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“PODCAST” Food, Nutrition And Enjoyment With Adam

Howdy members, join Adam 28/01/20 for the crazz files podcast to break down all the latest news and events. 

On tonight’s show, I talk about food, nutrition & how important it is to enjoy what we eat with those who are important to us.

Please leave any links, comments or questions in the members chat room or in the podcast comments & feel free to contact me anytime at [email protected] 

Have any links or info you want to share or would like me to post? email them through. 

Please leave your comments about this podcast to let me know what you think about what i have covered & the show with Corey. 

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2 thoughts on ““PODCAST” Food, Nutrition And Enjoyment With Adam

  1. Hi Adam enjoying your podcasts. Re 28/0/20 on diet. Yes I listened to Corey regarding meat only… I heard it takes 3 days for your body to digest meat; 3 days per serve. If that was me my body would be screaming to go to the loo! LOL But really it’s no laughing matter!. And you were right when you said to him that one size does not fit all. A couple of books I’d like to share here; “The Digestive Health Solution by Benjamin I. Brown ND(Your personlised five-step plan for inside-out Digestive wellness). 2nd Edition talks about gut bacteria& digestive health tied in with one’s psyche. Probiotics, gluten & sugar;

    Gut & Psychology Syndrome by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MD M.Sci (neurology) M.Med Sci nutrition). Natural treatment for ADHD; Depression; Dyslexia;ADD;Autisim; Dyspraxia.
    Enjoy supporting you monthly & I enjoy reading the news articles 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for this and i will look through it as gut health is such an important health issue. Thanks so much for your support & i really try to source interesting articles from trusted sources.

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