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NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian won’t be out shined by other state Premiers who seem hell bent on implementing as many Draconian measures as possible on the back of the fake  COVID 19 outbreak.

Old crow, Berejiklian announced today that People who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine in New South Wales could be prevented from entering certain public venues or accessing services in person.

Most of the Australian public seem perfectly happy to accept an ever increasing amount of COVID restrictions but has Gladys bitten off more than she can chew by threatening a No Jab, No Beer policy?

According to Sky News: “Clearly opportunities to travel overseas or opportunities to enter certain workplaces or venues might be enhanced if you have the vaccine,” she said.

It seems that Gladys is using the COVID-19 PSYOP to push an untested, unsafe vaccine onto the NSW public and threatening to take away the basic things that many enjoy.

Gladys wants to encourage widespread uptake of the coronavirus vaccine by forcing venues, like pubs to demand proof of the jab or people will be sent packing.

We either stand up as a nation and say no to this insanity or this Tyranny will continue to intensify and infect all aspects of our lives.

Instead of pushing more ridiculous and freedom destroying measures, Berejiklian should be fronting up and answering peoples concerns to the massive amounts of injuries and deaths being recorded worldwide from the COVID jab.

Health Minister and slimy rat, Greg Hunt has also stated that Australia’s planned vaccine roll-out will go ahead anyway so this asshole clearly has no respect for human life.

This disgusting attack on our freedoms and overreach of power is totally illegal and will ultimately come back full circle to bite these vicious dictators in their useless asses.

When is enough enough and when will the people of Australia stand up as one and say “NO MORE” to this disgusting attack on our freedoms?

Many Australians have officially been spooked by the recent news that A number of elderly and frail Norwegians have had side-effects from the vaccine and 13 have since died.





4 thoughts on “NO JAB NO BEER

  1. Live your life your way! That’s the biggest middle finger we can give to any tyrant, whether it be a cop, a governor, a politician, an elitist, or anyone else who wants our compliance and enslavement.
    Freedom is not negotiable and rights are not gifts from governments or others.  We all have the basic human right to be free and live our life the way we see fit.  As more people realize this, our power grows and the mainstream media’s fear campaign fails. After all, if there are no order followers, there are no orders.

  2. Absolutely… we all must stand up against these State and Medical false constrictions constantly shoved down our throats via the very sick Mainstream Media along with our Corporate cultivated intellectuals who take millions per year in salaries to offer the public science that is detrimental to their health. Must watch!
    If this continues then the Oligarch’s will certainly reach their mass eugenics target of 500 million on earth totally controlled as slaves. The pretend CoVid virus does not exist and nobody can die from it. The death toll will be from the CoVid vaccine.
    The police are there to protect the State not the people. We will witness this constant attack on our rights by police as was the case in Victoria and this constant attack causes fear and the inability of people to stand up for their constitutional rights.
    We do have rights and we must enforce them. Freedom is not free from a McDonalds shop; freedom only comes through understanding, vigilance and willingness to fight for it once attained.
    Can we live in freedom, ask yourself, it’s a hell of a commitment! Or do we prefer our Big Brother States to protect us from their contrived evil by remaining subservient?
    We must all decide and soon!

  3. All happening as forecast by the few who follow the sad machinations of our Political circus. They, the circus, want mandatory vaccinations that would not be accepted by the people so they engage the slimy bureaucrats to dream up ways to coerce people as a no way out vaccine.
    If you don’t vaccinate you will not be allowed in shops/transport etc or any place where people gather including pubs. Age pensioners and social recipients will have to be injected to continue receiving benefits. It’s all planned long ago by Lucifer.
    The vaccinated will ensure this happens in the tried and true Communistic way of community division and conflict as shown in the CrazzFiles video above.
    If you are such a fuckwit to allow this eugenics vaccine in you body then leave all others alone and go die in your own space…. please!!

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