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Party Games – Interview with Kim Vuga


Still voting for major parties? Wondering why the status quo never changes? Perhaps it’s time to look at some of the minor parties gaining momentum. 

By General Maddox.

We recently caught up with Kim Vuga, the party leader of one of Australia’s growing minor parties. Kim is also the Queensland candidate for her Love Australia or Leave party.

The party has a fairly hardline stance on many important issues and a somewhat controversial yet simplistic view on subjects such as immigration.

Are their policies for everyone? Perhaps not. But the same can be said about all political parties. The difference it seems is that the major parties like Labor and Liberal are really just two sides of the same coin. We hear nothing but rhetoric from them and the only changes we see further restrain our freedoms and rights alongside more and more debt.

One party will support the sale of assets for example and tout how much money the government will make to put into the budget. The opposing party, instead of being against it, will go on to say how they would get more money for the sale of said assets or do it differently for a better deal when the people don’t want the sale to begin with!

They’re opposames. It’s the illusion of a counter-argument when in fact their agenda is aligned.

Check out our interview with Kim Vuga below…(Please note: Any views and opinions by the interviewee are not necessarily the views of RNA)


Love Australia Or Leave:

6 thoughts on “Party Games – Interview with Kim Vuga

  1. A coalition of small parties and independents is exactly what this country needs. Small parties and independents are running because they see the problems facing Australia and have viable ideas to counter them. They are not sold into this failing oligarchy. They do not rely upon large donations (bribes) to keep their pitiful lies front and center of the laimstream media like the reds and blues do. We need many, many more like this lady to step forward and add their voice to the desperately needed call for change.
    We have to change this system that has become so corrupt that it is coming apart at the seams. The civil unrest that is spreading throughout the western world is becoming cohesive and time is running out for TPTB. We have to change the system before they take us to war.

  2. Love Australia or Leave ……… ?
    Appealing to who’s vote, I wonder ?

    If you don’t like it here than piss off back to where you came from – ?
    If you don’t like it here than go somewhere else – ?
    If you don’t like the way WE do things around here / our style of management than take a hike.
    The WE aspect, being specific to a certain group as opposed to what is best for the nation & it’s people.

    Australia does not need division, we need unity.
    Personally I am sick of the well oiled in LIP bullshit artists.

  3. P.S. Bronwyn Bishop doesn’t look like she is going antwhere in a hurry.
    The money is too good & there is no cut off point.
    Is there a bin in Parliamentary Lavatories for Adult Dipers & Incontinance Products for the Eledrly & infirm, I wonder.

  4. “they trample on our values- what we stand for”

    Yet another Pauline Hanson – thick around the ears.

    Did Sweet Little Miss Muffet say anything about – those who are really trampelling Australia into oblivian ?

    The fact that the political arena of Australia has allowed the Banking Sectors of Australia to take the Australian CURRENCY to INFINITY
    This is what I am concerned about –
    I can easily tell someone to piis off if there be a need – if they offed my nationality.
    But the MASSIVE TSUNAMI – THE DEBT BLOW OUT that the Banks of International Settlements is warning about is something I cannot do anything about & it will throw Australia into the third world status arena – AUSTERITY = poverty & homelessness
    White elephants like dumbo belong in the zoo where we can enjoy them with out their damaging anything.

  5. I, for my own part have invited the people of Palestine to migrate to Australia.
    These people are used to high density living, Port Melbourne, Docklands, Southbank & the City of Melbourne itself, these areas are full of half empty appartment blocks.
    We support Israel & turn a blind eye to the consentrated efforts there & so we are obliged.

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