April 22, 2024

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Gene Rape With Dr Rima & Ralph Fucetola


The Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation are deeply concerned by the tainted and damaging vaccines that we are increasingly mandated to receive and permit our children to receive. They may contain not only the cancer causing viruses and toxic metals we already know about, but the horrifyingly dangerous enzyme Nalgalase which stops your immune system dead in its tracks.

.This must stop. It stops with us: you and the Natural Solutions Foundation can, in fact, stop it.

.Here’s how:

.1. Within the next few weeks you’ll be able to place an Advance Vaccine Directive card in your wallet instructing any healthcare provider NOT to vaccinate you or your children. This card has the force of any other advance care health directive.

.We are asking you to donate $25 now to defray the cost of producing these cards. Your Paypal donation of $25 or more (remember to include your address if you want a physical copy of the card) will place you at the top of the list to receive your Advance Vaccine Directive. Donation Button Above.

.2. Think of it as REAL Herd Immunity: we are protecting the innate immune capacity of the herd by halting the damaging vaccine mandates that make so many of us ill in so many ways.

.We are, in effect, creating a Personal Vaccine Moratorium. This personal vaccine moratorium will only stop the vaccine juggernaut when it becomes a People’s Vaccine Moratorium, when huge masses of people participate. So your next step is to notify and encourage your circle of influence that adulterated vaccines are a highly likely cause of not only autism, but cancer, infertility and a host of other tragic disease.

.Send the link to this video to everyone you care about, know and can reach.

.Let’s look at the background of some of the most important of the recent events:

.The social media has been full of speculation regarding the dozen or more holistic doctors who have been murdered in the US and Mexico (or have died or disappeared under suspicious circumstances) over the past month or so. This is, frankly, quite frightening to me both as a holistic doctor and as an outspoken member of our society, as well. It is imperative that we understand clearly what is happening, why and how to stop it.

.We have been researching and communicating with our insider contacts with great urgency in order to unravel this horrifying story.

.I’ve prepared a dossier about what we know so far – and it is not good. If you know me, you know very well that I am one holistic doctor who does not intend to disappear or be silenced. I am in excellent health and am careful about my whereabouts and security. Having a retired major general as a husband helps.

.It would appear that there are several important connections among these tragically deceased doctors. The link is not in how they died but that they were onto a potent cure that would make Big Pharma’s toxic drugs and vaccines obsolete.

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