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NATIONAL DIGITAL ID: Why Every Australian Must Reject It

A National Digital ID is the precursor to introducing Social Credit Scores, Carbon Credit, Vaccine Passports and cashless CBDCs. It is the crucial component to establishing an AI-Surveillance State.

A National Digital ID system will soon be foisted upon all Australians — if we let it. Our government has schemed and conspired for this for some time, and that time is almost upon us.

It will be unlike existing Digital ID. The technology will be based on the storage of blockchain-encrypted biometrics

that can be securely scanned and decoded upon request. Every Australian will be required to submit a combination of their unique biological aspects (fingerprints, palm print, iris scan, DNA, face scan, etc) to a nationwide database. Once these biometrics have been gathered, they will comprise a unique Digital ID that can be routinely accessed for verification and identification purposes. You will be instantaneously identifiable everywhere; geolocated and tracked; and with all personal data harvested and analysed — every aspect of your life, health and finances will be openly scrutinized by endless AI-profiling.


What could possibly go right.

A biometric Digital ID will enable a digital tyranny. That is its sole purpose.

The looming threat is that “it is hopefully a year away,” and that it will be ‘voluntary.’


Finance Minister, Katy Gallagher, is careful to allay the public mind that there will be a choice. However, ‘your choice’ has already been chosen, and whatever you choose, they have already chosen for you. Indeed, similar to the initial “voluntary” phase of the mRNA-injections that witnessed minimal enthusiasm and tumbleweeds blowing through vaccine hubs, their Digital ID will be ruthlessly mandated, and those that persist with abstaining — will eventually be disconnected from society.

It is important to distinguish that the final form of the National Digital ID system will not resemble the present versions of online Digital ID. These do not depend on biometrics for their verification.

Certain Australian States are already using a Digital ID License system, but it is limited, corruptible, and will soon be superseded by the forthcoming biometrical system. These current forms of Digital ID, whether as password substitutes, Digital ID Licenses, or the MyGovID that combines and streamlines government services do not represent the National Digital ID system. They are merely a psychological means of incrementally introducing the concept by the process of innocuous gradualism, coaxing, reassuring — and then ensnaring.

“A digital ID would usually be an application in a phone or computer that stores a mathematical representation of an individual that uniquely identifies them, without the possibility of reverse engineering their personal information, such as an address or date of birth,”

“One way the scheme would work is via an app that is opened using the person’s biometrics and sending an ever-changing, long mathematical code that identifies one to the other – the user and the business/government agency.

“No personal data would ever need to be transmitted or stored.”


The Digital ID Project and the Overarching Technocratic Agenda

The Australian Digital ID project was initiated in 2015 under the former Coalition Government, but was truly amplified during the midst of “the New Normal” hysteria. It is currently being advanced by Federal Labor in continuity with a global attempt to force this technology on all humanity. Alas, most international governments are simultaneously priming their populace to be assigned a unique Digital ID.

The Digital ID concept was originally formulated and exported from Davos, Switzerland. It is undeniably the diseased-brainchild of Klaus Schwab and his Pantheon of Psychopaths. It forms the key component of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) vision for the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and their stated Transhumanistic objectives. Given that it was engineered by the chaos-architects responsible for the illusion of the “global COVID-19 Pandemic” — it is designed to achieve the same end goal: control. Its implementation across global societies will only serve to further degrade, enslave and deform humanity.

Our captured Federal Government is currently strategising and devising the means to coerce every citizen to submit to this “revolutionary” system. It is being heralded as a ‘secure and convenient’ alternative to storing facsimiles of documents for identification purposes. Gone are the days of fumbling with various forms of physical IDs, or so the propaganda-spiel goes… It is being presented as the next logical progression to preserve and fortify data security and privacy. After a series of much-publicised false-flag “hacks” and “data leaks” (Optus, Medicare and Latitude), this new digitised-system, based on biometrics, will effectively counter fraud and identify theft.

It will also abolish privacy, and effectively counter all aspects of human freedom.

In typical Hegelian Dialectical devilry, we have been presented with the manufactured Problem (suspicious data hacks, cyberfraud, endless cyberattacks), they have engineered our Reaction (no longer safe from fraud, data paranoia), and they are readying their Solution: Digital ID (submit your biometrics: any combination of thumb and finger prints, palm prints, iris scan, facial scan, DNA etc.)

It was telling that after the September 2022, “Optus Data breach” that affected 9.7 million customers (or a third of Australians) that the Federal Government publicly promoted and considered centralising Digital ID.

This was followed by the 600,000 Medicare beneficiaries in October, 2022, whose information was hacked;

and the 7.9 million Latitude members in March, 2023,

whose driver’s licences were potentially compromised. These malicious “hackers” were hacking away at our veneer of data security and having extraordinary success — all the while revealing our vulnerability within the current paradigm, and contributing to the urgency of implementing a new Digital ID system. It was almost as if they had partnered with the government to catalyse abrupt change — or, perhaps, they were always the “government.”


Occam’s Razor slices to the real culprits: all three “data breaches” were false-flag operations orchestrated by elements within ASIO in coordination with advancing the National ID agenda. Indeed, the immediate investigation of the Optus “hack” (that was eventually partially-pinned on a 19-year-old Sydney-based patsy) was jointly overseen by ASIO and the FBI.

It had all the telltale hallmarks of a classic Intelligence PsyOP….

…and it undoubtedly was.

A Biomedical Technocracy requires everyone to have a Digital ID

The plans of the Technocrats depend on three things: ignorance, submission and a Digital ID.

A Digital ID is the very lynchpin required to impose total AI-surveillance and absolute subjugation of the population. It is what will reflect back on the omnipresent retinas of the ever-gazing Panopticon (the many all-seeing eyes of our digital prison). If the Technocracy is to effectively see you, it will look for the Digital ID, and as such, it is the crucial component for soldering humanity within an unyielding Silicon-Fist, forever.

Indeed, there can be no permanent Biomedical Technocracy, no AI-governed New World Order without a Digital ID assigned to every human. It will be essential to cultivate and harvest the bountiful data on all citizens who are constantly blanketed by militarised 5G surveillance: those who are forced to partake in Klaus Schwab’s Transhumanist vision of an Internet of Things (IoT) and an Internet of Bodies (IoB).

All online activity will be observed through each Digital ID, and it will be used as a unique identifying key to gain access to the forthcoming Internet 2.0 — without it, you will be without internet access. The problem of hackers will be solved, for all hackers are anonymous, and without anonymity — all online crime and the spread of harmful ‘misinformation and disinformation’ will only ever be government-sanctioned.

Every expressed social media sentiment, every post, every email will be scanned, recorded, and attributed to your Digital ID.

All phone conversations and texts will be filtered and analysed for divergent attitudes, and to isolate fellow “thought-accomplices,” and alert authorities to potential pre-crime transgressions.

Right-think will be coerced, and Wrong-think will be curtailed by a system of Social Credit reward and penalisation. An oppressive atmosphere of self-censorship will be established by inflicting punitive measures upon the outspoken, the disgruntled, and the habitually-defiant.

A Digital ID is truly about implementing a Full Spectrum Dominance upon humanity.

A Digital ID will provide the foundation for Social Credit, Universal Basic Income, Carbon Credits, and a cashless society replaced by CBDCs

A Digital ID will provide the basis for eradicating cash and assigning unique Digital Wallets to each person to impose blockchain-enabled Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDCs).

Without a Digital ID there can be no CBDCs.

Once physical cash is abolished, all digital transactions can be effortlessly AI-monitored and controlled. Individual purchases can be limited, or denied, according to official approval, and customised Green Credit rationing — you will eat less meat, and only travel within a 15-minute radius of your home.

Thus, a Digital ID will be instrumental in policing Social Credit Scores, paying Universal Basic Income (UBI) (as trialed during the lockdown-period with JobKeeper payments), and assigning Carbon Credit allocations; as well as tracking vaccine uptake, movement, purchases, thoughts and mood (with injectable, or wearable tech).

With it, along with your compliance, you will be able to access society. Without it, along with your defiance — you will be outcast.

The planned One World AI-Government requires everyone to have Digital ID

It may be surmised that future Government, that is, a consolidated Global Government as envisioned by the precepts of the emerging New World Order, will be entirely AI-administered. Nations, Nation States and Independent National Governments will be relegated to the past — all countries and their peoples will be a single homogenised “mass” overseen by AI.

There will be no more human government, no more unfit “politicians” in this “utopian technocratic future.”

It will be AI that will rule the masses and make the executive decisions on behalf of the voiceless-governed. Indeed, AI will be without the pronounced foibles and shortcomings of corruptible politicians of a bygone era.

AI will always be unerringly “right.” Its “choices” will be inevitable and unquestionable, and algorithmically-calibrated to achieve the “greater good.”

AI will “save us” from miscalculated human policies and their legacy of catastrophic failure (attributed to the limitations of simply being human).

“It will be egalitarian, sustainable, equitable, non-discriminate and inclusive…”

…that is… the technocratic rule of what will ultimately be an all-pervasive “AI BigGov-OneGov” will enslave everyone equitably without discrimination, as it sustains those human psychopaths that reside behind its anti-human algorithms (the so-called oligarchical Elites, the All Powerful Wizards behind the AI curtain) to ensure the egalitarianism of humanity: all, and everyone — reduced to equal serfs and slaves.

Human leadership must be shown to be obsolete to save the climate, save the economy, save the people… and AI will be the new “champion…” it will be part of The Great Reset.

And behind it all, the hidden Globalist Parasites will continue to instruct their very-trusty AI puppet to make the choices they desire to guarantee the outcomes they require.

A One World AI-Government depends on each “world citizen” having a Digital ID.

All Australians must oppose the Digital ID

Every Australian citizen, including every child, will require a mandatory Digital ID — they will start from birth. A digital slave from cradle to grave.

You will need it for everything; you will require it to buy and sell; you will depend upon it to eat: it is blatantly the Mark of the Beast.

“…it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name…” – Revelation 13:16-18

We have a year to expose the technocratic tyranny that a National Digital ID system will usher. It behoves us all to inform fellow Australians. We must emphasise how they will utilise this invasive technology to digitally enslave all citizens within their SMART City infrastructure.

Four decades ago the Hawke Government schemed to introduce the ‘Australia Card’ that could identify every individual, and their corresponding information, on a single rectangular plastic card. Australians would have nothing to do with it, and alerted one another to such a brazen attempt to encroach upon their privacy. ‘It was so controversial that it led to the dissolution of parliament and an early election, prior to its ultimate rejection.’


Again, the plans of the Technocrats depend on three things: ignorance, submission and a Digital ID.

Do not be ignorant; do not submit, and do all you can to shun the Digital ID.

Knowledge, truth, and mass-awareness will ultimately derail their Beast-laid plans.


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