April 22, 2024

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Sydney 2DAY FM Are Gutless & Weak

Allona Lahn

How weak and gutless is Sydney 2DAY FM while I waited for the call I never got the announcers were on radio calling antivaxxers morons, idiots and insane.

When I phoned in to ask why they hadn’t called the message reply was that they ran out of time. But for the next 20 minutes on air the station managed to interview Dr Karen Phelps and Toni McCaffery and of course promote unsafe vaccines.

The media corruption and bias in this Country is out of control. The omitting of data and corruption within ALL networks needs to be addressed. How dare one side be heard without the other?

Today I wanted to discuss why in 1991 71% of children were vaccinated with pertussis and there were 347 cases.

In 2011 with over 90% vaccination rate there were 38,758 cases … the vaccine DOES NOT work nor does it stop the transmission of disease.

Professer Professor Ann Koehler in 2014, Director of the Communicable Disease Control Branch in South Australia, said that the pertussis vaccine does not work, so it could not protect a newborn baby in a cocooning program.

“So we know pertussis vaccination doesn’t prevent infections so we could not see how it could be all that good for a cocooning program that was meant to prevent infection all around a baby.”


The Government is promoting a vaccine they KNOW doesn’t work, meanwhile selling it to the public like its a magic bullet….this is unethical and people should be charged and held responsible for misinforming the public.

How pathetic and disgusting it is that uneducated radio announcers can go on air and sprout their BS and ignorance and then insult and bully people they don’t even know? Please call the station and make your complaints, this behaviour is unacceptable in our society.

Stand up journalists and be brave, start doing balanced, fair and truthful media news and articles, stop selling your soul for money.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/allona.lahn

6 thoughts on “Sydney 2DAY FM Are Gutless & Weak

  1. Kerryn Phelps –
    Member of the Australian Parliament of Wentworth
    Preceded by Malcolm Turnbull
    Assumed office 20 September 2018
    Born 14 December 1947 – 61 years old.
    Running as an independent candidate.

    This woman is only a General Practitioner.
    This woman is only a General Practitioner.
    She graduated from the – Royal College of General Practitioners.
    She has become known as through her work as a TV personality.
    She is no expert in virology & vaccination.
    Ambition is the name of the game.

  2. Did Dr. Kerryn Phelps & Toni McCaffery discuss …. the LIFE SAVING ANTIBIOTICS THAT WERE WITH HELD FROM Baby Dana’s TREATMENT for Whooping Cough ??
    I think it was about $ 5.00 – $10.00 worth of antibiotics that were withheld from Baby Dana’s treatment.

    Please know that I have read McCafferys story – in her own words & listens intently to the verbal story.
    And at all times it was pronounced vehemently that there was no treatment that could have help Baby Dana but OXYGEN.

    Here is a massive law suite for MALPRACTICE of the GP who initially – incorrectly – diagnosed Baby Dana.
    And a very lucrative law suit for MALPRACTICE of the Hospital that withheld the life saving & crucially so treatment with simple & cost effective antibiotics that allowed Baby Dana to die.

  3. How does an Australian person become a TELEVISION CELEBRITY in Australia ??

    1. you hire an agency to promote you & your talents.
    2. You know someone in the business who puts in a good word for you.
    Mainstream TV is always looking for new angles & gimmicks to promote their station & draw more viewers.
    HEALTH SHOWS are very popular & especially when they are hosted by medicl professionals – look at US TV & know it to be true.

  4. ABC Radio – I used my valuable time to listen to several different programs in the wee small hours – I commented on a few subjects & was banned.
    My fault I fear – It was a error in judgement on my part in wasting my time listening to the ABC hick radio station in the first place.

  5. In Australian politics there is something called “THE POISON CHALLIS”
    Take Care.
    Take Care.
    Lest you are foolish enough to be seen as ‘the sucker’ that will unwittingly accept it – & with gusto even.
    The truth will out & this vaccination campaign will be exposed as malicious.

  6. Karen Phelps is a lesbian and linked to Clover Moore, another lesbian and this odd couple group have far too much to say in our everyday lives; that is if you are heterosexual and wish being normal sexually!
    Karen headed the AMA in Australia who advocates destroying our children thru Vaccines. You should read Eustace Mullins book “Murder by Injection” to get a handle on our illustrious AMA created by the criminal Rockafellas.
    You can download for free on this site…. http://www.eustacemullins.us
    Karen is also part of the open immigration program financed by George Soros, a Jew who aspires to world domination by destroying National Cultures by immigration.

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