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Microcephaly in Brazil: Vaccines, Gates, CDC, WHO, and the Brazilian Ministry of Health

I wrote the following post six days ago (February 4, 2016). Please read it before going on. Then come back and read the rest of this post. (Just click the “back” arrow on your browser.) https://www.facebook.com/marcellate… ____________________________________________________ A lot has happened over the last week. Today (February 10, 2016) we learned that out of 4,704 reported cases of microcephaly in Brazil, evidence of Zika infection has been identified in TWO infants. CDC Director Tom Frieden declared “This is the strongest evidence to date that Zika is the cause of microcephaly.” http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/…# Strong evidence? Cause? Based on TWO cases out of 4,704? Back up… First of all… Aren’t those guys at The CDC always telling us “Vaccines don’t cause autism. Just because a child regresses into autism after vaccines (at the rate of 1 in 45 American children) doesn’t mean there is a CAUSAL association.” Part of the reason they say this is because they only do epidemiological studies, which can ONLY show correlation – not causation… Hence the mantra, “Correlation does not equal causation.” So how come all of a sudden, on the basis of TWO cases of Zika infection, which have been identified through epidemiological data, now we have “CAUSATION???” Two cases out of 4,704 is a case rate of 0.0425%. That’s 4.25 cases out of 10,000. That means out of 10,000 cases of microcephaly, 9,996 have NOTHING to do with Zika. That’s not even anything close to correlation, much less causation. Those cases are outliers – errors in the data. Which means SOMETHING ELSE is causing the microcephaly. Surely Tom Frieden is smart enough to know this. If he isn’t, he needs to resign now. I don’t really think Tom Frieden is that cognitively challenged. So what could be the other reason for this kind of sensationalism and outright deception and fear-mongering of the American people – and the citizens of the WORLD? Hmmmm…. __________________________________________________ On February 2, 2016 I wrote a note asking why the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) would declare a “Global Public Health Emergency” based on 270 confirmed cases of microcephaly and only 6 confirmed cases of prior Zika infection. That’s a case ratio of 2.22%. While stronger than the 0.0425% case ratio Tom Frieden used to sound the panic alarm, 2.22% is still nowhere NEAR demonstrating correlation, and when it comes to causation, we’re not even in the same universe. https://www.facebook.com/notes/marc… ___________________________________________________ Today (February 10, 2016) I posted a photo with a link to an article from Colombia, in which the former Director of Public Health at WHO was talking about the conflicts-of-interest at WHO. He stated that in the past, WHO received far more public money, but now, the organization is primarily funded (82%) by entities such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?… ___________________________________________________ Tonight (February 10, 2016) I posted a photo taken from The Gates Foundation Press Room. The Press Release from 2012 announced the newly formed alliance between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Brazilian Ministry of Health. An alliance cemented by $8 Million. Among the stated goals of the alliance was to further research on maternal and child health, and to develop new vaccines to combat infectious diseases in Brazil and around the world. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?… ____________________________________________________ There have been a lot of theories flying around (that’s a pun…) about other factors that may be “causing” the microcephaly in Brazil. I definitely think there are multiple factors in Brazil that are increasing the vulnerability of its women and children to harm. I agree this is not a simple thing and synergistic toxicity and epigenetics are without a doubt playing a role. Factors contributing to this include environmental toxins (pesticides, heavy metals, chemical spills), extreme poverty, poor nutrition, filthy water, GMOs, and vaccines given to pregnant women. When we think about these factors, we have to ask how long have these things been going on? What’s new? What could account for the TIMING of this tragedy? We also have to ask, who may be responsible for this tragedy. When it comes to the Ministry of Health in Brazil, has anyone noticed the silence? If you missed the study from Dr. Bezerra, and his write up in which he accuses the Ministry of Health of “Crimes Against the People of Brazil,” You should read it. I translated it from Portuguese and put it in a note on February 3rd. https://www.facebook.com/notes/marc… ___________________________________________________ As we try to figure out why BOTH the CDC and the WHO are trying so desperately to incite panic in the world, based on absolutely ZERO evidence that Zika “causes” microcephaly, we need to ask ourselves, “What do these two organizations have in common? What is their purpose? What do they have to lose? What would be so important for them to cover up that the heads of these organizations would LIE and FEAR-MONGER to THIS EXTENT?” Vaccines. Money from vaccines. Lots and lots of money from vaccines. To say nothing of the fact that if it becomes known that vaccines have CAUSED – yes, really CAUSED THIS? What else have vaccines CAUSED??? House of cards. Falling. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

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