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Natural Ways For Healing Mites And Morgellons With Diane Olive


I love this book! It was very easy to read, and Diane’s simple writing expressed great volumes of information. Many people’s stories are in this book in order to give hope to those who are suffering.

Morgellons disease is the most horrific illness on the planet. I would not wish this illness on my worst enemy. I contracted this illness at work. My suffering was so great that, like Diane, I too just wanted to die.

In my last job, I was working in an assisted living home for the elderly as a nurse when I noticed many of the patients had leg sores. Then a fellow nurse became ill with the same sores. She went to the doctor and was diagnosed with blocked pores. After this, I contracted Morgellons disease and had the same sores, white fibers, itchy skin, and a crawling sensation; ears were clogged; and debris was coming out of my body. The frustration of doctors not understanding this illness, or calling me delusional, was not helpful. It seems the only way doctors will believe in this illness is if they catch it themselves.

Like Diane, the only help that I received was helping myself. I tried working with others who had Morgellons and had improved their health. I came across Diane when I called Gene from Gene’s All Natural Products to ask him if he knew of any new therapies. He told me about Diane and

how she was sharing her experience with this disease to educate people. Before I contacted Diane, I was using Gordon Stamp’s enzymes, including Internal Formula 5 and enzymes for spraying on the skin. The FDA took Gordon’s enzymes off the market for some inexplicable reason. Gordon Stamp’s products worked!

After the FDA discontinued Gordon’s product line, I was unable to buy the enzymes and started dying from Morgellons disease. Diane then shared with me how she recovered, so I started taking the vitamins and herbs she recommended. As of this writing, I am now 50 percent better after six months of following her regimen. I see now that if I can keep my immune system strong, I can battle this illness.

The lack of recognition of this new disease by the traditional medical community and government has prevented the timely development of a diagnosis and treatment. In the meantime, I lost my source of income as I am too sick to work and still contagious. In 2010, I collected disability for eighteen months, but when this ended, I was unable to collect social security because doctors do not recognize Morgellons disease as real. I have paid into the government’s system as a nurse for the past 30 years, and now I realize that this same system has failed me.

This is the first time I have been able to completely open my eyes in two years; my energy is better and so is my attitude. I am really thankful for Diane’s help and her book has really helped me learn to work from the inside out. This book gives people many ways to become healthy again.

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