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No Joke: Babylon Bee’s Zionist Manager Calls for White Genocide in Unhinged Twitter Rant


This post was written with contributions from Eternal Truth

The Babylon Bee is a satirical site, much like the Onion, but catering to conservative Christians. I may have gotten a chuckle or two out of a headline, but never really saw the appeal of the site. The “jokes” are not very clever and it’s all quite tame, as Christians are not exactly known for edgy comedy.

What Christians are well-known for, however, is supporting the jewish people (aka G0d’s chosen) and helping to ensure the genocide of the White race. Incredibly they see no hypocrisy in prostrating themselves before the biggest racial supremacists in the world while also virtue signaling about how much they hate “racism”.

Joel Berry, Managing Editor for the Babylon Bee, is a self-proclaimed “Jew-loving Zionist” who recently showed his true colors. He lashed out against White Europeans, called for White genocide, and made sure to parade his obvious double standard when it comes to jews and the criminal state of Soviet Israel. He had this meltdown after being called out on Twitter for agitating for mass non-White immigration into the United States, because according to him, hordes of brown Catholics are good because they’re natural conservatives! This is a common talking point in the jewish-dominated right wing bowel movement.

He also believes that jews and Greeks (who he apparently thinks were not White) brought civilization to the naked barbarians of Europe.

Honestly he sounds a lot like E. Michael Jones and his sycophants. It’s par for the course with these people.

Obviously a lot of people, including the Bee’s Christian readers, have become upset by Joel’s remarks. Many people have called him a jew, but Berry could just be a Christian cuck who hates his own people while loving the tribe who has brought us all sorts of death, decay, degeneration, and absolute ruination.

This is what Wikipedia has to say about the surname Berry.

Berry is an English, Irish and French surname. It is also an alternate spelling of Beri, a surname of Khatris originating from the Punjab region of the Northern Indian subcontinent. Some of the first British Jewish families to emigrate to the United States had “Berry” as their surname.”

Whether or not Joel is himself a jew really does not matter, as he works for an outlet run by jews, is surrounded by radical religious Talmudic jews such as Ben Shapiro, and his employer, the Babylon Bee receives funds from several jewish funds connected to the Adelson jewish mafia family.


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