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“PODCAST” The Physics of the NDE & Cheating the Ferryman With Adam

“PODCAST” The Physics of the NDE – Cheating the Ferryman With Adam

“Howdy Members” I plug in for the 2nd episode of the new Reading & Observation podcasts category which can be found in the new carousel within the members area. 

In these podcasts I will be reading through and covering lots of unique and intriguing information so these shows are targeted mostly towards the crazz members who enjoy listening to audio books and podcasts. 

On tonight’s Reading & Observation Podcast I continue to look at what happens when we die and if the death experience is actually just a continuation of experiences. 

I take a look at information about our consciousness as it evolves through the human condition via stages of awakening and Perception and Time Distortion. 

We don’t just “Cheat The Ferryman,” we are also given opportunities to change things and possibly put right the wrongs we do.

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