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Mark Latham sued for defamation by journalist Osman Faruqi

Mark Latham Sued for Defamation

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We know how the left in Australia hates free speech.They can’t win arguments on the merits so they use political correctness, censorship and the outrage industry. And there’s a fourth tactic: lawfare.

I know all about lawfare because Osman Faruqi started a defamation action against me in the Federal Court for comments I made about his anti-white comments.

Faruqi is notorious for denigrating white people for no other reason than they are white. Some of his appalling Twitter comments include:
  • “Mediocre white people: they should be in the bin but instead they own everything and are every f***ing where”
  • “I have a rule of using all media appearances to make fun of white people”
  • “The number of white people desperate to wear blackface shows that darker skin is objectively better”
  • “I love debates about sunscreen. Just more evidence that white people don’t belong in Australia”
  • “Half this country is named after racist, genocidal maniacs, just sit down for ONE SECOND white people”
The above comments by Faruqi are offensive enough, but then on the 27th July this year he had a Twitter exchange with Yasmin Abdel-Magied (you know the one: “Islam is the most feminist religion!”). She asked what was happening with Senators Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters who resigned from the Senate for having dual citizenship. Faruqi replied with the tweet (note: we blanked this out, not Faruqi):
  • The white people are getting f***ed. It’s happening.

Imagine if someone said this about black people: ‘the black people are getting f***ed. It’s happening’. That is, the black people are getting wiped out of the political system. And Osman Faruqi is approving of this happening for white people.

These comments above are outrageous and unacceptable.

So I condemned it on my program, Mark Latham’s Outsiders. That is what he is suing me over.

If he wanted to debate the issues I’d invite him onto my program. He can answer all the questions. He can have the last word.

But that’s not their tactic. Instead of debating an issue they would prefer to sue to try to destroy our free speech and send a warning to others.

Well, we’ve got to stand up against this!

We’ve set up a defence fund here, at www.StandWithLatham.com where you can support us and be provided with updates on the progress of the case. Please support our action to fight back against this.

We’re not going to be bullied by this guy!

Remember the section 18C case at Queensland University of Technology? Those innocent university students were persecuted by the Australian Human Rights Commission and Gillian Triggs.

Well, the guy who saved them in the courts is Tony Morris QC, a hero of free speech, and I’ve been very fortunate in being able to hire him for my case.

Hopefully, he can get the same result.

But hiring lawyers to fight against this left-wing Muslim with close associations with the Greens and fundraising organisations like GetUp, and supported by the left-wing, national law firm Maurice Blackburn, is not cheap.

We haven’t got the billion dollar budget of the ABC or the unlimited resources of a media magnate like Rupert Murdoch. All we’ve got is your support.

If you can give us your backing for our fighting fund please donate below.

We are due in court on Thursday, 16 November for an initial hearing to set down the steps that the parties need to take to prepare the matter for trial.

If we lose this case then it will be a powerful example to left-wing extremists throughout the country that litigation can be used to silence speech that they don’t like.

We are going to fight to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Please help us fight for free speech and support us with whatever you can – $5, $10 or more if you can. It makes all the difference.

I really value any support you can give us in this very, very important fight!

Thank you,

Mark Latham

P.S. If you prefer to contribute by cheque, please make it payable to “Rebel News Australia” and mail it to PO Box 409, Broadway, NSW 2007


Source: https://www.marklathamsoutsiders.com/mark_latham_sued_for_defamation

6 thoughts on “Mark Latham sued for defamation by journalist Osman Faruqi

  1. Mark Latham … “The Rise of Anti-White Racism & Terrorist Plots in Australia”

    Osman Faruqi … “The White people Are getting F – – – ed … bla, bla bla”

    Is it possible that Osman Faruqi & Mark Latham ore on the same side ?
    Is it possible that Mark Latham & Osman Faruqi are both fanning the same fire ?
    Is it possible that this is a multi pronged approach to hoodwink the Australian people ?
    Now who would be funding such a program to scaremonger the Australian population into a state of RACIST frenzy ?

    This is not even “a nice try” at stirring up fear & trepidation in the hearts & minds Australians.

    Not sophisticated.

    Not clever.

    2 mediocre – past their prime men – dull men who just wannabe ……….. anything.

  2. 17 / 11 / 2017
    I have just been listening to … SCIENCE FRICTION ABC RN Making happier animals presenter Natasha Mitchell.

    Summary: Hornless cows. Sexing chickens. Is the hot new gene editing technique CRISPR a new frontier for animal welfare. Rise & shine we’re going milking.

    My doubts that CRISPR capacity exists.
    My doubts are based on the fact that the making of anything
    And including plant life
    A … you will not meddle here in any altering fashion .. chump.

    1. God knew what we were capable of .. & thus .. locked up the .. Secret of Making .. to keep life safe from our destructive mannerisms.
      Sorry … !
      Dolly the sheep never happened.
      It was a lie.

      1. The Labor party has accused Our Malcolm Turnbull of wanting to sell off the ABC Network.
        It is said that mainstream media .. eg., Sir Rupert Murdoch & his ilk are keen for the ABC network .. their competition .. to be shut down.
        I am not surprised at this .. in their enthusiasm for excellence .. the ABC have been a thorn in the side of many a mogul over the years.
        There are rumors that cashed up Alternative Medea Avenues are keen to acquire a network with such magnificent capabilities.
        Hip, hip, hooray !
        It would be an acquiring of an asset for growth & respectability on the part of any Up & Coming Alternative Media Conglomerate.

        As for Sir Rupert … one should be careful what one wishes for mate.

  3. Just one thing:
    The sponsors of the tag team Latham / Faruqi are not going to succeed in this ‘little venture’ –
    As per usual, they have completely missed what Alternative Media is about & neither / & or both of the above mentioned speakers of freedom’s notions are ever going to be endowed with the hoot-spa of Alan Jones of Info-wars.
    Simply – they don’t have what it takes to be crazy.

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