has it occurred to the ASTUTE & ACCOMMODATING POLITICIANS OF AUSTRALIA – that this PUSH for Sharia Law in Australia comes from The Administrators of the Islamic Organised Religious Group in question – AND NOT FROM THE PEOPLE

    We are conveniently led to believe that ordinary people are quite content to have their limbs amputated if they slip from the path of honesty
    EXAMPLE:- if I steal a flower from your garden- if I am walking past your house one day & I see a beautiful rose on your rose bush & I pick it – I have stolen from you & according to your Sharia Law my right hand WILL BE CHOPPED OFF WITH A MEAT CLEAVER.

    President Emanuel Macron of France – has prudently implemented laws to manage the practice of Islam in his country – to the point where the authority of a region have the power to close down a & any mosques if they see a necessity.
    President Manny Macron has been hailed for this insight & concern for A NORMAL FREE FRENCH LIFESTYLE to exist in his nation France – hailed by even many of the Muslim faith – who just want to be allowed to live their new life in their new & free country.

    Where did the Australian politicians get the idea that a people leave their HOME LAND because it is a safe & place to be – people migrate to escape the tyranny – not to bring it with them.

    Congratulations President Emanuel Macron on your courage to act in keeping with the freedom of your beloved country France.

  2. What a sad thing it is to forget who you are & what you stand for – to lose the pride in being Australian.

    RENT A CROWD …….. isn’t it a wonderful thing to be able to hire a crowd of actors – to attend your gatherings & protests – experienced, armature actors, to put your views forward.
    But – Rent A Crowd is expensive – $500 bucks an hour – some of these people rent themselves out for – who can afford this kind of money ?
    And yet they have the t- sometimes even hundreds of thousands of $$$$ that it takes to get the message across.

    For all the crying poor that the Roman Catholic Church has done over the year – in fact they are Fitly Rich – as are they all.

  3. February 3. 2012 – Bankrupt Crystal Cathedral sold to the Catholic’s for $57 MILLION American.
    This kind of exorbitant wealth is indicative of the Organised Religions – Islam is no exception.

  4. When we see a church closed down & sold off – we imagine that the church is broke & needs the money for running costs – indeed when we look at the NEGLECT of the church building itself we see the church has no money – it never occurred to us that they have sold off a piece of PRIME real estate at TOP DOLLAR – only to reinvest that money in the building of the new block of apartments which will yield many more millions of $$$ for them than that the old church ever did..
    Money is the root of all evil.

  5. Funny Story Time:
    The US government is prepared to give
    GENIUS – Elon Reeve Musk the owner of Tesla Motors – $3 BILLION American –
    Why ?
    To try & invent an electric car.
    Get it –
    Ha ha ha ha ah ha ha he he ha aha ha ha ha !

    1. What did I say ?
      I said that the US Government would be better served if they were to shred the $

  6. Polygamy:
    Under what conditions should polygamy be allowed in Australia.

    Polygamy should be allowed in Australia if ….
    1. If it is offered to every Australian male & female.

    2. If the said – polygamist couple can afford to support each of their additional families –
    a) – First & foremost to afford the cost of their first marital union.

    COST OF LIVING according to VISA Solutions LLC – on line.

    example: – to adults & 2 children – with a mortgage / 2 cars / bedr’m / 1 bathr’m home. The estimated cost of living would be $56.000 per year – which requires a gross salary of $75.000 per year or $36.000 duel salary.

    3. That they can earn another $75.000 per year to support their second family.

    4. And earn yet another $75.000 to support their third family & so on.

    When a union breaks up the parent who is left with the children & the children are thrown into abject poverty & emotional distress that is hard to rid oneself of.

    So – Polygamy should only be allowed if it is means tested.
    Any Religious leaders knowingly performing polygamous marriage rites should receive a fine of not less than upwards of $10.000 & a custodial sentence of 12 months for their trouble.

  7. I have read several articles & watched several video’s on child brides & polygamy – & including presented by SBS & Channel 7 Australia –
    A girl child is not a dogs bone for some man to gnaw at.

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