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Philip (Phil) Gluyas – An Open Letter to the AV-List Creator – From Someone on the List

The Truth Library did not write this letter. Nor does the Truth Library represent any of the views in the letter, although it might. The Truth Library merely posted this letter as freedom of speech has to be protected. 

The Disgusting Hate List Can Be Viewed Here: https://allaboutantivaxxers.wordpress.com/av-name-check/

Received on November 14, 2016.

Hi Phil,

You mind if I call you Phil? I know really you are called Philip Gluyas, but you know. It seems that we kind of know each other. I have looked into you and your websites. I have dug up a lot of dirt on you in the last few weeks. The weeks since you came out as the proud owner of your website “All About Anti-Vaxxers”.

Philip Gluyas. A man with a mission you might say about yourself. Your mission being a dark and evil one though. Phil, you go after mothers and fathers who question vaccines. Especially the ones who question the narrative about vaccines and autism. Phil, you have autism yourself and according to your bio, written by yourself I presume, you think that autism is a genetic disorder. Nothing wrong with that. Phil you are allowed to think what you want and you are allowed an opinion on autism. Especially because you are a diagnosed autistic person yourself. What you are not allowed to do Phil is to vilify and incite hate against anyone that disagrees with your views. And this is exactly what  you do Phil. Some might say that this is something that goes against every freedom that we have build our society on. I wonder how you feel about this Phil?

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-9-31-02-amTo make matters worse. Phil, you are an aspiring politician as can be seen in this screenshot.  You ran for a party a few years back and you are talking about running again in 2018. This is all allowed as well and Phil you have a right to pretend you have a chance of being elected. That’s ok with me. What you are not allowed to do Phil is is incite hate against parents, grandparents and other carers. Phil, you want to be a politician. Well, Phil, you will need to understand that these kind of websites are not something that any politician should be proud of.

Phil, you don’t seem to understand that your online presence, which is mostly created by yourself makes you look like an absolute lunatic. Phil, you have multiple websites running all just to show how cool or nice or awesome you are. Well, Phil, I have news for you. You aren’t that cool. You were probably bullied in school and now you have to pretend you have power and you like to show that by vilifying people online. Phil, I don’t know you. But your websites and other online material, that a short online search revealed, showed a completely different person from what I would think you want to depict. A crazy lunatic that thinks he is right about everything. This gets confirmed by your obsession with refereeing. Something I will get into a bit later. Maybe you should tone down your online presence a bit. Phil, really, get a life…

Phil, you won a lawsuit in the USA years ago. You won $50.000. I hope you spend that money wisely. I hope you aren’t living with your parents anymore in some suburb of Ballarat. Phil, you might have won that money, but winning that case doesn’t mean that no one in the world can say anything about you anymore. Merely mentioning you have autism, Phil, is not defamation. Stating facts that can easily be found online are not defamation. And expressing an opinion is also still allowed in a free country. Phil, stop going after everyone that writes about you. You made it your lives work to incite hate towards people you don’t agree with. And then you fucked up. You had to take responsibility for your work. Phil, that’s where you went wrong. You are so proud of your “nasty” work that you had to brag about it to a disgraced health minister.

Phil, you might think we won’t sue because you changed your wording on your website and you might think you are in the clear. But we aren’t done with you yet. Your website incites hate and violence. And we have screenshots of you saying that that is exactly the purpose of your website. You might be proud of your list but you are on our list now. And because you attacked the whole world.  The whole world will attack you when the time is right. We also know you have some money, Phil. Lawyers love cases like this.


Until the time comes to take you to court Phil we will write about you. We will show the real Philip Gluyas. The one that might look like a crazy lunatic from time to time. We will follow you and keep you close. As we should with our enemies. Phil, you fucked up and now it is time karma comes and bites you in the ass. You aren’t Reasonable Hank. You don’t have friends like Jane Hansen in the media. You are not important enough for the Murdoch media to stick their necks out. And even if they do. It will reflect badly on you. Just like Hank you can’t run away forever. No one will care about you. Just like Jill Hennessy they will take their likes away from you and drop you like a sack of potatoes. Phil, I’m sorry to break it to you. You fucked up.

Phil, you need to get off your high horse and take responsibility for your online harassment and bullying that you are responsible for. These screenshots below show what vile language and threats you are capable off.

Phil. Your problem is that you always need to be right. Or even worse you are always right in your own head. Phil, you make a fool of yourself. Phil no one can defame you like you did yourself in the following videos. Videos where you show that you are always right and everyone else needs to shut up when it comes your “career” as a wrestling referee.

Phil also makes his ego known on the footy fields around Ballarat where he is a referee. Phil, you managed to get your name mentioned online in that regard as well. Phil, you be the judge of the comments below. You read those and see if they are from people who respect you. Or from people who think you are a loser. A crazy lunatic even. The best part, Phil. They think that you think that vaccines cause autism. That’s what happens when you go nuts all the time, people don’t listen… 

screenshot_2016-06-03-07-59-07 screenshot_2016-06-03-07-57-45 screenshot_2016-06-03-08-03-50 screenshot_2016-06-03-08-02-11 screenshot_2016-06-03-08-01-52 screenshot_2016-06-03-08-01-27 screenshot_2016-06-03-08-00-07-1 screenshot_2016-06-03-08-00-07screenshot_2016-06-03-07-57-45screenshot_2016-06-03-07-59-07screenshot_2016-06-03-07-59-38screenshot_2016-06-03-08-00-07screenshot_2016-06-03-08-00-07-1screenshot_2016-06-03-08-01-27screenshot_2016-06-03-08-01-52screenshot_2016-06-03-08-02-11screenshot_2016-06-03-08-03-50

And I think that’s where we leave this story for what it is Phil. I think we came to a conclusion. But let’s leave it to you. Are you a crazy lunatic Phil? What do you think? Maybe ask the internet hosts you harass to take down “defamatory” posts like this one and the previous ones. The host companies that get bombarded with your double standards because you can’t stand being the one in the wrong. The one being outed. What about your threats to take the website The Truth Library down? What happened with that? You can’t stop us from exposing the crazies and nut cases who go around online. Phil, why do you think you can get away with posting people’s names online when all they do is express their freedoms? You think you are saving the world? We will come after you. Like you say you will come after us. We will prepare our court actions and we will come. But until that time you will have to deal with us. Stalking you. Like you stalk us. Finding more and more information about you. Like you do on us.

Phil…. Philip… The time has come for karma. You are on our list now.


A proud AV-er on your list.

Source: http://www.truthlibrary.info/blog/an-open-letter-to-av-list-creator-philip-phil-gluyas-from-someone-on-the-list/

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