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No Jab No Pay No Way – Freedom of Choice

Triple M Breakfast Radio Sydney aired a segment with Lawrence Mooney that attacked antivaxxers on 12 February, 2019.

It was frightening stuff. Full of hate speech.

We need to reassure our community and educate Triple M. Above all we need to protect vulnerable young families and children from hate speech like this.

See the recent article, ‘Hate Speech and the Australia First Party.’…/hate-speech-t…/

Please contact Triple M Radio Sydney:
Ph: (02) 9367 1000
Em: [email protected]
Attn: Laura Bouchet Triple M Morning Producer.

Or make a complaint here:…

Here is Elizabeth Hart’s excellent analysis of this appalling radio segment:

‘Ignorant and ill-informed diatribe against ‘anti-vaxxers’ – Lawrence Mooney on Triple M radio station, Sydney, Australia’

By Elizabeth Hart…/ignorant-and-…/

Below is a transcript of a recent radio segment discussing ‘anti-vaxxers’, including comedian Lawrence Mooney’s public boast of wanting to beat an ‘anti-vaxxer’…

I wonder if this radio segment was orchestrated by any coercive vaccination lobby groups?

This is an example of the abysmal quality of media discussion on coercive taxpayer-funded vaccination policy in Australia, i.e. dominated by ignorant and ill-informed bigots and bullies, who I suspect would be very hard-pressed to name all the vaccine products and revaccinations on the National Immunisation Program Schedule:…/national-immunisation-program-…

It’s very unlikely these people would have had all the vaccinations and revaccinations on the schedule themselves. (And no Mr Mooney you’re wrong, smallpox and tuberculosis vaccinations are not on the current schedule…)

Similarly, I suspect these people are clueless about the emerging problems with vaccines, e.g. pertussis/whooping cough, measles, mumps, HPV etc. Meanwhile, informed citizens seeking transparency and accountability for taxpayer-funded vaccination policy, which is awash with conflicts of interest in the vaccination bureaucracy, are marginalised and even censored. In regards to conflicts of interest in vaccination policy, see my presentation Big Pharma’s hijacking of ‘over’-vaccination policy – Conflicts of interest and lack of transparency and accountability: A transcript of my presentation is accessible via this link:…/conflicts-of-in… and includes reference to the Murdoch media group’s influence on coercive taxpayer-funded vaccination policy in Australia.

It’s notable that Lawrence Mooney brags he wanted to beat an ‘anti-vaxxer’ after his daughter “got whooping cough from a kindergarten”. Does Lawrence Mooney have any idea about the emerging problems with pertussis/whooping cough vaccines, of which children now get six doses, plus pressure to have this vaccine throughout life? (Consider for example the comments by caller Kelly in the transcript below, e.g. “Like my children are vaccinated, and they actually got whooping cough”.)

Is Lawrence Mooney aware of the aluminium adjuvant in the pertussis multi-component vaccines, and other vaccines, i.e. Hep b, pneumococcal 13, HPV, meningococcal B, and the concerns about the unknown cumulative consequences of repeated revaccination throughout life with aluminium-adjuvanted vaccines? I suspect he and his cronies would not have a clue… But Lawrence Mooney feels confident to deride other citizens’ concerns about the ever-increasing number of lucrative vaccine products and revaccinations, and gloat about wanting to beat an ‘anti-vaxxer’…

Read the transcript below and consider this is what passes for public discussion on coercive taxpayer-funded vaccination policy in Australia, no dissenting views allowed:

Lawrence Mooney and others, ‘Can of Worms’ segment on the Triple M radio station, Sydney, Australia on Tuesday 12 February 2019

Transcript prepared by Elizabeth Hart from an audio recording (apologies if any errors).

This transcript is relevant to coercive taxpayer-funded vaccination policy in Australia, particularly the No Jab, No Pay and No Jab, No Play laws lobbied for by the Murdoch media group (now known as News Corp), and Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM) and SAVN. (FSM and SAVN had a privileged position to influence the Senate Hearing on the No Jab, No Pay bill in November 2015.)

This is the Federal Government website link for the Senate Hearing on the No Jab, No Pay Bill in November, 2015.…/Comm…/No_Jab_No_Pay/Public_Hearings


Lawrence Mooney: This is a perennial one, and the can of worms this morning is: Should kids be allowed to go to school if they aren’t vaccinated? Ah, this is off the back of your little bloke Henry.

Chris Page (‘Pagey’): Yes..

Lawrence Mooney: …facing the needle yesterday Pagey.

Chris Page (‘Pagey’): …he got three needles yesterday, which obviously he loved…

Lawrence Mooney: That’s a big one.

Chris Page (‘Pagey’): I want to thank my wife so much, every time he goes for his injections she makes me hold him down, while people prick him, while she goes and stands on the other side of the room, and turns around so she can’t even see it.

Lawrence Mooney: She faces the wall…

Chris Page (‘Pagey’): …faces the wall, so after the needles he goes “Mumma, Mumma!” and wants to go to Mumma, won’t look at me for the rest of the day…

Woman: Yes, he thinks you’ve stabbed him.

Chris Page (‘Pagey’): He thinks I did it, thanks…

Lawrence Mooney: But eh, (laughter) he will come to understand that he’s been inoculated against things like smallpox, tuberculosis…

Chris Page (‘Pagey’): …measles…

Lawrence Mooney: Eh, polio, and a whole lot of other things, preventable diseases. And I think that we’re all, well a lot of us, are accepting that vaccinations are good. Your kids vaccinated?

Woman: We’re all vaccinated…

Man: …yep, all vaccinated…

Woman: …you don’t get your fees at day care if, in the day care we’re at, you don’t get your fees if they’re not vaccinated, so…

Lawrence Mooney: Well Mel is a woman, the President of the Australian Vaccination Risks Network, AVN, she joins us, Mel, tell us what your stance on vaccination is please?

Meryl: I am certainly opposed to any form of mandatory vaccination, because vaccines like all medical procedures carry with them a real risk of either long-term disability or death. So, if you are going to be saying that someone has to take that risk, that’s wrong. What we are simply saying is that vaccination, like every medical procedure, needs to be completely an informed choice, and no pressure, no coercion, no financial penalty should ever be applied to it.

Lawrence Mooney: So Mel’s obviously against banning kids from school if they aren’t vaccinated. It is ‘Can of Worms’, we’ve opened it today. Should kids be allowed to go to school if they aren’t vaccinated? I am no, they should not be allowed. My daughter Maggie got whooping cough from a kindergarten, and I just wanted to go, I wanted to go a little bit Liam Neeson on anti-vaxxers, I wanted to go and find an anti-vaxxer (woman’s laughter) and beat them…some bastard anti-vaxxer (laughter). So…

Woman: It is a bit sad, especially when you’ve got newborn babies…I know when I had my little newborn baby, and you would be petrified of… Yes, it is your own choice and I do believe that in Australia you should have the freedom to do what you want, however, if you’ve got a newborn bubby and you take them into, down the beach for example, you go past an anti-vaxxer, that’s potentially threatening the life of your new baby, and that’s something that I think that…what are you laughing at, what on earth could be funny…?!

Lawrence Mooney: When you walk past an anti-vaxxer, like they have to wear a sign…(laughter)…’anti-vaxxer!’, get off the beach anti-vaxxer! (laughter).

Man: Give us a call, ‘Can of Worms’, 133353, simple as that, should kids be allowed to go to school if they haven’t been vaccinated? Love to hear from you, plenty of calls already…

Man: Quick one from Alex in Northmead, Alex, what do you think?

Alex: No, I think kids should be excluded from going to school if they’re not vaccinated. I completely, you know, respect the right of mum and dad not to vax, to give them their kids the vaccines, but the majority of people do. So like, you know, just a little bit of common sense.

Man: Thanks for the call Alex.

Lawrence Mooney: It’s herd immunity that we’re after, everyone’s vaccinated, you kill off the disease.

Man: We’ll take some more calls, 133353 and the ‘Can of Worms’, should unvaccinated kids be allowed to go to school?

Triple M advertisement: Gus Worland, Jess Eva, Chris Page and Lawrence Mooney…Triple M…Go on then…I’m not about to open your can of worms

Man: On topic today, a lot of calls coming through.

Lawrence Mooney: Should your kid be allowed to go to school if they aren’t vaccinated. I’m an easygoing kind of a guy, I’m live and let live, but eh, I tell you what, if you haven’t vaccinated your child, start home-schooling. Donna from Engadine, what do you reckon?

Donna: Look, it is a tricky, I’m lucky that my children never had issues, but you’re punishing the children, by not allowing them to come to school, by actions of their parents, and that’s where it’s difficult…

Lawrence Mooney: Donna…

Donna: But I can understand people’s opinions.

Lawrence Mooney: Are you part of herd immunity, are your children vaccinated?

Donna: Yes, definitely, yes they are, and so am I.

Man: Good on you Donna, thank you.

Woman: Could they have a school for children that aren’t vaccinated, just one…

Man: Yeah, it’s hive of disease…

Lawrence Mooney: …it’s called Byron Bay High School (laughter).

Man: Shane in Sutherland, what do you think?

Shane: G’day guys, long-time caller, first time listener, um…no, I don’t think so. I mean, I’m vaccinated, I don’t have kids, but you’re putting all other kids at risk and I don’t think that’s fair. But I also find it strange that they won’t vaccinate their children, but they’ll take Fido down to the vet to make sure that’s vaccinated.

Man: Mmmm, interesting one…thank you Shane. Let’s go to Kelly in Windsor, g’day Kelly.

Kelly: Eh yes, I would um, I would say they can’t go to school, um due to the protection of the health of the children. Like my children are vaccinated, and they actually got whooping cough, and I had a six month old baby at the time, and luckily she didn’t get it because they said because I was breast-feeding, you know, she was covered…but very scary…

Lawrence Mooney: Oh a little baby with whooping cough, you’ve never seen a more painful, horrible sight, terrible. Well that looks like it’s about 100 percent of callers.

Man: There’s just so many smart people out there saying that vaccination is right, so why would I question that? Because so many professionals, so many doctors say that’s the right thing to do. Surely at the end of the day, even though it may not be 100 percent, that’s the way to go.

Woman: I think when you’re in the anti-vaccine circles though, a lot of people think that the medical professionals are in this big pharmaceutical conspiracy, trying to extract millions…

Lawrence Mooney: They’re conspiracy theorists…

Woman: Yeah… And, but in actual fact you’re just trying to say…the Triple M online poll so far says 97 percent of Triple M listeners say, no, they shouldn’t be allowed.

Man: That’s right…comprehensive…

Lawrence Mooney: Yeah, which means no anti-vaxxers listen to us at all…(laughter)… Where are they? Triple J, ugh…(laughter)…


The views expressed in this transcript of Lawrence Mooney and others are of public interest in regards to the suppression of citizens’ serious discussion about coercive taxpayer-funded vaccination policy in Australia.

While it seems reasonable to desire ‘magic bullets’ that will prevent disease, there are problems emerging with vaccine products now, and these must be addressed, not covered up.

We must also have examination of the ever-increasing number of lucrative vaccine products and revaccinations being added to the taxpayer-funded schedule, members of the committees and groups promoting these vaccine products are often conflicted by their associations with vaccine manufacturers. There is a serious lack of transparency and accountability for taxpayer-funded vaccination policy.

Elizabeth Hart


  1. Comedian, a joke.
    Could you possibly compare this creep to great comedians like George Carlin.
    This prick must hate himself, a jewish syndrome!

  2. “Mel tell us what your stance on vaccination is please.”

    “I am certainly opposed to any form of mandatory vaccination”
    MEANS …… we wold rather you did it without us forcing you – because then – when it goes wrong – YOU KNEW THE RISKS – AND YOU WENT AHEAD & DID IT ANYWAY – it is then a case of buyer beware – tough titties love you had the option to opt out.

  3. The Literature provided by the pharmaceutical manufacturer of medications works like this.
    * The first list of side effects are 1 in 10 persons may exhibit side effects.
    * The second list of side effects are 1 in 100 persons may exhibit side effects.
    * The third & scary list of side effects are 1 in 1000 persons may experience side effects.

    The responsibility of your safety is on you.
    You have been told.
    Your medical practitioner will say it’s a beat up & don’t worry about it.



  4. 2CELLOS – Resistance [Live at Arena di Verona] – Youtube

    Luka Sulic from Slovenia
    Stjepan Hauser from Croatia
    My Countrymen from the former Yugoslavia.

  5. Q’s.
    1. should kids be allowed to go to school if thy aren’t vaccinated ?

    I would advise parents of vaccinated kids not to let their kids go anywhere near vaccinated kids –

    I became seriously infected with SHINGLES from a nanny who had just been vaccinated for CHICKENPOX 2 days before.
    Vaccinated kids are a danger to the community at large – all they need is to stand near you & you could become infected..

  6. Google – How do you test for whooping cough in infants.

    Call the doctor if you suspect that your child has whooping cough.
    To make a diagnosis the doctor will take a medical history.
    Do a thorough physical examination.
    And may take nose & throat mucus samples to be checked in a lab.
    Blood tests & chest Xrays may be done.

    me:- as a doctor examining an infant for Pertussis the FIRST thing that I would do is TO IMMEDIATELY take mucus samples & blood & have them tested faster than ASAP.
    Pertussis/ Whooping Cough is dangerously life threatening because for the first week it presents like a COMMON COLD & is FOBBED OFF BY DOCTORS AS A COMMON COLD & you the mother an over protective anxiety tripper.

    There is more literature out there – Harvard Medical School – British Medical Schools etc & they all say the same fucking thing.
    Babies = infants for the first year of their lives have no immunity to any fucking thing.

    1. Antibiotics do NOT treat whooping cough they are used to prevent the spread. You can treat whooping cough very effectively with high dose Vit C. Whooping cough would be a non issue if high dose Vit C and Intravenous Vit C for acute conditions were administered by GP’s and in hospitals.

      1. Really ??
        I’ll go look at the Harvard Medical school & other reputable institutions & see:- okay !!

        While I’m here …. radio news this morning – Greg Hunt to spend $19 MILLION – that’s – Nineteen Million Dollars to promote vaccination in Australia.

        Australia has got money to burn.

        1. BigPharma has many ass kissers on the pay roll using hard earned taxpayer monies to promote their failing corporations –
          Did you hear that 600 children died in Madagascar from measles & tens of thousands of men women & children are infected – this mornings news.

          Thank you God that mainstream media will be a thing of the past soon.
          Every day there are more & more independent news outlets – movie outlets, which means investers are pumping billions into the new media forte.

        2. I couldn’t give a rats arss if the money actually belonged to GREG HUNT
          If it was his from his lucrative wage.
          But it is not …. it is AUSTRALIANS MONEY to be spent to make AUSTRALIA GREAT

  7. As for motor mouth – we the people of Australia are working very hard to STOP violence & domestic violence.
    Of course there are those who think it is okay to hit other people when one feels the desire.
    Be careful mate – one lucky punch could make or break you.

  8. David Garrett – J.S. Bach’s Air – Youtube

    this should be the one where all the little munchkins are dancing on stage.

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