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“PODCAST” Dead Comfortable With Adam

Howdy members, join Adam 22/01/20 for the crazz files podcast to break down all the latest news and events. 

On tonight’s show, I talk about fake virus outbreaks, environmental contamination, media fear-mongering and why parents are allowing their own children to be experimented on with failed vaccines.  

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Adam The Crazz Files

 Show Links

More on the Pertussis Vaccine:

Study: Whooping Cough Epidemics Related to Failed Vaccine, Not Unvaccinated

The Whooping Cough Epidemic: A Failed Vaccine Causes a Public Health Crisis

Failed Whooping Cough Vaccine Still being Used in the United States – Outbreaks Blamed on Unvaccinated

Whooping Cough Outbreaks Among Vaccinated Older Children Increasing

Pertussis Vaccine Failure is not Just Modern but Historical: Vaccine has Never Been Effective

Study: Whooping Cough Resurgence Due to Vaccinated People Not Knowing They’re Infectious

4 thoughts on ““PODCAST” Dead Comfortable With Adam

  1. I think likely Max Igan was uncovering too much and too influential, so the deep state gang-stalked / targeted him (just like he admitted when he came back to his senses.) The download he talked about sounds like some kind of mind control weaponry.

    1. We have talked about these things, remote neural monitoring & energy weapons to target those not toeing the line. Max sure has a huge following but if this attack is true then why would he openly talk about it on youtube? this would be a warning of some kind but why get him to post crazy videos then retract them, does not make sense. He absolutely is an incredible researcher & speaker so i do hope he continues forward.

    2. Hi Matthew
      Max has been exposed a long time ago
      His stage name is 33 in gematria his logo for the crowhouse used to have the one eye covered
      He along with Vinny Eastwood were the gatekeepers for the Christchurch False flag
      Anyhow this channel will help you understand more Peekay Censored on YT
      Peekay has a 12hour documentary exposing the Christchurch event

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