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Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed

“This video was posted almost 9 MONTHS AGO” NEW

2018 02 27 Directed Energy Weapons- Sonoma County Board Supervisors Meeting Infrastructure Recovery Workshop



3 thoughts on “Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed

  1. And Then Along Came Jones – Ray Stevens
    The goal now if for the hero to shut them down !!
    Watch this space.
    It is the challenge of a lifetime.
    To save the planet from the bad guys.
    We do have the talent.

  2. Well looky what we have here, some piss arse cunt from Rothschild’ with hemorrhoids up his rectum, has decided to change the world.

  3. Buck Palace in the UK is crumbling from the bottom up, so much so that Queen Liz had to move.

    The White House, Washington is in the same sad place.
    The Whole of Washington is Prime Real Estate going to waste.
    Gazillions of dollars to be made rebuilding Washington – 9/11 was a practice run.
    Be assured, Washington is also earmarked for demolition.
    SOON !!

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