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World Stage Puppet Djokovic Wins 10th Australian Open And 22nd Grand Slam, For A Total Record Of 22-11/33

World Stage Puppet Novak Djokovic Win 10th Australian Open And 22nd Grand Slam, For A Total Record Of 22-11/33

Joachim Bartoll Official

The Freemason, born and bred world stage puppet, and false idol for the ‘anti-vaxxers’ are back in the news again after another ‘bread and circus’ highly Satanic ritual. Last year, I covered Mr. ‘No-Vaxx’ Djokovic in length, and how everything around him was done by the numbers, as they ALWAYS do.

This scripted victory over other world stage puppet Stefanos Tsitsipas was predicted by many of us in the real truther community, as such a staged victory would bring Djokovic to his 22nd Grand Slam, the Master Builder Number within Freemasonry. Remember, he’s allegedly born on May 22, the 22nd day of the month. But not only that, his final Grand Slam record would thus read 2211, and put them together for his total number of played Grand Slams and you have 33, the highest degree in Freemasonry, the Master Teacher Number.

As you know, the Master numbers within Freemasonry and numerology are 11, 22, and 33. After this win, all of the three Master numbers are represented within his Grand Slam record. That is extremely scripted!

Also note that he began his professional career in 2003, where he managed to get 11 consecutive majors to win his first major title at the 2008 Australian Open. So, he began his career with 11 big wins, as in the first Master Number – like reaching the first important stage within Freemasonry.

And with this win, he did, according to Wikipedia, record ‘66’ big titles. As you know, when adding up the Master numbers, 11 + 22 + 33, you get 66. And 66 is symbolic for the Number of the Beast, as in ‘666,’ the most frequent number used in all these Satanic rituals.

And yes, that also means that Novak’s 22 wins out of 33 played Grand Slams gives him a win ratio of (22/33) 66,6 %, as in ‘666.’

As mentioned, Novak was allegedly born on May 22, and this win was played out by the numbers on January 29, exactly 36-weeks on the day after his last birthday. As you know, 36 is symbolic for ‘666,’ as ‘666’ is the 36th triangular number.

As for the Australian Open tournament, this was his 10th win. It comes on January 29, exactly 10weeks on the day after Joe Biden’s birthday on November 20, which also was the starting date of the extremely coded and staged World Cup. It’s also Djokovic’s 10th win in a row over poor Stefanos Tsitsipas (who holds a total of 10 titles.) And we know the significance of the number 10 in Satanic Rituals, as ‘Satan’ equals 10.

Satan = 10

And to add to this, he won his 10th Australian Open title on January 29, the 29th day of the month, and 29 is the 10th prime number.

January 29, 29 is 10th prime.

Also, in head-to-head (H2H) matches, Djokovic is now 112 over Tsitsipas. Again, with the Master Number of 11. 11-2 is 112, and the Jesuits operates in 112 countries. And they stand at a total of 13 games against each other, as in the 13 families of the Illuminati.

Last year, we called Djokovic “Mr. 53 as his name equals 53 in gematria, and so does his Instagram username of “djokernole,” and he was released from Australian immigration on a day with 53-date numerology, also ‘Covid’ and ‘Deceive’ sums to 53. And yes, January 29, the day he won his 22nd grand Slam was on a 53-date numerology.

1/29/23 = 1 + 29 + 23 = 53

Novak Djokovic = 53
djokernole = 53 (username on Instagram)
Covid = 53 (he’s Novak “No-Vaxx” d-JOKE-vic)
Deceive = 53 (his real game)


I could decode the match and everything else around this game, as it is extremely coded and executed by the numbers, but my time is running out and I know that other great decoders will jump on this. So, if I find anything good, I will update this article and link to that decode.

And a final thing, as a lot of baby-truthers and ‘anti-vaxxers’ are suffering from severe cases of Stockholm’s Syndrome and cognitive dissonance, and simply can’t grasp the simple concept of controlled opposition and false idols.

Do you really think that any of the “stars,” “celebs,” “top politicians,” or “top athletes” are vaccinated? Of course not. They are all in the club. Novak is not the only one. All who played in the Australian Open were unvaccinated. All of the top players that get exposure are unvaccinated and controlled little puppets of the elite. And again, those semi-celebs who get heart complications or die simply play their part in their rituals, it’s all bread and circuses. It’s mockery of those poor unknown bastards that actually get hurt and die from the vaccine.

Understand that those in power have always controlled the masses by creating division, as in their motto ‘Divide and Conquer,’ and ‘Order out of Chaos.’

They want a part of the population to be ‘anti-vaxxers’ and to remain unvaccinated. Because that is leverage for politicians to make new laws and to hurry on the implementation of Agenda 2030, as in the Digital ID and the Social Credit Score System. They want to encourage this opposite movement and give them some crumbs to hold on to. To keep them distracted and looking the other way while they put all these systems in place. And to do this, there’s nothing better than controlled opposition and false idols to string them along. I’ve explained this in length in these articles below, please check them out if you’re new to this:

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