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NY Times reviews the Joker film

New York, NY
The NY Times author, Lawrence Ware, obviously did not live in NYC during the period of the Joker film, the early 1980s. The article doesn’t allow comments, as do many other NY Times articles, as it would be torn asunder.
“The Real Threat of ‘Joker’ Is Hiding in Plain Sight”, by Lawrence Ware, 10/11/2019
The author says that the Joker film implies that Joker killed some black women due to his bloody foot prints after meeting them. This is not clear, as admitted. It claims that the subtle display of the murders of black women meant that the deaths of black women were meaningless. And… Joker’s murders of white men were paraded in gory detail and thus those white deaths had meaning.
And thus the libtard concludes a subtle evidence of white privilege, “the real threat”.
The article is typical NY Times racist provocation, for example, where it writes
“A black man acting as strangely as Fleck does would not have been allowed to go on the air. But the white Fleck is given access, and bloodshed soon follows.”
Typical NY Times. It had hired a black journalist years ago, but he plagiarized obsessively and obviously — and was fired. NY Times apologized profusely. Obviously, NY Times fell for black victimhood privilege gambit while hiring that journalist.
The article, another provocation:
“A black man in Gotham City (really, New York) in 1981 suffering from the same mysterious mental illnesses as Fleck, would be homeless and invisible.”
What a lie. Blacks dominated anarchic violence in 1981 NYC and continue to do so. Murder was rampant, though mostly on other blacks.
Note, as an apology — I realize that blacks were under heavy cultural pressure to adapt within the boiling pot of NYC, having been shipped en masse into NYC, disrupted from their prior roots.
The film and NYC history, 1980s
The film is appropriate social engineering for our present dark period, i.e., comedy films appear to have been outlawed.
This Joker film is based on an inversion of the early 1980 period, NYC. For example… two points.
1) The film portrays white anarchy,
Actually, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, criminal blacks (mostly) and the insane were let out of institutions enabling them to prey on the middle class, as if the prior destruction of Bronx and Harlem wasn’t enough, literally going up in flames. This was due to actions of the powerful bank consortium (“MAC”, Metropolitan Assistance Corporation) financial takeover of NYC. It also appears that young blacks were encouraged to threaten the middle class as a game. Anarchy reigned. Everyone had a story of robbery and attacks by black wolf packs. Incidentally, at this time, cocaine was everywhere, and unrestrained homosexuality and orgies were encouraged via the media, as an apparent setup for the emerging great fake HIV epidemic.
2) The film has Joker killing white Wall Street office workers on the subway for insulting a woman and attacking Joker.
Actually, the infamous subway shooting involved Bernard Goetz, an electronics technician, who shot four black wolf pack members in the subway in 1984, as they closed in on him — and was hailed by the city population as a hero. This signaled the end of MAC involvement. Anarchy ended by 1985.
Metropolitan Assistance Corporation, ended 1985.

2 thoughts on “NY Times reviews the Joker film

  1. I like Joaquin Phoenix … always have done … I like men with interesting faces.
    I went to the website & had a look … the director … a guy bragging about his / their creativity.
    I watched trailer … good stuff.
    I like the Joker … always have done … I like characters that think beyond the square.

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