March 4, 2024

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Kick out the anti-dam Greens


Electing Conservative Party senators in place of Greens in the Senate is the only way to clear the way for dams to be built in northern and regional Australia.

The Courier Mail reports, a new CSIRO study has found up to four dams could be built in the Mitchell catchment which flows from Mareeba, about 60km west of Cairns, to the Gulf of Carpentaria which could provide a $5.3 billion boost to the Queensland economy.

Conservative Party spokesman Lyle Shelton said the party would back cost-effective Australian-owned proposals to build dams and better drought-proof the nation.

“But the only way we will see bulldozers on the ground is to replace Greens in the Senate with Australian Conservatives.”

“There is a realistic chance the Greens’ only Senator, Larissa Waters, could be displaced if conservatives unite and fight back for farmers, regional jobs and communities.”

“The Greens have done everything they can to undermine nation-building projects such as these,” Mr Shelton said.

“Everyone cares about the environment but not at the cost of farming, country life and communities who care deeply about their local environment. We need to eat, have clothes and have a future for our kids. Our food security and national security depend on our ability to feed a rapidly growing population.”

“The Greens are not on Australia’s side. They’re for the animals and plants, but they want to flood more people into Australia – not capture nature’s floods and rains to feed those same people.”

“For too long the Greens have dragged the major parties to the extreme Left. Just as the Greens are anti-tree clearing, we need Greens-clearing of parliaments so we can get on with feeding, clothing and employing Australians.”

“Whether it is shutting down the coal industry, opposing free speech or telling kids their gender is fluid, toxic Greens policies have infiltrated both major parties.

“Conservatives in the Senate can help restore the balance and bring back common sense,” Mr Shelton said.

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11 thoughts on “Kick out the anti-dam Greens

  1. You have got to watch this video clip.
    Here we have a young man with insurmountable dignity.
    Marc Lamont Hill does us all proud.
    The Electronic Intifada – Marc Lamont Hill politically lynched for telling truth about Palestine by Ali Abunimah.

    1. According to Antonio Moore & Yvette Carnell on DASHRADIO youtube –
      Marc Lamont Hill was DISCARDED by CNN
      He has spread himself to thin, like Martin Luther King did when he took up the Vietnam issue & it harmed him & the black movement.
      I do not believe this of Martin Luther King’s power & position in the scheme of things. The problem was that only Mainstream Media existed, allowing only vetted coverage of King. If he were here today it would be a very different occasion indeed.
      Big difference –
      Today we have a global connection on all issues black, white & brindle. Marc Lamont Hill has spoken & his audience is a global one / we the peoples of the world.
      And of course, today there are 2 sides to everything & then there are 3 & 4 & more & so on & so forth.
      Antonio & Yvette do not realise that we are out here ??

      Yo, for Satan hiself hath gazes upon Marc Lamont Hill & found him wanting & therefore He hath cast him out.
      “The devil don’t want you no more boy”

  2. The Australian political arena has always been loathed to spend monies on infrastructure – this includes the GREENS:
    The squander it every which way they can INSTEAD.

  3. Our Private & Public Hospitals, Aged Care & funnily enough – the Private School Systems” according to rumor – of course – of late – mega millions of dollars have been channelled into the Australian Private School System (I read it on ED News AU) – whose money I wonder? – are being taken over by our FOREIGN CREDITORS.
    As a result of borrowed monies that cannot be repaid by the Australian Government.

  4. In Harding St Coburg, there is an aged care estate – even if there are no tenants – the care & servicing of tenants costs are prohibitive – it is on prime real estate & a lucrative property investment.
    google maps & have a look.

  5. I did vote for the Greens in the old days of preserving the old age forests.
    The Greens cunningly used this to con people into their web of deceit.
    I would not piss on these mongrels now if they were on fire as their policies are anti-Australia and, covertly, always have been.
    They are the modern Communists the destructors of all freedom. They represent the Fabian Society.
    “under Socialism, you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught and employed whether you like it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner, but whilst you were permitted to live,
    you would have to live well. in the ultimate ‘nanny State’, with no free will or right to choose, you are owned by the elites and discarded when you are no longer any use.” George Bernard Shaw. Fabian!

  6. There was something about Bob Brown & I never did vote for them.
    Bob Brown came on all ladida & warm & fuzzy, he also performed all business like which gave him the aura of intelligence.
    But there was something about Bob Brown & I never did vote GREENS.
    It was absolutely nothing to do with his being gay.

  7. Years ago I read the text from a speech Bob Brown made at a Fabian meet. In this speech old Commo Bob stated that part of the Greens agenda was ‘no private ownership’. Pure Communistic despotism!
    Bob, like all the Green leaders promote saving Nature whilst the undercurrent is pure Communism. World control!
    We need to remove these wolves in sheep clothing from any power.

  8. Was it actually saving nature or was it locking up areas for future exploitation ??
    Why turn it into a wasteland today, when tomorrow we will get 1000 times more for it.
    Like this, a government’s hands are seen to be tied if external pressure to give over the forests is utilized & to any promises made in haste.
    The Greens were then & still are a convenience to the 2 party system that runs Australia.

  9. He was arrested & sent to prison – I heard his interview on ABC radio driving home from work – butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth Our Bob Brown
    Then someone said he was never in prison – it was a scam.

  10. I meant to ask
    But I forgot
    Is Malcolm Turnbull ill ??
    I mean seriously ill ??
    He just fell out of the tree, all sudden like & I know they said a leadership spill – but
    He really didn’t look too good & for quite a while
    His mother, Coral Lansbury died of bowel cancer 3 April 1991, aged 61.

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