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Promotional graphic depicts the squid-like robot which appears in the 2003 film The Matrix Revolutions.

“Howdy Members” I plug in for the 5th episode of the new Reading & Observation podcasts category which can be found in the new carousel within the members area. 

In these podcasts I will be reading through and covering lots of unique and intriguing information so these shows are targeted mostly towards the crazz members who enjoy listening to audio books and podcasts. 

On today’s Reading & Observation Podcast I take a look at the ever reaching push or build artificial realities and the war on human consciousness.

We take a look at the idea that vaccine injections can be used to introduce demonic type entities into the blood-streams of victims and the book the book The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness…

Dick also prophesied that “[c]omputer use by ordinary citizens… will transform the public from passive viewers of TV into mentally alert, highly trained information-processing experts.” But the price of mental alertness is addiction to screens. It is also losing our physical selves in a digital realm. The human is not merely a data processor; humans themselves become data that unseen powers buy, sell, manipulate, and use to create further synthetic realities. With so much online influence in the form of peer pressure, propaganda, targeted marketing, biosurveillance, and non-physical interaction, what it means to be human is challenged in the constant environment of Internet-of-Things. What it means to be physically human is also challenged as unaccountable corporations tinker with food, vaccines, and even the cells that produce humans. Dick’s characters, and indeed Dick himself, struggled to navigate this ever-shrinking minefield. 



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