March 2, 2024

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Mandatory Vaccines, Climate Change, Open Borders, Gun Seizures, Impeachment Of The President – All Part Of The New World Order’s Enforced “Population Reduction…”

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America Is The Agenda 21 “Elite’s” Number One Target…

And, They ALMOST Won…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Let’s put all of the cards on the table – Vaccines are the “Elite’s” primary tool used to modify people so as to accept the craziness of world government. Got that?

Most Americans have figured out that had we elected “Hillary” as President that, by now, most Americans, adults and children, would have been forcibly yanked out of their homes and/or vehicles, thrown on the ground, and vaccinated with the full compliment of CDC recommended vaccines (74 for children, 92 for adults).  She’d be using UN troops (probably Chinese) to get that done.

After all, the “elites” would surmise, “why not make the whole US population as dingy, and useless, as the over-vaccinated millennials?” 

See the short, humorous, but very-true video below to see what I mean.

Frankly, You have to be “Over-Vaccinated” to accept the “Climate-Change” story as real…

…or the idea that “Open Borders” letting in millions, if not billions, of Planet Earth’s ignorant unwashed poor, to overload our system, is a good idea.

…or the idea that we should, like Europe did, let in ANGRY young Muslim males to the equivalent of 5.5% of our population (16,500,000) who will NEVER assimilate.

…or that we should give up our carefully designed and implemented electrical grid, and force everyone to have a wind turbine, chopping up birds, in their front yard.

…or that we should give up our coal, gas, and oil based system, grounding all airplanes, cars, trucks, trains, motorcycles, scooters, lawnmowers, chain saws, road graders, heating systems, you-name-it…

…or the idea that Americans should have their guns taken away from them..

Vaccinations are playing an important role in the “Elite’s” world domination game…

(1)  They are dumbing down the US population.

(2)  The REALLY vaccine-damaged children are overloading the school systems and the parents.

(3)  The MODERATELY damaged young people need “Safe Spaces…” and CANNOT control their emotions WHEN SOMEONE ELSE HAS A DIFFERENT OPINION.

(4)  54% of America’s children have a chronic illness – causing massive costs to our health care system and individual families.

(5)  EVERYONE who gets any kind of vaccine develops health and/or mental problems.  No exceptions…

Vaccines are ONLY about population control

The US Childhood Vaccine program was and is, a complete social experiment.  There are secret records of its success in what is called the Vaccine Safety Data Link.

BolenReport writer Janet Kerns PhD wrote about the effect of vaccines on the “millennial” generation, focusing on the mercury component…

In Janet’s writing she said:

A “snowflake” is a person who is considered to be overly sensitive or too easily offended. Millennials get “triggered”. According to the Slang Dictionary, the word “triggered” is used to describe someone who is angry and filled with hate. A person usually gets triggered after seeing something upsetting or alarming. Using the expression “triggered” is way to describe irritable people.

According to a 2013 article in Time magazine by Joel Stein, Millennials have characteristics that are different from other generations. Stein states that millennials lack the kind of empathy that allows them to feel concerned for others, but they also have trouble even intellectually understanding others’ points of view. According to Stein, Millennials are interacting all day but almost entirely through a screen. They are most often sitting next to one another and texting. They might look calm, he further describes, but they’re deeply anxious.

Vaccines are the “Elite’s” primary tool used to modify people so as to accept world government…

I sometimes joke about very serious things.  It is called “dark humor.”  Stay with me.  Here comes some of it.

It is OBVIOUS TO ME that almost all of  the Democrats in the US Congress, those FOCUSING on impeaching our President, and NOT even looking at legislation lowering the price of prescription drugs, or trade deals, GOT THEIR FLU SHOTS THIS YEAR, and probably their Pneumonia shot, HPV, Measles, DPT, Varicella, Zoster, and Hepatitus A & B.

We only have to look at a photo, or a video, of Adam Schiff to find validity in this argument.

And, if you have been following the Democratic Party Presidential Debates…

We’ve got Beto O’Rourke getting his flu shot…


Have I painted you a clear picture of what’s ACTUALLY happening?

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


3 thoughts on “Mandatory Vaccines, Climate Change, Open Borders, Gun Seizures, Impeachment Of The President – All Part Of The New World Order’s Enforced “Population Reduction…”

    A couple of years ago now, I think, I wrote about Bartolomeo, a man who lived in ‘his’ house in a small st off Hope St, Brunswick. Bartolomeo was an aged pensioner, a widower, he lived alone, his family were beligerant & seldom went to visit him, he coped with shopping, cleaning & feeding himself, he was able to visit the doctor & he attended an Italian Community Club where he had friends like him.
    One day a woman knocked at his door & said that she had been sent to help him, she had paperwork with Moreland Council letterhead & Bartolomeo did not know any better. So this woman, we will call her Mary, Mary began to do light cleaning for Bart, she took him shopping & for drives.
    Very quickly Mary began to come to visit him more often, “I was just passing & I thought I would drop by to see how you were,” make little, endearing advances toward Bart, Bart had a girlfriend who lived just around the corner in the next street, she was beside herself & suspected foul play, but bart reassured her that he was okay.
    Mary now wanted to do barts shopping on her own & spent small amounts of his money $10 here & there, then she insisted hegive her his bank book & a signed access to it.
    I don;t think I need to say more.
    Bart was no so afraid of Mary, that he rang his family who, were most concerned as it had to do with MONEY & a potential threat to their inheritance that they attended & discovered that Mary was not with Moreland Council at all but a ‘lone wolf’ … no not at all .. she was part of a 4 females & 2 males group of dangerous people who were praying on old men in the electorate of Wills.
    The police were called etc.

    Today, the same sort of dangerous liason is happening in the electorate of Preston & surrounding suburbs. Elderly men are being offered sexual services & other assistance by freelance prostitutes, a group of ruthless & desperate, drug fueled women & their pimps who have, even physically abused old men to extort money from them.
    POLICE ARE INVESTIGATING & it will not be long before someone is arrested & charged.

    It is so easy to kill an old man & take away his estate, pretending yourself to be the valid beneficiary to his assets.
    An old man in Moreland Rd, Brunswick was found dead last year, he had bumped his head & bled to death, he was taking Warfarin, a blood thinner which caused him to bleed easily.
    Be careful who you talk to on the phone, you cannot begin to imagine how much you are telling people about yourself, information that could put you in danger & most certainly do not open the door to anyone you do not know –

  2. There was an old gent at the counter on Friday.
    He signed his slip & said with .. the warm glow of familiar affection “Good afternoon Ladies”
    Imagine GODZILLA asking him for $100 & him saying no.
    Only that I was certain .. CERTAIN .. & I put the word about through the Italian community that U were also terrified & being fleeced unscrupulous by these VICIOUS, MONEY HUNGRY, UNHOLY SLAGS .
    The things I do for stupid people.
    What good a wife ….
    U’r wife is a stupid bitch undeserving of you lucrative paypacket.

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