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NHS declares total ban on homeopathy and herbal medicine, goes all-in for Big Pharma’s chemical medications

Image: NHS declares total ban on homeopathy and herbal medicine, goes all-in for Big Pharma’s chemical medications that are bankrupting the world

(Natural News) The United Kingdom’s publicly funded healthcare system, the National Health Service (NHS), is on the verge of banning homeopathy and herbal medicine. A new consultation document is being sent out to NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to limit the scope of what doctors can prescribe. Instead of cracking down on expensive and side effect-ridden chemical drugs, the NHS is targeting homeopathy and herbal medicine.

The NHS, founded on the principles of providing comprehensive, universal and free healthcare, is about to restrict patients’ access to some of the most simple, effective treatments. It was only a matter of time before the government-ran healthcare system was overran by Big Pharma’s strong-arm tactics and expensive chemical medications that are bankrupting the world. (Related: For America to survive, we must declare independence from Big Pharma’s failed medical monopoly.)

The NHS is currently suffering from “scarce funds” and doesn’t want to deal with the root of the expense. Instead, the consensus of the NHS governing forces strives to stop  homeopathy and herbal medicine. People who seek natural healing will have to find ways to fund it themselves, while being forced to pay for the NHS’s total sell-out to Big Pharma.

Homeopathy and herbal medicine are being called “alternative remedies” that are a “misuse of scarce funds.” NHS England says funds “could be better devoted to treatments that work.” Going forward, patients will only have access to chemical medications to treat dozens of common ailments. If a person has indigestion, they will only get a prescription for proton pump inhibitor heartburn drugs, which block nutrient assimilation in the gut, causing nutrient deficiencies that lead to more health problems down the road. If a person has a sore throat, they will only be allowed free antibiotics that only weaken one’s long term immunity due to sterilization of their microbiome and subsequent microbial resistance. Homeopathic and herbal remedies treat common ailments such as these much more effectively without causing long term, costly health issues. (Learn more at

Ruthless Big Pharma taking over the NHS, restricting patient access to quality healthcare

NHS chief executive Simon Stevens said:  “The NHS is probably the world’s most efficient health service, but like every country there is still waste and inefficiency that we’re determined to root out.” So why isn’t chief executive Simon Stevens going after the Big Pharma drugs that are perpetuating health problems and driving up costs?

Instead of standing up to the problems with chemical medications, professionals immediately came forward and criticized some of the simplest methods of healing. Professor Edzard Ernst of the University of Exeter, praised the NHS’s decision and took aim at homeopathy.

“Since it was first invented ~200 years ago, homeopathy has been criticised for flying in the face of science and common sense. We have now known for decades that the most reliable studies fail to show that highly diluted homeopathic remedies are more than placebos. The NHS has a legal, moral and ethical duty to spend our scarce funds wisely; I cannot think of a less prudent way to spend them than on homeopathy.”

The beauty of homeopathy is the placebo effect, which pushes patients to use mind over matter to achieve a real healing result in their body. The diluted natural substances support the body’s natural healing process without burdening it with new side effects. Contraindications are the fault of chemical drugs because synthetic manipulations often interfere with natural processes in the body. The placebo effect is the purest form of science that more individuals and health care professionals should tap into and perfect.

We don’t have to be helpless victims, made to feel deficient and at the mercy of chemical treatments. We can be in the driver’s seat and play a leading role in our body’s healing processes. To see the NHS divert their “scarce funds” away from the least invasive, most cost effective and preventative health solutions, shows how far Big Pharma will go to brainwash and control people, stifle the truth about natural healing, and eliminate people’s freedom and access to knowledge and basic healthcare.

Learn more about homeopathy at

5 thoughts on “NHS declares total ban on homeopathy and herbal medicine, goes all-in for Big Pharma’s chemical medications

  1. 1. 17 million adults over 40 years of age are – ELIGIBLE – to take STATIN Drugs.
    UK – NHS spends 1/4 BILLION Pounds on Statins per year.

    This BLAZE Healthcare spending on a drug that actually causes heart disease – by the NHS was to support their Big Hot Shot Buddies of BigPharma & the good times rolled on & on & on.

    AS A RESULT of the belligerent & unabated spending – today the UK / NHS health care is facing the worst financial crisis in it’s history.

    2. The Telegraph – Statins costing just pennies are being rationed by the NHS in measures born out of – DESPERATION –
    The decision to restrict the heart drugs …..
    The restrictions emerge amid growing concerns across the NHS – with increasing limits on surgery for cataracts & hip & knee operations – as the health service faces THE WORST FINANCIAL CRISIS IN IT’S HISTORY

    * You need to have a good read to really understand what Statons are –

    America is already in the grip of a devastating financial crisis & the government continue to SPEND throwing good money after bad at their PRECIOUS BUDDIES of BigPharma.

    EQUALLY – Our Malcolm Turnbull – ENCOURAGED by the vigorously keen Greg Hunt – is throwing Hard Earned Australian Tax Payer Dollars at the Aristocracy that runs BigPharma –
    The Australian coffers are STRETCHED TO THE LIMIT GUYS
    How bankrupt does Australia have to be before these 2 men are satisfied.

  2. Heart drugs to save your life:

    ACE inhibitors are to lower high blood pressure
    ******* I do not have high blood pressure – so I do not need them.
    Beta Blockers reduce high blood pressure
    ******* I do not have high blood pressure so I do not need them – among other things – they cause you to become dizzy & faint.
    Water pills are to reduce fluid as in fluid retention
    ******* They are also anti psychotic’s – they cause vertigo
    ******* Statins – are to prevent the liver from producing cholesterol – a product that is required by the brain to function – I woke up in my own bed twice not knowing where I was & the fog in my brain caused me to forget that I had left the stove on – the 2 minute noodles burned to a crisp.

    I suffer from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo – a condition where the crystals from the inner ear become dislodged & move – My first DROP ATTACK – the world began to spin & I dropped to the floor where I lay for 15 hours – unable to move my head & fearing I’d had a brain type crisis –
    I told everyone at the hospital that I suffered from Vertigo & the meds I was prescribed only served to inflame an already existing condition – I was dizzy to fainting point because of the – “heart drugs”.
    Imagine yourself fainting all over the place constantly & being unconscious most of the time.

  3. The Australian 12:00AM July 29 2017

    GP’s would be paid to prevent conically ill patients being hospitalized & hospitals fined for re-admissions that could have been avoided – under the reform proposal considered so important that Health Minister Greg Hunt is willing to offer the states a 10 year funding deal for their support.

    1. GREG HUNT WILL NOT BE IN OFFICE FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS the next government will undo this reckless money squandering stupidity in a heart beat.
    2. Hospitals are a vital component to the Health Care Delivery of Australia – these people do fantastic work.
    It is the hospital that should be funded & the local LETHARGIC Could Care Less General Practitioner SHUT DOWN & their licence to Practice PULLED.
    All general practice should be Owned & run by Corporate Entity – the local GP does not see patients & is paid an outrageous sum of monies from the Australian Health Care Budget to simply DO NOTHING.
    Shut these lazy loafers down & give it over to big business to crack the whip to instill some kind of a work ethic into the medical profession.

    Did you know that the Ambulance Personnel work a 14 hour shift – this is beyond acceptable – what is going on.

  4. I sternly recommend that Government Auditors are commissioned to
    GO THROUGH THE – Australian Medical Association – WITH A FINE TOOTH COMB.

    Exactly whom does the organisation serve ?
    What is their relationship with BigPharma ?
    What influence do they have on the way medicine is practiced in Australia ?
    The Australian Health Care System – a healthy population in Australia should be their FIRST concern.
    Australia does not need SUAVE DIGNITARY TYPES as the role models to it’s Medical profession – in Australia we work in the best interests of the nation – flouncing around in bourgeoisie mode is just a bit crass in the real world & it costs the nation big dollars.

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