February 25, 2024

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Like power stations, climate cultist Bowen should be decommissioned

Federal Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen has warned runaway global heating could lead to increased national security risks.

Climate cultist Bowen is the only national security risk to Australia












In his annual climate change statement to federal parliament today, Mr Bowen said extreme weather events caused by climate change “place increased strain on Australia’s energy networks and this fragility could be used by hostile actors”.

The only fragility in Australian electricity supplies has been caused by climate megalomaniacs of Labor and Greens. Shutting down clean, coal-fired power stations is essential to the UN-Labor policies of de-industrialisation and depopulation, shaped by UN Agenda 30 and the fascist World Economic Forum.

Bowen himself, clearly is a threat to national security due to his closing of reliable power sources in favour of unreliable, expensive wind and solar power.

Installation of these grotesque windmill behemoths has already destroyed some of the best agricultural land in the country with much more to come.

How “hostile actors” could take advantage of Australia is unclear but with Labor’s continuing de-industrialisation the country’s defence is vulnerable due to a lack of fuel refineries and inadequate storage facilities.

In its second year, the annual statement is required under legislation introduced by the federal government to provide a progress report on Australia’s emissions reductions.

As the world records its warmest year on record, Mr Bowen cautioned that “the threats will compound and expand exponentially the hotter the planet becomes”.

“It is likely to accentuate economic factors already fuelling political instability, including risks to water insecurity across the globe,” Mr Bowen told parliament.

“Dealing with climate extremes is likely to place additional stress on national coordination arrangements and domestic crisis management agencies, stretching Australia’s emergency capabilities that deploy domestically and internationally.”

The federal government has refused to release a secret report into the national security risks posed by climate change.

The Climate Change Authority’s annual progress report, which informs the minister’s speech will be tabled in parliament today.

The government’s targets to lower emissions by 43 percent by 2030 aren’t on track, with Mr Bowen announcing a major policy overhaul last week to try to turn the tide.

Source: https://cairnsnews.org/2023/11/30/like-power-stations-climate-cultist-bowen-should-be-decommissioned/

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