April 17, 2024

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Machete-Wielding African Gang Murder Man In Melbourne’s Western Suburbs Overnight


A 40-year-old man has been killed following a machete attack overnight in Braybrook, located in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Police have reported that at approximately 9:30PM on Saturday night, a carload of four to six men of African appearance used their vehicle to hit two other men, before preceding to then repeatedly stab them with machetes. The perpetrators then reportedly fled the scene in what was described as a silver or grey hatchback. One of the victims was killed, and the other still remains in hospital with serious injuries. Anyone with any information relating to the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Paul Duncanson, victim of violent African invaders

The incident follows Monday night’s riots in Kensington, in which African gangs assaulted police and bystanders, hurling rocks and bottles until the early hours of the morning, following an appearance from right wing media personality Milo Yiannopoulos. As Melbourne faces an unprecedented crime wave, residents are now feeling increasingly unsafe in their own homes, with car jacking’s and break and enters becoming a widespread problem throughout many suburbs. The long-term ramifications of third world mass migration to the developed world are now more apparent than ever, as Melbourne continues to descend into a crime ridden dystopia. How many more innocent people must be killed before the government finally acts?

Source: http://www.theunshackled.net/immigration/machete-wielding-african-gang-murder-man-in-melbournes-western-suburbs-overnight/

3 thoughts on “Machete-Wielding African Gang Murder Man In Melbourne’s Western Suburbs Overnight

  1. Milo Yiannopoulos:
    I don’t really care who Milo is & what he says .. but disturbances pertaining to him .. I believe them to be Rent A Crow .. hired & paid for by his spin doctors. This guy needs all the attention he can get .. & they make it happen.

    The African Gangs:

    1: I am not interested what mainstream TV says about anything .. I put it down to good old fashioned Cow Dung.
    2: I don’t want to know what the Victorian Political Arena says either .. that there is a problem & that it has been allowed to continue to dangerous levels is ONLY DUE TO THEIR NEGLIGENCE.
    3: I would value what Victoria Police have to say .. how they would describe the situation & what measures they believe it would take to take control of the situation & solve the problem.
    4: Victoria Police are the experts here .. they have dealt with violent gangs before .. they have the know how expertise to sort this one out also.
    5: So where could the problem to solve this African Gang’s be coming from ???

    It has to be that the Daniel Andrews Labor Government Victoria are the CAUSE / the REASON that this violence is CONTINUING.

    If it requires more & more specialized Police Personnel to sort this problem out .. then why has Daniel Andrews not set this action in motion.


    Daniel Andrews was not voted into office to look PRETTY for us.

    Here we are wondering what to do.
    Because we do not know who is currently running the show ?
    The one who is in charge of the purse strings.
    “Do your job Daniel Andrews & Spend some money Daniel Andrews & get this mess sorted”

    I have every confidence in Victoria’s Cops …

  2. Some How
    The Will To Sort This Problem Out
    Isn’t With Daniel Andrew At This Point In Time
    May Be He Is To Busy Planning The Xmas Holidays

    Why don’t we know where to stick the blame .. ?
    What is wrong with us .. ?

    And for Mainstream Media to say “Police Are At A Loss” has to be a joke .. right.

  3. example”

    The Premier of Victoria call in a representation of Police:
    “What are we going to do about this problem?” he asks them.
    The Police representation reply, “Don’t worry about a thing boss, well sort it,” as they walk out the door.
    “Be careful & don’t kill anyone, ” the Premier calls out after them.

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