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Italian cities demand military embargo against Israel


The City Councils of Naples, Turin, Bologna, Florence and Pisa have all demanded their respective state governments and the international community to impose military embargo against Israel and to hold it accountable for its repeated crimes against Palestinians.

The cities called for this action in compliance with the European Union Code of Conduct on arms exports as Italy is considered one of the main arms exporters to Israel.

The BDS group in Italy urged all Italian City Councils to join the military embargo campaign and to the take real actions to guarantee respect for Italian as well as international humanitarian laws.

For its part, the BDS National Committee in Gaza hailed the Italian cities for their decisions to military boycott Israel, which is one of the most important forms of solidarity with the Palestinian people and of supporting popular peaceful resistance against the Israeli occupation.
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3 thoughts on “Italian cities demand military embargo against Israel

  1. The UK sells arms to- or is it through – Israel.
    Germany sells arms to – or through israel.
    Italy sells arms to – or through Israel.
    Who else sells arms to the world – via – to – or through Israel.
    And who the hell is buying all these arms ??
    Isn’t it time that arms manufacture was reviewed ??
    That arms manufacture became – that there was a genuine need for these things & not a need to manufacture for the releasing of profit ??
    To make money is not a good enough reason to waste valuable resources.

  2. Hopefully this will snowball except the US, being the New Jerusalem, will merely take up any arms supply slack to the rogue State of Israel.
    Read “The New Jerusalem” by Michael Collins Piper. Piper-Michael-Collins-The-New-Jerusalem-Zionist-Power-In-America.pdf
    We need the American people to realise that they are now controlled by Zionist Israel and it is they that could put pressure on Israel to cease its genocidal war against the Palestinians.

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