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How to Meet Your Spirit Guides Through Meditation!

Spirit Guides – Spirit guides are incorporeal beings that are assigned to us before we are born that help nudge and guide us through life.  

They’re responsible for helping us fulfill the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate.  Your higher self helps select these guides, who help us while we are living out our incarnation.

Who are these guides?

Some guides will stay with you throughout your entire life, and others will pop in every now and again to help you with specific areas of your life or goals you are trying to achieve.  These guides are at varying levels of consciousness themselves.

Some may be highly ascended masters and others might be your average spirit who just happens to be a master in a certain area.  They may appear to have a male or female energy, though in reality they are just energy.

They may be spirits who have had physical incarnations, or they might be spirits who have never taken corporeal form.  You may be the only person they are guiding, or they may be on the “panel” for other people as well.

They might be deceased relatives, but that is less likely.  When it’s time for your spirit guides to help you, they tune in to your energy and help direct you to fulfill your earthly mission.

How do guides help us:
Follow your gut instincts.
Listen to your dreams.
Feel nudges.
Synchronicity alerts.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide(s) | Powerful Guided Meditation Video

Those who are looking for the connection I hope this helps you to meet your guide(s) or at least to come closer to feeling the connection. Repeat as often as would like.

How do you know if you’re just imagining them?

You’ll know by the advice you get.  Does it resonate with you?  Do you feel like it’s coming from them and not you?  Does the advice make sense to you?  Do you get great results when you listen to their counsel?  Do they appear the same way every time?  If the answers to these questions are all “yes” then you are on the right track.

by Conscious Reminder


2 thoughts on “How to Meet Your Spirit Guides Through Meditation!

  1. You see, that’s what I want to be.
    When I die, what then ?
    I’m going back home.
    To heaven, where I came from … that’s where all baby’s come from … right.
    I have already spoken to God at length & to the Holy Mother.
    I am Roman Catholic & a sister to Jesus Christ in baptism, yep, I am a member of The Holy Family & therefore, it is part of the membership requirement that we converse with God & other members of the Family.
    I have a set of black rosary beads just like nun’s have & I pray to the Holy Mother also.
    I’m telling you this so you do not mistake my faith practices for mental illness … okay.
    Mental Health is big on labeling one unbalanced at every opportunity.
    When I go back home, all the mortal relies will be there.
    We didn’t always get along & I fear boredom.
    To be polite I will stay in heaven for an appropriate time & then I would like a job abroad .. please.
    The love & forgiveness that is required to live eternally in heaven, with persons that you did not get along with on earth, requires a lobotomy & I’m not into that scene.
    So, I would like a job please & abroad & never to return to planet earth thank you.
    As a spirit guide or some thing like that & not to a sex maniac please or a serial killer, someone with little or no deviant persuasion perhaps.

  2. Q:
    How do you know they are spirit guides ?
    How do you know that your not being haunted by the dead ?

    Who was it, that had a demon who loved him so well that he gave him everything ?
    I can\’t remember now, but isn\’t it the case where the demon can live through it\’s host, where it can enjoy the mortal pleasures & therefore guides & contrives the exquisite life to be lived & enjoyed.

    If you kill someone, are you then destined to, also live out their life span ?

    How do you know it is a wholesome spirit guide & not conscious energy looking for a mortal host & therefore you are being utilised & haunted – who said entity possession had to end in your destruction ?

    It is so easy for someone to tell it like it is according to their beliefs & experiences, \”oh but I have seen my spirit guide\” – manifestations have happened since forever – but what are they & who is manifesting & masquerading as a goody2shoes spirit guide ?

    Buyer Beware.

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