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Israel Becoming a “Safe Haven” for Jewish Pedophiles Escaping Prosecution Worldwide


An apparent “safety net” is in place for Jewish pedophiles who want to escape justice in their home countries and flee to Israel, where they will never have to worry about being deported for their sick crimes:

One of [Israel’s] founding pieces of legislation, the Law of Return allows any Diaspora Jew to receive citizenship in Israel.

But child rights activists contend there is a dark loophole to the law which allows Jewish pedophiles to effectively flee court-mandated supervision in their home countries and move to Israel with a clean slate.

“There’s a danger that Israel is becoming a safe haven for pedophiles and alleged perpetrators,” said Manny Waks, a survivor of child abuse and the founder of Kol V’Oz, an advocacy group addressing child sex abuse in the global Jewish community.


“Of cause, Israel welcomes all Jews, they’re protected from that perspective,” he said.
How easy is it for sex offenders to make aliyah?

A registered sex offender under supervision in their home country will not have that supervision transferred to Israel when they receive citizenship. A convicted criminal can make aliyah if the Interior Ministry approves their application, especially if the person has already served their sentence or the crime was a misdemeanor.

Jewish Community Watch says that 32 pedophiles in their database have moved from countries around the world to Israel in the past decade. By contrast, during the same period, it has tracked just 12 Jewish pedophiles that have moved abroad from their homelands to countries other than Israel.

… In another, related issue, alleged pedophiles — suspected but not formally charged with any crime — sometimes flee to Israel before authorities get involved.

In close-knit Jewish communities, especially among the ultra-Orthodox, a distrust of authorities and tradition of keeping problems “within the community” means that allegations of abuse can arise well before victims notify law enforcement. This gives the purported pedophiles ample time to flee to Israel and apply for aliyah.

While the Jewish-controlled media reminds us regularly of the pedophile problem in the Catholic Church, they almost never mention the rampant pedophilia among Orthodox rabbis in the Jewish synagogues.


2 thoughts on “Israel Becoming a “Safe Haven” for Jewish Pedophiles Escaping Prosecution Worldwide

  1. ABC News – Former Adass Israel Jewish girls school principal Malka Leifer evades extradition hearing.
    This lady is accused of sexually molesting girls in Australia, whereupon she immediately packed up her husband & children & ran off the Israel.

    I’ve also heard that the streets of Israel are strewn with uncollected rubbish, that rats & other vermin outnumber the populous, dare to drink the water, domestic violence is rife, prostitutes outnumber married women, drugs are on every street corner & on it goes.
    HaBaNaGilla mate !!

    1. Hasn’t you been a busy little bee this fine, hot, morn.
      Look at all the articles you’ve put up !!
      I’m thinking on a Bible Bash.
      There’s nothing like a good Bible Bash – right !!

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