April 20, 2024

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Lack of transparency re coronavirus statistics

For the attention of:
Mr Daniel Andrews
Premier of Victoria
Dear Mr Andrews, there is a serious lack of transparency re statistics for the current coronavirus situation. 
Please see below correspondence with the Department of Health and Human Services outlining the deficiencies.
There’s a lot of fear-mongering going on, there really needs to be targeted and effective action to protect the vulnerable, rather than destroying society and the economy for everyone.
Elizabeth Hart
Independent citizen investigating the over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy.
Dear ‘Public Health Admin’…

Thanks for your response, but this is hardly ‘transparent’ at all.
Beating up news about ‘cases’ is not information. 
According to the link you sent me, there have been 1,361,238 tests, and 6,289 confirmed ‘cases’.  I really wonder what is the point of all this testing?
As for the ‘cases’, what are they exactly? What’s the definition of a ‘case’, the symptoms? A sniffle? What exactly?
And how exactly are these ‘cases’ being confirmed? How effective is the testing?  False positives? False negatives?
There is great fear-mongering across the community, but who is really at risk?  The deaths I hear about in the media are generally people in their 80s, 90s’, even a woman in her ‘hundreds’. 
People across all age groups are being deliberately frightened by the government – politicians and medical officers. On what basis?
The link you provided tells me there have been 42 deaths – but there is no breakdown re ages, co-morbidities etc that I can see. You are not providing transparency.
Similarly you are apparently unable to provide information re ages and comorbidities of people in hospital, and just how ill are these people, and with what symptoms?
There is a gross lack of information about the real risks of the current situation.
While much fear-mongering and alarm is being promoted, are people being given any useful advice for their own protection, e.g. that Vitamin D may be a useful supplement?
I have raised this matter in my recent rapid response published on The BMJ (aka The British Medical Journal), see below, and via this link: https://www.bmj.com/content/369/bmj.m2475/rr-12
Really, the Victorian, and other State governments and the Australian Federal government need to get their acts into shape. 
Our whole society and economy is being seriously damaged, and accountability will be sought from those responsible.

1 thought on “Lack of transparency re coronavirus statistics

  1. From reports I have read the Andrews government is bankrupt due to its policies and employed stupids.
    The Vic government has not been able to service their IMF loan and, it seems, the IMF vultures have descended onto Victoria wanting their pound of flesh.
    Hence the leasing of the victorian trade harbour to the Communist Chinese and the introduction of UN police into the State controlling the masses in a gestapo way. Have you noticed the change in police uniforms. Victoria appears to be a test case for the UN New World Order to encroach onto Australian soil.
    Meanwhile all our other mind dead political stupids appear not to have noticed that Australia is in the process of becoming a United Nations NWO police State.
    Ignorance is not bliss it is a cop-out as the politicians bury their thick heads into the turf and hope it all goes away.
    As all this is happening the Communist State of China is sitting on the fence awaiting it’s share of the prize.
    We, the people have fucked up by tolerating the lying governments and mainstream media and we can only blame ourselves as we have been told by many over the years that should we continue with this veil of ignorance we will pay the price.
    That price is now due!

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