April 20, 2024

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Lithium battery bombs causing fires should be recorded on a data base


Labor Minister for everything, Katy Gallagher promises Senator Roberts she will investigate setting up an ACCC data base to record ever-increasing lithium battery fires occurring across the country.

Fires started by batteries and users getting injured from battery explosions are becoming almost a daily event especially as more and more batteries come onto the market.

Electric vehicles have featured in car explosions and fires consequently car carriers and shipping have refused to carry these vehicles describing them as ‘bombs’.

Senator Roberts said lithium battery fires have featured prominently far too often in news headlines.

“These fires often ignite without warning, they’re difficult to extinguish and are not confined to #EVs. Everything from eScooters to electric toothbrushes carries the risk for #thermal runaway and considered hazardous materials,” he said.

“I asked about the ACCC’s report on Lithium-Ion Batteries and Consumer Product Safety during the recent senate estimates. The report advocates for a national product safety incident database to capture lithium ion batteryfires.

“Senator Gallagher responded positively and I look forward to quick action on this problem from the Government.”

Source: https://cairnsnews.org/2024/03/23/lithium-battery-bombs-causing-fires-should-be-recorded-on-a-data-base/


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