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Medical Witch Hunt Kicks off in Australia

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Medical Witch Hunt

Soulless, automaton-like officials such as Health Minister Greg Hunt are perfect examples of why the title of “Honourable” should be dropped from politics altogether. If you want it, earn it. Perhaps in the meantime we can replace it with “Lying Sack of Pig Swill” or, perhaps specifically for the office of Health Minister, “Big Pharma’s Current Prostitute in Chief”?

The Inquisition of the Middle Ages lives on today under medical garb. The costumes may be different but the overweening, arrogant, and vicious psychology of those earlier fundamentalists is still with us. Conform or burn. Affirm the “holy truth” according to the priesthood or suffer.

Dr John Piesse Says His Piece

This week mainstream media (MSM) outlets have been positively frothing over the saga of Doctor John Piesse (pronounced “Peace”), a renegade doctor and medical heretic with subversive holistic tendencies and apparent critical thinking capacity.

The disdain is palpable.

Dr John Piesse came to the attention of the medical establishment (a.k.a. the Church of Modern Medicine) last year, and has found himself on their radar once more recently, apparently as a result of participating in a Q&A session at a VAXXED screening in Hawthorne, Melbourne. Here, according to the impression generated by some mainstream outlets, Piesse spoke of assisting families to avoid “compulsory” vaccination (what TV news reports have omitted is that Piesse and other doctors have been legally providing medical exemptions). This time it looks like the Church of Modern Medicine fully intends to get their man by any means necessary, using the media to justify its inquisitorial actions against him – as well as make an example of him.

But wait.

Watching the VAXXED Q&A footage that seems to have “incriminated” Piesse, and which seems to be so crucial to the MSM in fuelling this trumped up “controversy,” one notes that around the 50 minute mark of the video, Piesse’s colleague, naturopathic physician Nerida James, speaks of her “natural healing centre where Dr Piesse works…”, while Piesse is to be seen standing against the wall nearby, though he does not say anything. It is evident that someone working in or for the medical establishment has been trolling the VAXXED footage and effectively stalking Piesse in an ongoing and escalating attempt to have him deregistered. His presence at the VAXXED screening did not go unnoticed.

Media vultures have since accosted Piesse near his home where he remained stalwart in his defiance, though it may have been prudent to not comment at all. The media has baited Piesse on behalf of the Church of Modern Medicine and the medical authorities will certainly try to use his own words against him now.

What chance does a renegade doctor have against the pharma-government-media juggernaut unless his fellow medicos stand up with him/her in solidarity?

Medical Witch Hunt


MSM outlets have consistently parroted the same lines from the Establishment’s script, focusing on this dubious line in particular, claiming that Piesse was assisting families to avoid “compulsory vaccinations.” As of this writing, there are no compulsory vaccines in Australia, though that is the direction Big Pharma and our bought-and-paid-for stooge politicians are trying to move us in. Medical exemptions to “no jab, no play” can still be obtained, and there are growing numbers of parents seeking them. By lying like this, medical authorities (via the media) seek to paint this medical heretic (Piesse) as a criminal (while further inadvertently undermining their own credibility). But they know the brainwashed portions of the public will accept (and even voyeuristically enjoy) whatever attacks they launch on Piesse if he is a “criminal” doctor flouting “the law.”

MSM outlets repeated the mantra of a “secret ring” of therapists and/or doctors involving Piesse who were helping parents dodge vaccinations (on behalf of their children, over well founded safety concerns). It’s worth mentioning that the most highly affluent and educated areas in Australia are the ones shunning vaccination, and the trend apparently is increasing. (Why might that be?) Aside from a brief mention of Piesse’s naturopathic colleague Nerida James, the mysterious “ring” has not been demonstrated to exist (or even been clearly defined), but more to the point, the highly evocative terminology deployed in this government-pharma propaganda reeks of a (not very well) hidden agenda, i.e., stamping out medical heretics who will not play Big Pharma’s game according to the unilaterally designated rules.

The term “ring,” of course, conjures images of sneaky, sinister terrorists plotting the destruction of our beloved civilization. The MSM consistently resorts to using misleading language in order to mould public perception on behalf of the pharma-government machine, and Piesse’s situation is no exception.

But wait again.

The Hippocratic Oath states “First, do no harm.” Given that vaccines are legally listed in the US as “unavoidably unsafe,” and over $3.5 billion dollars in vaccine injury compensations have been paid out in the US in the last 30 years, it follows that by facilitating holistic non-vaccine-based immunization practices (anything that builds your immune system safely and non-toxically), Piesse is merely doing his job as a doctor and adhering to the Hippocratic oath. By providing medical exemptions to children for the purposes of getting around the (fascist) “no jab, no play” legislation, Piesse is simply practicing safe, evidence-based medicine. He is helping conscientious parents protect their children from the vaccine industry which, the historical and scientific records show, patently does NOT give a damn about human life, only profits.

Unfortunately, the medical culture of significant parts of the Western world, particularly including Australia and the US, is ruled instead by the Hypocritic Oath, which states: “First, ram whatever treatment/intervention Big Pharma is selling into the patient as hard and fast as possible (even if you wouldn’t use it yourself), and if something goes wrong, deny all responsibility. Above all, no one, but NO ONE is to question vaccination, let alone dodge a single jab.”

The Inquisition Cometh Again

If it’s one thing that the Church of Modern Medicine loathes, it’s one of their own speaking out against a core medical dogma (and pro-vaccination may be THE core dogma of our age). That flies like a lead balloon, as Piesse knows well. The man has some kahunas:

When asked if he would continue advising anti-vax parents, he replied: “I will … until they basically deregister me … unless I can be persuaded that what I am doing is wrong. (theage.com)

Don’t like vaccines, doctor? No problem. We’ll take your license, defame you very publicly, and crush you. You’ll never work in this country again. This is in fact the direction the medical system is moving in. They seek to revoke Piesse’s medical license for his sins. He must be excommunicated from the Church.

Piesse, however, remains recalcitrant and unrepentant, stating, “This is a matter of principle. You have got a public health policy which is causing harm…”

Piesse’s statement is demonstrably true (just ask the many thousands of bereaved parents of vaccine-injured children), but modern medicine, however, is no place for principles. Principles do not fatten Bad Pharma’s bottom line, and nor do they advance political careers, as Australian Health Minister The “Honourable” Greg “We Will Find You” Hunt is busy showing us. Principles certainly do not inform the professional activities of most politicians in the West, unless, by “principle” we mean “the only ‘crime’ is getting caught or being accountable.”

Medical Witch Hunt


Hunt, by the way, actually said “we will find you” in a media statement referring to any practitioners who are not conforming to the behavioural-control policies of pharma-government machinery and advising people against using vaccines or any of Big Pharma’s cherished sacraments and rituals. “We will find you.” Let that (highly aggressive) language sink in. The gauntlet has been laid down. This was broadcast loud and clear on TV stations for all to see that the Medical Witch Hunt is “officially” under way.

Soulless, automaton-like officials such as Hunt are perfect examples of why the title of “Honourable” should be dropped from politics altogether. If you want it, earn it. Perhaps in the meantime we can replace it with “Lying Sack of Pig Swill” or, perhaps specifically for the office of Health Minister,“Big Pharma’s Current Prostitute in Chief”?

The Inquisition of the Middle Ages lives on today under medical garb. The costumes may be different but the overweening, arrogant, and vicious psychology of those earlier fundamentalists is still with us. Conform or burn. Affirm the “holy truth” according to the priesthood or suffer.

That’s the deranged subconscious mentality of those who “lead” us. That is why Polly Tommey, a member of the VAXXED team and mother of a vaccine-injured (and now autistic) child was banned from returning to the great land of Oz for three years after the completion of the Australian leg of the tour. The Establishment is terrified by VAXXED and parents speaking out about their vaccine-injured children, and so it seeks to dissuade the public from thinking or talking about it, let alone seeing it, by making public examples of people like Piesse, Tommey, Wakefield, and plenty of others who have blasphemed against the Lord of Jabism.

The Lights Are on But Nobody’s Home

Polly Tommey commented that the Australian government was the worst she has ever dealt with following her arrival back home in the US. Before the tour, she couldn’t understand why Australian doctors are so afraid to speak out in this backwards country. Now she does – from bitter experience.

If you want to see how truly neurotic, paranoid, and moronic the ideologically-driven Australian government is, look no further than their recent response to American author Kent Heckenlively’s* (evidently satirical) piece that emerged in recent days, in which he mockingly declared his intention to tour Australia as the “world’s No. 1 anti-vaxxer.” There were immediate calls to prevent Heckenlively from entering the country.

Lanai Scarr from Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp (major shareholders in various pharmaceutical companies) stated the following:

Labor wrote to immigration minister Peter Dutton on Monday demanding a travel ban on Mr Heckenlively after it was revealed his department had the anti-vaxxer under watch. [Yes, these halfwits put him on a watch list!]

Mr Heckenlively is planning a lecture tour of Australia in December to spread his dangerous and incorrect message that vaccines are bad. [You have to laugh at the infantile language used here. Was this ghost-written by a three-year-old?]

But Labor’s Health spokeswoman Catherine King said the threat of Mr Heckenlively’s visit should be taken seriously and he should be rejected entry to Australia under the character test in section 501 of the Migration Act. [As if any of these politicians would pass a character test!]

“Labor is alarmed that Mr Heckenlively may be allowed to promote this dangerous nonsense in Australia,” Ms King said in the letter obtained exclusively by News Corp Australia. [Meanwhile, people with brains are alarmed by the stupefying intensity of idiocy currently winning the day in Australian politics…]

“Individuals travelling to Australia need to be aware of their visa conditions and ensure they meet all requirements to legally stay in Australia,” Mr Dutton said.

“In cases where the presence of a person is assessed to be a risk to the health, safety or good order of the Australian community or a segment of the Australian community, there may be grounds to consider cancellation or refusal of the person’s visa.” [What about politicians like Dutton who are apparently so stupid that they pose a threat to the nations collective intelligence?]

Evidently, sarcasm and satire are entirely lost on these geniuses in government. Also note that the language used here is precisely the language used in banning Polly Tommey from Oz, specifically, “assessed to be a risk to the health, safety or good order of the Australian community.”

God help us all. What are we banning next? Anyone trying to enter the country without wearing their “I love Health Minister Hunt” t-shirt?

If you’re still not convinced of the McCarthyist-style culture Australia’s politico-medical machinery is trying to develop, the Northern Star reports today (Aug. 25th, 2017) that “Northern Rivers residents are being asked to be vigilant and dob in a doctor” who provides “anti-vax support.” (No, really.)

If you’re overseas and have always wanted to live in a medical police state, then get your butt over to Australia!

Heil Hunt!

*See our interview with Heckenlively’s co-author Dr Judy Mikovits and learn why the American government crushed her.

medical witch hunt


1 thought on “Medical Witch Hunt Kicks off in Australia

  1. “The Lights Are On But no Body’s Home.”
    “Polly Tommey commented that the Australian government was the worst sh had ever dealt with following her arrival back home in the US.”

    I am wondering if Polly Tommey’s comment was more about her inadequate & unprofessional preparations for the trip to Australia – that the bullshit she encountered here was actually beneficial to her.
    That a confrontation with the Immigration Department served to polish the ‘warm & fuzzy martyr image’ that these bullshit encountered give off.

    “Before the tour she couldn’t understand why Australian Doctors were afraid to speak out –
    Now she does from bitter experience.”

    1. Australia is not a backward country – not at all – officialdom pretends ignorance / playing possum – to it’s advantage.
    2. Australian DOCTORS are not AFRAID to speak out – they are lucratively & willingly COMPLICIT in the act.
    3. Oh, please – what bitter experience was that …. that they hassled you at the airport Polly Tommey ?
    4. Polly Tommey does not know how to PLAY the game to win – only how to lavish martyrdom upon her self.
    5. WANTED – stirrers – those faint of heart need not apply.

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