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Not Waving But Drowning With Paul English

Howdy, Members: On Tonight’s podcast show, I chat with researcher, Paul English about COVID-19, and how it seems to be shaping our thoughts and lives.

We discuss COVID testing, flu, viruses, pollution and how the fear of death keeps most of humanity under control.

Paul talks about the importance of the family unit and how people need to wake up out of the drowning state and push away the fear to reclaim their lives.


Those seeking medical advice should consult medical professionals without delay. Consult trusted professionals to clarify and verify related issues. The author is not an authority. He is a critic of authority. His research addresses apparent contradictions and is designed to cultivate discussion.

Not Waving but Drowning

by Stevie Smith

Nobody heard him, the dead man,
But still he lay moaning:
I was much further out than you thought
And not waving but drowning.

Poor chap, he always loved larking
And now he’s dead
It must have been too cold for him his heart gave way,
They said.

Oh, no no no, it was too cold always
(Still the dead one lay moaning)
I was much too far out all my life
And not waving but drowning.

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