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Member of Australian Senate calls for arrest, imprisonment of Elon Musk for not censoring enough speech on X


Taking a page from Brazil, Tasmanian Sen. Jacqui Lambie of Australia is calling for billionaire electric vehicle (EV) guru Elon Musk to be jailed for not imposing enough censorship on his X social media platform.

Despite hiring a pro-censorship globalist Linda Yaccarino to be CEO of X, Musk has not done nearly enough, in Lambie’s view, to silence free speech on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

“Elon Musk has no social conscience whatsoever,” Lambie said during a hearing – watch below. “Whatever he is on that makes him say that’s okay to continue to [broadcast misinformation] is absolutely disgusting behavior and quite frankly the bloke should be jailed.”

Time for government tyrants to go

X users who responded to the above video noted that Lambie once gave a “nutty rant” in promotion of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” as well, which makes her a typical tyrant – watch below:

The fact that characters like Lambie end up in government in the first place is concerning all on its own, but how is this person still up there making policy when she is clearly intolerant of free speech?

“These people do NOT deserve the right to represent Australians nor Australian Values,” one critic wrote on X. “I’ll ask again. Where are all the Australian billionaires who talk up how good Australia is?! Why aren’t they fighting the government on this?! Why is it taking a foreign national such as Elon Musk to take up the fight?!”

“Australians, stand up. The time is now.”

In response to this, someone else pointed out that billionaires are the government in Australia just as they often are in the United States and elsewhere. Heck, Musk himself is a billionaire with a checkered past, and he, too, has a controlling influence over the public conversation as well.

“It’s called neo-feudalism,” someone added about the type of government that controls much of the West.

Lambie is hardly alone in wanting to control what is said online. Pretty much every person in a position of power right now wants to silence free speech in some capacity.

“Open your eyes, people: everyone in power wants to control you,” another person said. “When was the last time politicians crossed the floor to support something so zealously?”

Someone else wrote that Lambie herself should be jailed for trying to suppress free speech and turn Australia into a dictatorship.

“It’s an absolute disgrace that this person is in politics. How she managed to get on my payroll is beyond my comprehension. What are we doing?”

Another asked what Lambie herself is on to make her give “that incoherent rant” as seen in the top video.

“Jailed? Jailed for what?” this person further asked about why Lambie wants Musk to be jailed. “It seems like you have very little idea of what is happening and just want to add your two cents’ worth. Lord, help the people of Tasmania if you keep getting back into power.”


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