October 2, 2023

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Why Are 10-Year-Olds Killing Themselves?

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By the Children’s Health Defense Team

The general consensus among developmental experts is that suicide risks increase after puberty. However, this perspective fails to explain the “alarming trend for more suicides in children aged 14 and younger,” a trend just reconfirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In a terse data brief dated October 2019, two CDC researchers report a near tripling in the suicide rate for 10-14 year-olds from 2007 to 2017. According to one of the authors, not only is suicide now the second leading cause of death for that age group, but “the pace of increase is actually accelerating.”

Preadolescents are not the only young people affected by the upward trend. The fact is that suicide has become the second leading cause of death across the entire 10-24 age group. Since 2007, according to the CDC report, suicides among 15-19 year-olds have increased by 76%; rates are also accelerating among 20-24 year-olds. For these two age groups, the suicide rate now exceeds the homicide rate. Nonetheless, while suicide at any age is tragic, a psychologist at Emory University (CDC’s neighbor) told NPR that she was particularly disturbed “to see a significant increase in very young people as young as age 10.” What is equally disturbing is that experts are at a loss to explain the suicide spike in the very youngest.

… an estimated 15% to 20% of U.S. adolescents (mostly girls) now engage in non-suicidal self-injury; this behavior, which often starts before age 10, is a strong predictor of eventual suicide attempts and suicide.

Physical and mental health challenges

In light of the observed trends among preadolescents, investigators have lamented the “relative paucity of research on the prevalence of suicidal ideation and intent in children younger than 12 years of age.” Even in the absence of such research, however, it is not difficult to see that America’s children are plagued by a complex array of chronic illnesses and mental health challenges that may be contributing to suicidality. In slightly older adolescents and young adults, studies have shown that suicidal thoughts and behaviors are common among those with chronic illness, and “particularly among those with comorbid mood disorders.” Confirming this, a study of younger adolescents (ages 13-17) with type 1 diabetes found that 27% “exhibited moderate to high risk for depression” and 8% endorsed suicidal ideation. Noting “the potential lethality of insulin when taken in intentional overdose,” the researchers cautioned that there is a need to screen for depression and suicidality among young diabetics.

Recent studies have identified other telling indicators of distress in the very young, linked to subsequent suicide risks. For example, an estimated 15% to 20% of U.S. adolescents (mostly girls) now engage in non-suicidal self-injury; this behavior, which often starts before age 10, “is a strong predictor of eventual suicide attempts and suicide.” A study that followed self-harm patients (ages 12-24) for one year found that adolescents were at “markedly elevated risk of suicide” compared to young adults.

In 2016, the Nordic Cochrane Centre linked psychiatric drugs to a doubling in the risk of suicidality (and aggression) in children and adolescents and suggested that these risks were underreported.

Possible culprits

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) has written extensively about the mental health challenges besetting American youth and about young people’s ensuing overmedication. In 2016, the Nordic Cochrane Centre linked psychiatric drugs to a doubling in the risk of suicidality (and aggression) in children and adolescents and suggested that these risks were underreported. Thus, while experts may claim that the causes of young suicide remain murky, the risks associated with these commonly prescribed medications require serious attention. In addition, the overvaccination of America’s children also needs to be considered. Studies have pointed to a complex interplay between the gut microbiome, the immune response and vaccination, for example, and researchers also have reported on the association between vaccines, vaccine adjuvants and mental health symptoms. In all likelihood, there is synergy among these and other contributors. The bottom line, however, is that 10-year-olds should not be killing themselves. We cannot allow ourselves to become complacent about the fact that more and more preadolescents believe that they have no other option.

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6 thoughts on “Why Are 10-Year-Olds Killing Themselves?

  1. Yes … only that I would need an independent set of figures .
    Why …because it could be yet another plug for mental illness
    And a forced something or other type scam to bolster BigPharma profits.
    We the establishment care / intervention scheme / compulsory medication scheme
    To screw up our kids even more that they are doing today.

    TRUST is a bit thin ..

  2. Also .. it explains away YOUTH DEATHS way to easily.
    What if Mummy did it ??
    What if Daddy di it ??
    What if it was a drug trip gone wrong ??
    What if kids are being lured to private drug swarays only to be the victim of a thrill kill ??
    Or teen drug parties where “I DARE YOU type games are being played ??
    It sweeps all that shit under the carpet ever so easily.

    1. My son’s death .. Joseph Fragos .. was explained away ever so easily .. when I have time I will write up my concerns ..

      *only to say that a police officer stripped down to almost nothing to enter through the laundry window ..
      *when the remote control for the garage door which led into the kitchen was 5 minutes away ..
      *& the cops could have picked it up from the real estate agency which was just around the corner from the cop shop ..
      * the female real estate agent could have brought it ..she met the cops there ..
      *or they easy way was to break the lock of the back sliding door .. the insurance pays ..
      *Joseph lay dead for 3 1/2 weeks so as to obliterate any evidence ..

      1. I am wondering
        Self Appointed Vigilanties / Mavericks
        CLEANSING AUSTRALIA of the mentally ill & drug addicted VERMIN ??

        Assisting the Australian Government
        Assisting the State Governments
        Assisting the Local Councils
        Assisting Australian Law Enforcement ??

        1. Surely it gets the unemployment figures down !!
          Once upon a time we sent them all off the war & the cull just happened.
          Yes, boys & girls A CULL of convenience .. of the population.

  3. regarding me being to busy

    Q: “Get fucked Mira, what are you doing”
    A: “I’m writing the story of our life .. is all “

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