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Is Reality Just an Illusion?

Is Reality Just an Illusion?

By Conscious Reminder

Why do we take life so seriously? Have we ever stopped to consider that life may not even be real?

Just like we enter the dream world every night, have we ever considered that our waking life is just a dream as well?

I woke up today with this strong feeling that my life is just a dream. That nothing is real. That everything around me that I see is simply an illusion.

I woke up today reminded that this life is so temporary and that this life is not to be taken so seriously. I woke up today feeling no fear over my life and the decisions of what I am doing.

So what if everything fails? So what if my ideas are terrible? So what if I fail at everything I ever tried? This is all temporary. This doesn’t last. It goes away. It floats away just like a dream does.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t take responsibility for our lives and our actions, but it does allow us the freedom to live our lives from a different state of consciousness.

The Reality of Who We Really Are

We are consciousness manifesting in physical form. We are not our body and we are not our thoughts. We are pure energy that is here to experience life in the physical.

We have chosen to come to this planet as a human and we have chosen to take on the shape of what we call the human body. But that is not who we really are.

This is where the illusion of reality comes into play. Life is real but it is not real, it is just perceived as being real.

For example, when you look in the mirror what do you see?

You see you, but is it really you? Is that really who you are?  No, it is the illusion of you.

You are your soul, you are the unseen energy that lives within. You are the life force that gives life to your body. Without the life force of your soul, your body would simply be a dead, empty shell. You can see your physical body but that is not really who you are. That is the illusion.

This physical state is temporary, we are here for a temporary experience to manifest and to create things.

Once your soul leaves this earthly plane, it returns back to where it came from. Where we all came from, and that is Oneness.

Imagine that we are a big ball of Universal energy that has broken off into individual humans, plants and animals. We are all the same, the illusion is that we all appear to be different.

“The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different are actually one and the same.”

– Guru Pathik

Life is Simply a Creative Process

We are here to simply create and what we choose to create is our purpose. Our consciousness is in charge of creating whatever we want. Our consciousness didn’t come here to create “good” or “bad” it just came to create.

Our consciousness didn’t come here to stop people creating things or tell people what to create, instead out consciousness came here to play.

Just like an artist paints on canvas, our energy has come here to create in the physical form.

Everything about your life is temporary. This is not said to be bleak, instead it is said to make you realize that all of those fears you have and all of those self-liming beliefs you have placed on yourself are not real. They don’t matter. They too are not real.

Our mind likes to play tricks on us. Just look at this image- what do you see?

Some may see a rabbit and some may see a duck. Neither is wrong or right, it just how we choose to perceive things. Your reality and how you live your life is dependent on how you choose to see things.

Life is But a Dream 

We are all living in a dream. But we also have some control over how we can direct our dream, there are just one rule- the rule of the physical.

While we are unlimited energetic potential on the inside, we also have to observe the physical laws that keep us rooted in our body.

By adding this physical component, it allows us to create things that also share the same physical properties. By being bound by our physical bodies, it allows us to see things from a new and different perspective.

It is an illusion to think that our physical bodies stop us from tapping into the potential that lives within. We all have creative potential inside that we can use to create and manifest our reality.

We are in control of the dream, but because we are all connected, everyone is responsible for the same dream. We each have to take responsibility for our own share of the dream.

Heaven is a State of Consciousness

You have heard the stories of people leaving their physical bodies and experiencing the bliss and nirvana of heaven. They go to heaven and they are met with angels and loved ones and are surrounded in the beautiful feeling of unconditional love.

That all exists, but you don’t have to wait till you leave the physical to experience it. Heaven is a state of consciousness that lives inside of all of us. Heaven is not a place with golden gates, it is a state of being.

Source: http://howtoexitthematrix.com/2017/12/22/reality-just-illusion/

3 thoughts on “Is Reality Just an Illusion?

  1. Quantum physics suggests that were are figments of each others imagination.
    Certainly, we are easily romanced to life’s many pantomimes & charades.
    Some even get to live the lie to their last breath.
    So what is reality ?
    Because – no matter how hard you dream the perfect dream, more often than not reality hits home & you get to pay the bill.
    Ouch, get off me man.
    I didn’t know, okay.
    Where you goin’ with the furniture?
    I told you, I didn’t know man.

  2. “this is all temporary, It goes away like a dream”

    Does it ?
    What if it’s a trap, an eternal trap that never let’s you go ?
    What if it goes on for all time ?

    27th July 2017 – only that I was in hospital & they resuscitated me, or I would be decomposing ash – I want to be cremated you see – gypsies burn you & all your worldly goods to set you free from this world – that’s what I want – never to come back here.
    While I was dead, I found my conscious self in another place & then I returned.
    Until then I wasn’t sure.
    I quizzed other patients “did you see anything” – ” did anything happen” both stays in hospital, I make friends so easily & people are just so generous & giving of themselves.
    & Yes they did.

    So, what if it is eternal, what then, how does one make the most of it /
    I’m sure you have considered this possibility.

  3. Strange things that we do not understand & that is why they are strange, things that we cannot explain, all go in the magic / miracles basket:
    \”It\’s more of that voodoo shit man, throw it in with all the other junk.\”

    \”Hey, what.
    \”What was that ?\”
    \”How did that happen ?\”
    \”Look man.\”
    \”Did you see that!\”
    And they discovered electricity.
    \”Hey, what was that big ugly thing we threw into the basket last September?\”
    \”It was more of this shit, wasn\’t it.\”
    And they discovered antibiotics.

    How did Arthur pull the sword Excalibur out of the stone?
    It was magic … or was it?

    In scientific technology, how would you set fast one object to another?
    In scientific technology, how would you remove / separate one object from another?
    It\’s easy, we do this kind of stuff all the time.

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