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Microwave Weapons Used Against Peaceful Australians At Feb 12 Canberra Protest


February 17, 2022 | by  | Directed Energy Weapons Used at the Feb 12 Canberra Protest Make People Sick | Police Questioned in Parliament Refuse to Elaborate |

“Directed Energy Weapons have been used at the Feb 12, 2022 Canberra protest as photographs, news reports, and grassroots reportage show.

Images from AussieCossack report, video link below:

2022 FEB 13 Aussie Cossack Police Parliament House deploy Sonic weapons against Women & Children.


While LRADs are being seen as a visible acoustic weapon propped up in front of black-shirted police wearing ear plugs and battle gear and positioned in front of the Parliament buildings, it is clear from the reports of people present at the protest that many different effects have been suffered, suggesting the use of microwave weapons and aerosol chemical weapons as well.

The Feb 12 Canberra Protest brought together about a million Australians:

Long Range Acoustic Device Used Against Peaceful Protesters In Australia – Strange Health Issues/Red Ice TV/Bitchute





Link To Full Article 


February 16, 2022 | Stew Peters Show 


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The FCC claims electromagnetic radiation has no effects.  The military employs electromagnetic radiation as a weapon. Who is telling the truth?   Link To Video








2 thoughts on “Microwave Weapons Used Against Peaceful Australians At Feb 12 Canberra Protest

  1. Microwave Weapons used against Peaceful Australians. (I was “weaponized” for want of a better word).

    This was used against my friends and I while in Canberra last year at a peaceful demonstration.
    The first time was on the Wednesday before when my hearing aids made a sudden loud static noise. I removed them straight away, looked at them and put them back in.

    I did not think any more of it as I did not know what happened at the time. On our return back to the camping ground at dinner, a lady mentioned she and a lot of others’ mobile phones all suddenly stopped working (“fried”).

    On the Saturday with over a million people at the Peaceful protest we discovered later that they zapped us again. I was wondering why my head felt sun burnt. Even now, every time I run my hands through my hair I have this “sun burnt” sensation and also when I first put a hat on and take if off. Other friends were burnt across their chests and arms.

    It wasn’t until when Senator Gerard Rennick asked the Federal Police if they had used microwave weapons that I realized what it was. I mentioned this sensation I have to my friend about this and he said he has the same problem. Still today, Sunday April 25th 2023, I still have this soreness on my head.

    This was a completely peaceful protest. I was up the front so I could see or hear if there was a problem with the police. I thought the police are supposed to protect us, not to harm peaceful people.

    We have a right not to be harmed by police when we are peaceful. The law enforcement has changed with their attitudes towards the public.

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