February 24, 2024

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“PODCAST” Fires, Flu And Surveillance With Adam

Howdy, Members. Join Adam for the Crazz Files Podcast 07/02/20 to break down all the latest news and events.

On tonights podcast i continue to break down the corona virus and the current climate of fear being pumped out through the system. I take a look at the recent fires in Australia, Australia’s smart city plans, corona virus and how this all just keeps connecting. 

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6 thoughts on ““PODCAST” Fires, Flu And Surveillance With Adam

  1. 2666 Reduced = 2 Learning adaptability, service & consideration for others; the meaning of relation to others; the idea of cooperation. Learning to be part of a group. or community.
    Translated re Smart Cities (communities & cooperation; cooperating with authorities, Acceptance of what is coming; going with the flow swimming with the current, not against it…. Service to others.. can be in a way having vaccine shots you are a disservice to family friends, community etc if you dont. Do as they command , not as you the individual wishes.

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