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Petition EN5255 – Petition to Disclose Information on chemical Deployments in the Atmosphere


As a concerned citizen of Australia, I would like to bring attention to a matter of great significance, that affects not only the well being of our community, but also the larger environmental and and public health concerns that we collectively share. It has come to my attention, along with numerous other concerned citizens, that there exists compelling evidence indicating the deployment of substantial quantities of unidentified chemicals into our atmosphere by various entities, including Government military, commercial and private planes. The frequency and scale of these operations are unprecedented, causing the widespread apprehension among the general public. Regrettably , as citizens, we find ourselves deprived of complete disclosure regarding the objectives and composition of these chemical deployments. The lack of transparent information on this matter prevents us from comprehending the purpose behind these activities, as well as the potential ramifications they may have on our health and the environment. Given the absence of publicly scientific evidence to support or refute the effects of these chemicals on public health and the environment, we find ourselves in a precarious position. It is our firm belief that such crucial matters should not be left unaddressed, and it is incumbent upon the responsible authorities to shed light on this issue and provide the necessary information to the public.

We therefore ask the House to : 1- Initiate a comprehensive and independent investigation. 2- Ensure findings are made public. 3- implement measures to enhance public awareness and engagement, to actively participate in the dialogue surrounding potential consequences.

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