April 20, 2024

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‘Phone detection cameras’ being installed on South Australian roads

The first of five “phone detection cameras” have been rolled out on to South Australian streets, as the state looks to follow others who have introduced the false-identifying AI-driven technology.



A “mobile phone detection camera” has been installed on South Road, Torrensville, and is the first of five to be installed in Adelaide in the near future, it has been announced.

Following a “successful” trial of the technology in 2023, the government has decided to follow in the footsteps of various other states and permanently install the mobile phone detection cameras (MPDC).

As part of a $15.9 million program, if you are caught by a mobile phone detection camera while driving, you will be fined $650 and lose three demerit points.

The cameras work by capturing high quality images from multiple angles through the driver’s windscreen, with artificial intelligence software identifying drivers on their mobile phones.

Photos of drivers are then “validated” by SA Police, with ‘images of those following the law deleted’.

The SA government says that the “enforcement cameras” are expected to be installed on existing digital variable message signage and be operational by June, pending a technical and environmental review.

The cameras will be located at: Southern Expressway in Darlington, South Road in Torrensville, North South Motorway in Regency Park, Port Road in Hindmarsh, and Port Wakefield Road in Gepps Cross.

The SA government says the location of these cameras is “…based on research by Adelaide University’s Centre for Automotive Safety Research”.

First announced in January, reports suggested ‘motorists in Adelaide are on notice’, with the SA government saying that the MPDCs “…save lives by detecting and deterring drivers who put themselves and others at risk by engaging in dangerous behaviour”.

Currently, MPDCs operate in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, while a three-month grace period is also underway in the Australian Capital Territory.

A new world of hyper-vehicle surveillance is upon us all.


South Australia is the latest state to introduce these kind of cameras onto their roads.

In mid-2023, the Victorian Government introduced three portable seatbelt and mobile phone detection cameras – with six to be introduced eventually – at a cost of $33.7 million.

The Australian Capital Territory also introduced three portable cameras in late 2023.

In September 2023, the Queensland Government admitted a software error had falsely issued double demerit points to 1842 motorists caught by mobile phone and seatbelt detection cameras over a period of 22 months – leading to 121 drivers having their licences incorrectly suspended.

This is because they are not meant to work, but rather just act as another surveillance tool and revenue raising system, seeing as mass congestion from failed infrastructure design has dropped speeding fines.

How long before South Australia starts introducing ‘AI-traffic management systems’ like Melbourne?

It seems there are endless cameras on our streets now, all designed for one particular purpose. From speeding and compliance fines, to ‘drunk driving detection’, and now ‘phone-use identifying’.

When will all the madness end?

Sadly, it’s not just the outside of cars that are creeping towards a biometric dystopia, but inside as well.

Cars with internet-connected features are fast becoming “privacy nightmare on wheels”, according to US-based research conducted by the Mozilla Foundation.

Cars were “the worst category of products for privacy” they had ever reviewed, they concluded.

Indeed, with travel being the ultimate symbol of freedom, we shouldn’t be surprised that every attempt is being made to monitor and watch people driving like a hawk as we race towards Agenda 2030.

Yet another false-identifying camera apparatus that Aussies will have to fight in courts, if they have the time or money. Don’t forget to pay your tolls to foreign off-shore corporations, either.

What are your thoughts on these new cameras?

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Source: https://tottnews.com/2024/03/10/phone-detection-cameras-sa/

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