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In The Land Of The Free, Sustainable Living Is Becoming A Crime

By Justin Gardner

In order for the State to make people believe that “democratic” centralized government is necessary for a functioning society, it must work to keep the people from gaining too much freedom and self-sufficiency.

But technology and information sharing are allowing people, like never before, to break from entrenched power interests that control our money, our economy, our energy, our food, our property – and thus our lives.

For decades the State has partnered with corporate giants – such as the fossil fuel and biotech industries – to maintain the façade of freedom and choice, all the while fleecing the masses. Meanwhile, government employs overt means such as “ordinances” to maintain dependence and thwart the sustainable lifestyle.

 As we reported in Nov. 2016, towns and cities across the U.S. are banning tiny homes or severely limiting one of the main reasons for their existence – self-sufficiency. Where tiny homes are allowed, they often must be affixed to the ground in a government-approved fashion and are required to connect to the utility grid.


So, even if someone can power their tiny home with solar energy, they must be ‘connected’ and pay the utility company and government taxes. The State and its corporate partners certainly see the slippery slope to freedom that the masses can gain by harnessing free, clean energy from their rooftop and water from the sky.

Several U.S. states either prohibit rainwater collection or have very strict laws regarding such. While there is a legitimate concern in arid regions about preserving natural streams, does residential rainwater collection (i.e. a 1,000 gallon cistern) actually have any effect on stream water levels? Governments immediately jump to restricting the public’s ability to live self-sufficiently, without providing actual data to justify their actions.

Solar panels are a bigger target for establishment forces that can only thrive if the masses conform to a centralized grid. States such as Indiana and Nevada are passing bills that are designed to cripple the fast-growing solar industry, while keeping in place the same old favors for fossil fuel interests. Solar energy technology is improving at light speed (pun intended) and prices are crashing due to market forces, meaning that rooftop solar – and self-sufficiency – threatens to upend the long dominance of fossil fuels.

Vegetable gardening is not even immune from State interference. In Miami Shores, a couple wasforced to destroy their front yard vegetable garden after government threatened them with a fine of $50 each day it remained.

“When our garden was in full production, we had no need to shop for produce. At least 80 percent of our meals were harvested fresh from our garden,” said Hermine Ricketts. “This law crushes our freedom to grow our own healthy food. No one should have to expend time and energy dealing with such nonsense.”

In any reality but the American police state, a front yard vegetable/herb garden would draw respect and admiration. In the corporatocracy, though, buying food produced in centralized factories is preferred.

‘Death by a thousand cuts’ could sum up the strategy of the State to derail the movement toward freedom and self-sufficiency. Everything essential to living is subject to rules and regulations which seems to have a natural tendency toward ever greater restriction.

However, it is entirely possible for an informed populace, armed with technology, to overcome the forces that would keep us dependent on centralized, corrupted systems.

Justin Gardner is a peaceful free-thinker with a background in the biological sciences. He is interested in bringing rationality back into the national discourse, and independent journalism as a challenge to the status quo. Gardner finds inspiration in the garden and people who promote peace and goodwill to all life.  This article first appeared here at TheFreeThoughtProject.com

Source: http://www.activistpost.com/2017/04/land-free-sustainable-living-becoming-crime.html

3 thoughts on “In The Land Of The Free, Sustainable Living Is Becoming A Crime

  1. Here in Victoria.
    Solar Panels were illegal up until a few years ago.
    Rain Water tanks were illegal up until a few years ago.
    Grudgingly the authority have ALLOWED the people access to these products which only benefit the community / the nation / business / the creation of jobs / wealth creation / the environment.

    I am interested in solar panels & storage batteries .. the whole unit .. so I looked on line for information .. lots of positive information & on youtube ..
    But in reading the literature from a respectable companies website that supplies these units .. they site costs per saving as NOT WORTH IT FOR A HOUSE HOLD .. the outlay costs – for the saving & the batteries have to be replaced every 10 years .. the say it is not worth getting the whole unit.

    1. I don’t believe them .. reg: cost per savings.
    2. And the environmental reward is an added bonus.
    3. Feeding free energy back into the grid is DEFINITELY A BONUS FOR THE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY COMPANY .. they sell the bloody free energy being produced in your house .. on for TOP DOLLAR .. they lie that they don’t.
    4. Why is this company discouraging the sale of their own product to the common man ?
    INSANITY .. they are cracked in the head control freaks.

    For a land owner / farmer to collect rain water was & may still be .. illegal .. in Australia .. let the crops die / let the sheep & cattle die of thirst .. you pay or you don’t play.

    Why Is The Government Holding Back Progress / Sustainable Living / Job Creation / Business & Wealth creation / A cleaner environment & the list goes on .. greed ? is it greed ?

    Or is it the bully not wanting to let go of his victims.

    Nimbin N.S.W. was a massive struggle .. How it is still there today is a mystery .. how the Australian government did not sent the RAAF to bomb it out of existence I don’t know.

  2. In Australia
    Every new house
    Every new block of units
    Every new building


    SHOULD COMPULSORILY BE FITTED WITH RAIN WATER COLLECTION THAT SERVICES THE IMMEDIATE PROPERTY = toilets / car wash / garden watering etc/ hosing down the driveway & foot path.

    Has it occurred to you .. as it has to me .. that we have the wrong people running our beloved nation ?

  3. For the Power Supply Companies to PURCHASE these self sufficient units would cost them nothing .. the more units you buy the cheaper they are .. it is also adding to the GROWTH OF THE COMPANY .. which adds overall value of the Power Supply Company = value adding.

    For the power supply companies to hire technical staff to maintain / service & repair the self contained units it .. GROWTH OF THEIR COMPANY = value adding.

    It .. FREE’S UP .. the Power Supply Company .. from coal dependence = cost / production of / delivery of the electricity to the customer / service & maintenance of their power plants & their sustainable energy productions .. the thing is at your house .. the power lines are already there .. to supply the street lighting / traffic lights / cc surveillance / government usage which is all paid for by the ever decreasing TAX DOLLAR = lights / air con / heating / global telecommunications capacity audiovisual / lifts / internet & all business gadgetry usage / automatic doors / coffee machines / fridges / microwaves / etc .
    YES FOLKS they have it all & we pay for it & all the while the outcry is “IT IS THE FAULT OF THE WASTEFUL PEOPLE” ” THE COMMON MAN IS DOING THIS”
    All the while they know it is they who are the wasters & procrastinates of planet earth.

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