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‘More Detoxification Strategies By Which You Can Defend Yourself From Our Poisonous World’

Researcher Scott Snitzer is back with me today 18/10/22 to co-host the podcast and continue on from the last great show, HOW TO SURVIVE & THRIVE IN OUR TOXIC WORLD WITH SCOTT SNITZER

Its great to be back on your podcast, Adam, and thank you for being so open-minded to know that info on how we’re exposed to environmental toxins and how to detox from them is so important to your audience.

During this interview I’ll be repeating some things that I covered in my last one, but this is only because so many things are interrelated and some things are well-worth repeating, because when we take charge of our body and mind, it can be life-changing.

One thing that I have not gone into in my interviews with you, and have never covered on my You Tube channel is the topic of parasites, Lyme disease and Moregellon’s because these are topics are beasts unto themselves-I know that Amandha Vollmer, Jennifer Daniels and many other people have gone into how most people have some parasites living inside of them and various ways to treat these infestations.

Then there are some extreme ways in which some natural health treat parasite infections including having people drink food-grade turpentine, but I’ve heard that people have gotten some good results from this.

I mentioned parasites because I’m always very thorough in my coverage of any given topic, but I would be irresponsible to just dive into parasites and how people should detox from them-I know this much: The vegan and vegetarian diets will not help with parasites, but I have heard that some people have used RIFE machines to boost their health just as its a fact that both alternative and mainstream health treatments can be backed by a LOT of false science because everyone is trying to make a profit and you will find liars, deceivers and greedy shills lying to you in detail nearly everywhere you turn in this world and even well-intentioned people such as myself are incorrect, so to all of you listening, please do your own research and come to your own conclusions when you hear me, or anyone else cover not only health advice, but ANYTHING that involves major life choices for you.

But since all of us here are human beings whose minds and bodies are made ill by heavy metals, plant toxins and synthetic chemicals, then nearly all of the information that I’m covering here applies to everyone, except for the fact that some of us have far more toxins in our fat cells and bones than others.

Some of us can handle more plants in our diet than other people, but this is not a measure of good health. 

What plants we have should have as many of the plant toxins removed from them as possible.  

Some of us already have no problem digesting foods and we have a really good microbiome and some of us have to build these things up, just as some of us are in good or great physical condition and others have to start exercising as this alone will help purge our bodies of the poisons within it.

Methylation is something that should always be taken into consideration when it comes to our health.

Methylation is a biochemical process that, among many other critical functions, transforms toxins such as arsenic into safer substances that will not harm your body. 

Methylation depends on a number of vitamins and cofactors, including folate, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6. Deficiency in these critical vitamins can be caused by a number of things, including a poor diet, genetic mutations, toxic exposure, high stress, virus, infection or any combination of these.

Methylation Support provides your body with the necessary components for these biochemical reactions (such as detoxification, healthy immune function, ideal joint and cartilage structure, & brain and cardiovascular health) to take place!

You should consider Methylation Support if you:

Have had toxic exposure, particularly to heavy metals (especially mercury)

Have one or more MTHFR mutations

Experience high stress

I have been taking a methylated B-Complex for over eight-months now and my daily methyl folate dose goes as high as 16 milligrams and I have no anxiety, depression, headaches, irritability, insomnia, runny nose, body pain, itchy skin, or other  issues from it and its 99.9% that I have the MTHFR gene variant which fks up my body’s ability to detoxify.  

People with an MTHFR genetic mutation often have difficulties transforming folate into its active form. This genetic mutation affects the ability of the MTHFR enzyme to add a methyl group to folate. Thus, people with MTHFR gene mutations often feel much better when they supplement with methylfolate, which helps them maintain folate status and proper methylation.

All I am saying is that if you have a MTHFR genetic mutation then your body is not detoxing itself as people without this problem have, and you want your body to work as efficiently as it can for you, so my advice is that unless you’ve actually been genetically tested for the MTHFR gene mutation, then try a small dose of methyl folate, say 1 milligram and see how you tolerate it as you titrate up in dose-What I am saying is important because if your body does not methylate as it should then you have a lot of stored toxins in you that are making you sick, giving you fatigue, brain fog after eating, trouble falling asleep, high levels of estrogen, and your body is not replenishing itself of its nutrient stores after high levels of stress.

Something as simple as buying a methylated B-Complex could make your body and mind work much better to deal with this toxic world-This is why I go into these things, because our bodies and minds are not as efficient as they would have been had we been born into a much cleaner world say a couple of hundred-years ago.

Buy a damned methylated B-complex with methylcobalamin and methyl folate and if you have a weird reaction to it, you might not have the MTHFR gene variant, but its also likely that your body needs time to adjust to having folate in it (instead of folic acid).

So something as simple as taking a vitamin supplement that works with your body will help your natural detoxification process a bit.

I first began taking methyl folate about eight months ago, and I had better focus and concentration-No adverse reactions.

Now I take about sixteen milligrams of it a day with zero issues.

If your insurance covers genetic testing or you want to go through one of the online companies like 23 and me, go for it-Look.  I have no illusions of privacy.  

And I get it: People do not want the government to have access to their DNA.  

Who knows how sneaky these fucker are when it comes to the blood and other samples we’ve had over the course of our lives with medical testing?

Consider getting a good magnesium supplement because unlike other heavy metals, magnesium has potent detoxification properties that help the human body get rid of toxins that are built up in cells.

Along with zinc and vitamins C and E, magnesium is an essential part of detoxification, and when taken in conjunction with these other antioxidants can help to cleans a person’s body of potentially harmful heavy metals.

A magnesium supplement can help to stimulate cell activity so that toxins being stored within them are released into the blood stream before being flushed out of the body.

Maintaining healthy levels of magnesium is essential for healthy cell growth and maintenance.

Magnesium can remove a variety of toxins and heavy metals from your body including aluminum, mercury, and lead.

How Does a Magnesium Deficiency Affect the Body’s Detox Process?

It can reduce the cells’ ability to remove toxins and heavy metals. The body will struggle to detox without appropriate levels of magnesium.

This can result in decreased energy levels and even cell death.

If you have the money, please get a quality magnesium supplement and one you take before bed would work great, such as magnesium malate and glycinate.

And it will help you calm down.

Just do not get magnesium citrate or oxide. 

They are crap.

Look into detoxing foot baths, and look into taking Epsom salt baths to help your body detox, but start with a small amount of salts and do not sit in the tub too long.

If you take an Epsom salt bath, start with a smaller than recommended amount to see how you tolerate it, do not stay in too long, and if you take supplemental magnesium already, do not take it the same day that you take an Epsom salts bath because your body will be absorbing too much magnesium from the bath. 

Slow and steady is what you want to do, never rush these things-Plus when you approach your detoxing with a plan and you’re consistent about it, you will get better results, and over time, as you feel healthier you will be motivated to continue TO become stronger.

And of course, if your self-esteem is crap, then you will self-sabatoge-because with the fkng targeting it DOES a number on our self-esteem which is why I’ve used it to become better and now I truly believe that I deserve good things;They have to be earned, but I deserve good things as do all of you-Another thing I have to add is when you have doubts some of them are trauma-based, some of them are a self-esteem issues but some or many of these negative thoughts are literally radio frequencies beamed into your brain-I know that I’ve stated this before, but you have to remind yourself several times a day, every day that most of your negative thoughts are not your own and these assholes can also give you over the top confident and positive thoughts as to try to make you careless, but they can fuck themselves because no one has a right to intervene with your life.  

During the fake pandemic, the 

main reason why most men did not raise hell and speak up and do something LEGAL about the crimes against humanity that have been committed against us all over the last two-and-a-half years and this is because since xenoestrogens have been introduced into the environment by industrial, agricultural and chemical companies and consumers only in the last 70 years or so, during which men have been femininzed through each new generation of offspring due to epigenetics,  and these high levels of estrogen in males, or estrogen dominance affects normal, healthy aggressivity-Actually its a combination of xenoestrogens, phytoestrogens found in soy, flax, lavender and yes, marajuana, and its a diet high in plants and low in healthy animal fats and proteins which we need to make hormones like testesterone and to repair and build our body.

And most people have gone along with this agenda due to mass electromagnetic mind control.  

Something as simple as refined grains and sugars affect how the bones of our skull form, so not to sound like an asshole, but if you look at a lot of guys in their teens to forties, the ones with beards often look like the bearded woman that you see in a circus and this is mostly due to exposure to estrogenic chemicals while in the womb, throughout the course of one’s life, and from the xenoestrogens and the plant of phyto estrogens your parents and grandparents were exposed to-The evil fucks who run this world make their plans long in advance-They are patient as hell, and everything that has come to pass is part of their long-term transhumanist fantasty, even though I know that there are aspects of it that are fear porn because they are well, unscientific. 

So “what the F are xenoestrogens you ask?”

Xenoestrogens are a sub-category of the endocrine disruptor group that specifically have estrogen-like effects.

They are environmental toxins-Products of industry, not natural in any way.

Xenoestrogens are not biodegradable so, they are stored in our fat cells. 

Build up of xenoestrogens have been indicated in many conditions including:  breast, prostate and testicular cancer, obesity, infertility, endometriosis, early onset puberty, miscarriages and diabetes.

These harmful estrogens are stored in your fat tissue and are difficult to detoxify. As your exposure builds, you gain fat tissue to store the imposter estrogens. 

And here’s the kicker – your body sees these unusable xenoestrogens the same as it sees your own natural estrogen, so as the xenoestrogens accumulate, your body is signaled that you have enough estrogen and slows down the production of its own natural estrogens that your body can actually use. This makes it look like you have more than enough estrogen but at the same time you show signs of estrogen deficiency. And the weight you carry from these xenoestrogens isn’t coming off without a fight.

Symptoms of Estrogen Overload


Decreased sex drive

Mood swings


Anxiety and panic attacks

Weight gain

Here is an example of how they sneak chemicals that feminize men and sicken everyone into antibacterial cleaners:

Triclosan can be found in many antibacterial cleaners. When triclosan is absorbed into the skin, it can cause damage to the liver. Antibacterial soaps and cleaners can also cause drug resistant bacteria to develop-Wait-this sounds vaguely familiar-Oh, that’s right.  

Over the last two-and-a-half years, these sick evil fucks have been telling billions of people to slather on hand sanitizers which are PACKED with poisons-Even the openly criminal FDA issued warnings on wood alcohol sanitizers from Mexico.  

The triclosan found in many antibacterial cleaners is not just an antibiotic but its highly estrogenic meaning that it can contribute to obesity, allergies, lower testesterone cancer, infertility and it adversely effects the children and grandchildren of the parents who have been exposed to high doses of estrogenic chemicals throughout the course of their life as in Epigenetics. 

We are not supposed to be sterile. 
Most of the DNA inside us is not ours-Its from the bacteria inside of us and even on our skin microbiome.

How Can You Minimize Your Exposure to Xenoestrogens?

The tips that I am about to give are will not only reduce your exposure to synthetic estrogens, but will remove other poisons from your environment such as Chlorine, Bromine, antibiotics in food and water, lead, mercury, arsenic, Cadmium, Aluminum and many more toxins

Eat only organic meat and if you use dairy, only grass-fed butter and any milk that you drink should be organic and in glass jars, but if you can get raw dairy, that’s a live food.

Limit your intake of fish, mainly canned fish which is high in mercury and PCBs

Opt for pesticide-free fruits and vegetables where possible

Use glass and/or ceramic ware to store food at home instead of plastic containers.

Avoid microwaving plastic containers. This is because BPA leaching can occur.

Avoid placing your plastic bottles or containers in direct sunlight.

Personal Hygiene Products

Avoid cosmetic products that have toxic chemicals and xenoestrogens.

Eliminate all grains including corn

Elimiate dietary peanuts, cheap coffee and cheap chocolate (MOLD)

Eliminate butter unless grass-fed.

No commerical dairy because GE cows produce high levels of estrogen which fuck you up

Eliminate liquid dairy products unless they’re grass-fed and in a glass (it absorbs the estrogenic plastics in the jug).

Eliminate processed foods

Eliminate plastic shower curtains.

Avoid lavender in any form.

Avoid all standard industrial hand soaps.

No microwaving of food in plastics (you do not need to microwave)

Only eat wild-caught seafood from pristine waters but avoid apex predator fish such as Swordfish due to bioaccumulation 

Avoid moldy environments.

Avoid soy and all soy byproducts and flax.

Elimiate all food dyes, especially red dyes.

Use charcoal filtered water for drinking and showering

Eat only free-range chicken eggs.

Eat only grass-fed organic meats

Use all glass and/or stainless steel coffee makers.

Change heating and A/C filters often.

Don’t overindulge in alcohol. If you do consume alcohol, do so in moderation. Alcohol is a poison when over consumed.

So right now, people are screaming at their computer saying, “shut the fuck up, Snitzer! Don’t tell me what to do!  I don’t tell you how to live your life, dammit!”

Avoid Aspartame, Saccharin, Splenda, Nutrasweet, & artificial sweeteners in general. These are excitotoxins that affect your brain chemistry. 

Use natural sweeteners like stevia or xylitol instead. These are becoming increasingly available in bulk and in foods and beverages.

Minimize your consumption of processed foods – frozen dinners, canned soups, and pre-packaged snack foods.

Check labels and ask at restaurants to avoid MSG- an excitotoxin.

Buy organic food to eliminate possible herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides.

Consider investing in a high quality HEPA air purifier for your home. T

here are many toxins in your home and air that you just cannot control-In many parts of the world its fall, and winter is coming up and unless you’re airing your house out every day with open windows, there will be a concentration of chemicals inside of your house that you’re breathing in.

If you choose to use pesticides, herbicides, or insect repellents in or around the home, garden or yard, choose a natural pesticide or organic products containing pyrethrum or neem. 

Dry-cleaned clothes give off poisonous fumes. 

Do not use antacids because they have aluminum in them.

Invest in a good shower filter as well as a countertop gravity filter with carbon elements.

Use chemical free, biodegradable laundry and household cleaning products.

Choose chlorine-free products and unbleached paper products (i.e. tampons, menstrual pads, toilet paper, paper towel, coffee filters).

Use a chlorine filter on shower heads and filter drinking water

For the women out there I have left a link for safe beauty products in the description box.

Use chemical free soaps and toothpastes.Consider using environmentally friendly laundry detergent and fabric whitener.

Do not live or work in close proximity to power lines, transformers, or high-tension electrical wires.

Limit your use of the cell phone, and do not clip it to your body. Use an earphone where practical.

Limit your fragrance exposure in your home-everything from fragranced candles to fabric softener.

Know what is in your anti-perspirant. Many contain aluminum chlorohydrate. 

Switch instead to a deodorant without anti-perspirant like Jason’s. 

Limit your use of plastics as much as possible, and do not microwave in plastic containers not designed for such use.  

Many plastics today contain phthalate, a dangerous toxin.

Know your fish. Since poisons like mercury collect in fatty tissues, and mercury amounts are highest in large fish, eat smaller fish, do not eat the fatty portions, and follow your local guidelines for limits on safe fish consumption in your area.  Buy sardines.  You can make them into crab cakes-there are recipes for it you can find online.

You do not need to take Tylenol or Acetometaphin-There are homeopathic pain relievers that work just as well and even better  such as Arnica for aches.  

Take a half hour to go through homeopathic remedies because they work.  

Some formulations work for some people better than others just as some people get a benefit from a 6, a 30 or a 200 concentration of a remedy.

Check the list of toxins on labels for skin creams for aluminum- like magnesium aluminum silicate or aluminum lauryl sulfate.

Dust and vacuum your home regularly, change the vacuum filter often.

Skip the stain protected carpets- these have chemicals which will off-gas into your home (VOC’s) and you will breathe these dangerous chemicals in!

Purchase and use VOC-free paint in your home.

Of course, it would be impossible to eliminate all exposure to this list of toxins, or to follow every item perfectly. 

The key is to be aware of where they are found, and take reasonable steps where possible to reduce or eliminate your exposure to these chemicals.

For a great defense, boost up your body’s detoxifying capabilities. Make sure that you find a way to of cleansing toxins from your body once they do get in.

Your liver is responsible for cleansing toxins from your body and removing toxins in blood and toxins in the human body. You could think of it as taking out the garbage! In order to do it’s job properly, though, it depends on a protein called glutathione. 

This is highest in the liver and kidneys, your main organs of detoxification.

A century ago, most toxins we see today weren’t even around. With the modern day proliferation of toxins in products we see around us today, we need a good offense, which includes protecting ourselves by reducing or eliminating our exposure to known toxins.

We also need a good defensive strategy. Once the poisons enter our system, our liver needs high levels of glutathione in order to effectively do it’s job of how to cleanse toxins in the human body. So for a good defense, it is critical that we raise our levels of glutathione.

Get some N-Acetyl Cysteine from Life Extension because its a great brand for the money-Very potent.

Minimize rice consumption: There is evidence that rice contains arsenic and thus increases cancer risk. Rinsing rice before cooking may reduce risk.

Stop smoking tobacco: Arsenic, lead, and cadmium levels have been detected in cigarettes and e-cigarette vaporizers.

I know that some of you smoke.  I used to.  

I get it.  The targeting is a lot of misery to put up with.  I had to put that out there about smoking.

Be aware of lead pipes & filter your water: This concept is addressed further in Part 2 of this article–where we’ll focus on heavy metal exposure and remediation. Essentially, because heavy metals can enter groundwater or leach from pipes, it is important to filter them out before drinking water.

Consume naturally detoxing (and liver-boosting!) foods and drinks. Items like dandelion tea, parsley, cilantro, and milk thistle are all great for this purpose.

Cilantro with Chorella is supposed to be a really poweful detox as the Cilantro binds to many metals and the Chorella flushes it out of the system.

Get your proper amount of water in your system; this will assist in flushing toxins out of your body.

Don’t laze around; exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Exercise gets the circulation moving, helping to move toxins along, plus it primes your body and overall health.

Consume digestion-supportive probiotics every day. We’ve discussed kombucha before, but you can also try kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, miso soup, tempeh, and kimchi.

Start brushing your tongue to rid your body of contaminants that normally sits there. If you can handle it, a tongue scraper is even better.

Air moves energy in our bodies, and it moves airborne toxins, too! Start deep breathing to deport many of the toxins out through your lungs.

One way that you can try to detox your body of heavy metals is by using Humic and fulvic acids which are are both ancient, organic substances found in the earth and in aquatic environments. They are powerful allies to nature, enabling plants to fully absorb nutrients and minerals.

Humic and fulvic acid are both probiotic and prebiotic. They help put your microbiome back into balance. In this way, fulvics can help heal any immune deficiencies that originate in the gut. 

In addition, they can stop or prevent gut permeability that allows heavy metals to cross into your bloodstream, rather than safely being filtered out.

Humic and fulvic acid support your kidneys in excreting toxins, including excess heavy metals. (Dandelion root, milk thistle, Rhodiola and uva ursi are great for this, too.)

Fulvics are well-known “chelators”. That means they bind to metals and minerals and transfer them to where they need to be. Inside your body, fulvics filter out harmful heavy metals while increasing the correct absorption of nutrients and minerals that your body needs.

I have a link down below for the fulvic humic acid mineral supplement that I take that kicks ass and takes names. I know how stupid that sounded.  I’m livening things up a bit because some of this material might be a bit dry for some of you listening. 

The most popular and effective way to detoxify heavy metals from your body is with a natural mineral called zeolite.  

Unlike other substances that detoxify the body, zeolite has the unique ability to travel deep into your cells where heavy metals accumulate. 

From there it binds to heavy metals like a magnet and transports them out of the body, so they are no longer a threat to your brain.

Since I’ve been covering the ways in which we can become healthier, I have to mention how we can reduce our exposure to electromagnetic radiation, but as all of you already know, when you go online there are probably hundreds of thousands of articles and thousands of websites that give you ways on how to reduce the EMFs in your apartment or house, including how to opt out of smart meters, and hardwire your Wi Fi as well as shielding (which I’ll cover in a future podast with Adam).

And since I have been talking about poisons, I have to give some coverage to plant toxins and antinutrients, which are the chemicals plants use to defend themselves from fungi, insects, and animal predators. Humans are predators and many of the chemicals plants produce are harmful to us. 

To defend themselves, plants have created naturally-occurring pesticides, mineral chelators, and antibiotics.  

humans consume 5,000 to 10,000 different natural pesticides every day, many of which cause cancer when tested in lab animals. 

What’s more, carcinogen levels in many of these plants are commonly thousands of times higher than the levels of synthetic pesticides. 

That’s pesticides produced by hybridized plants found in the supermarket, not industrial scumbags.

While nutrients provide nourishment, antinutrients block the absorption of specific proteins, vitamins, and minerals. 

They can lead to mineral deficiencies while damaging our digestive systems by poking holes in our intestinal walls resulting in “leaky gut,” but more on that later.  

Plant toxins and antinutrients are frequently the culprits behind headaches, asthma, joint pain, and other allergic responses associated with food sensitivities, digestive complaints, and various autoimmune diseases.

Studies do show that eating organic food for two weeks has been shown to decrease blood levels of toxins by 90%, but you are better off with a diet high in clean ruminants like cows, bison, goats, sheep, elk and deer, fish from cleaner waters, raw organic dairy (if you can handle it), and some fruit and vegetables that are low in nutrient blockers and plant poisons.

So we are all exposed to poisonous heavy metals, large airborne particulates from pollution and close to one-hundred thousand other synthetic chemicals, dangerously high levels of radiation and radio frequencies, insane levels of psychological stress-Most of us are low in key macro and micro nutrients and on top of that, most plants are doing their best to make us sick.

So a legit question is, “is it possible to avoid toxins completely?”

Of course, avoidance of toxins is always a good place to start, but the bottom line is that it is impossible to avoid all toxins.

 We are just bathed in them. 

Certainly, any efforts we can make to reduce exposure can help, but the bottom line is that we just can’t make ourselves crazy about avoiding toxins because it is impossible.  

Filtering water can reduce toxin intake as well. The environmental working group (EWG) has wonderful tools to help you decide how best to spend your dollars.  

The Environmental Working Group has a wonderful tool on the web to help you decide which water filter is the best for you based on what toxin you are trying to avoid and on your budget and I linked it down below.

The bottom line is to be aware of toxins in the environment, learn how toxins affect the body, and to do your best to avoid them. 

Some lesser-known places you might be ingesting or absorbing toxins:

This is a really long list so I have shortened it as not to bore you to death:

Auto Exhaust (benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde)

VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds (paints, strippers, adhesives, cleaning products)

Mercury – heavy metal, poison to your nervous system (fish, some vaccines, pesticides on produce, emitted by coal plants, trash incinerators)

Lead (paint, dust, soil, water, old pipes, older homes built before 1978)

Aluminum (anti-perspirants, some cookware, antacids, skin creams, dandruff shampoo)

Excitotoxins (food additives that over-stimulate the brain, Aspartame, saccharin, hydrolyzed vegetable protein in processed foods/frozen dinners, MSG or Mono-Sodium Glutamate)

Pesticides and Herbicides (used in growing food and in yard care)

Carcinogens (Dioxin, radiation, asbestos, vinyl chloride to make plastics)

Formaldehyde (preservative, used in toners, paints, building materials)

Acetaminophen (Non-Aspirin Pain reliever, reduces levels of protective antioxidant glutathione)

Radiation (microwave, X-Rays, Ultraviolet Radiation from sunlight)

EMF’s – Electro Magnetic Fields that damage nerve cells (cell phones, electric blankets, computers, TV screens)

Here is one version that I read on the steps you need to take to detoxify the body and a good guideline, but always do your own research.

The first is to support the body in its ability to detoxify. In order to process toxins, the liver needs natural remedies such as B vitamins and antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, vitamins C and E, and the all-important glutathione. Glutathione is the body’s most powerful antioxidant. 

Without it, the body simply cannot clear toxins. The body makes its own glutathione, but it needs the building blocks to glutathione, namely N-acetyl cysteine.  

It is so important to supplement with these nutrients before starting on a detoxification program, and even more so now that scientists have discovered that most of us have genetic defects in the enzymes in the liver that help us clear toxins. By supplementing with B vitamins, we are overcoming those enzymatic defects.  

Some very deluded people just do not seem to get that the people you see shambling around in 2022 are not like the healthy and robust people from fifty, seventy, or a hundred-plus years ago;We are FILLED with poison and most of us are not as vital as we would have been were we born into a more pristine world and there are at least twenty reasons why we should have some supplements in our diet from those who have detox problems with the MTHFR gene variant and need to take methyl folate instead of folic acid as this helps people’s natural detox mechanisms work better.

You also want to take a good probiotic because 

95% of our serotonin, the key neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood, is made in your gut. 

A deficiency in serotonin causes depression and, in some, anxiety.  

There are dozens of health benefits of probiotics, and even the openly corrupt modern medical system acknolwedges most of them.

Read up on intermittent fasting with a six-hour or eight-hour window of fasting which will allow your body to recover from digestion because it is a lot of work for the body to break down food;I am talking about us sealing our energy leaks as in minimizing unncessary stressors while making ourselves stronger-Its about knowing both your strengths and weaknesses while stuck in this human avatar and no, I sure as hell am not “new age.”

This might sound a bit gross to some of you but please get a good stainless steel tongue scraper because  tongue scraping is an easy method to keep your tongue free of toxins. It aids in removing the harmful germs, bacteria, food debris, fungi and dead cells from the surface of the tongue that build up over night while you sleep.

In fact, the yellow or white coating on the tongue cannot be cleaned properly through normal tooth brushing and flossing.

tongue scraping

Tongue scraping, when done on a regular basis, also enhances your sense of taste.

It should be done once every day using a tongue scraper designed especially for this purpose. If you don’t have a tongue scraper then use your toothbrush to scrape your tongue. The best time to do it is in the morning or after a long nap.

From Vita Revive Organic Wellness Spa:


We are all designed to continuously and naturally remove toxins from the body. 

There are two kinds of toxins: water-soluble and fat-soluble. 

Water-soluble toxins are easily flushed out of the body via the blood and kidneys, but the fat-soluble toxins are a challenge for the body to remove. 

These fat-soluble toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives, food additives, pollutants, plastics and other environmental chemicals must become water-soluble for the body to eliminate them fully.


This happens mostly in the liver, but if our digestive and detox pathways are not functioning optimally, these toxins find their way from the liver to the blood, fat cells, and brain, where they can store for years, setting you up for health concerns down the road. 

By recognizing these processes as being helpful and allowing them to take their course, and working to identify and eliminate their root cause(s), you can support your body’s self-preserving mechanisms to keep you well over the long term.

The idea is to get your body working as efficiently as possible and this includes having a lot healthy animal fats in your diet because they promote the secretion of bile which helps carry toxins out.

If the fat cells of your body are packed with heavy metals such as Arsenic, aluminum, mercury, Cadmium, Xenoestrogens and your bones have fluoride and lead in them, its going to be an uphill battle for you to deal with the madness and chaos that the current reset has been assailing the peoples of the world with.

I am not telling people to make all of the health changes that I have covered overnight.  

No one can do that. 

As I’ve said a couple of times now, this life is not a sprint-Slow and steady as in being aware and consistent, educated and skeptical-that’s what will enable you to take charge of your mind and body and I promise you that your life will become easier.

Get the free app called THINK DIRTY that will use a barcode scanner to measure the toxic danger of products.  

If you’ve gotten some good ideas from this 

video, then please share it with others that you think would benefit from this information and please check out the links section in the show notes so that you can check out the supplements and the articles that I’ve recommended and in case anyone is wondering, I am not monetized, so if you purchase something that I linked on Amazon, I am not getting anything out of it.


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Tongue scrapers:

Intermittent fasting, the basics:

Why you want to avoid Xenoestrogens and Phytoestrogens:

What is methylation in the body and links to methylated B-vitamins (start at a low dose):

Methylated vitamin B-Complex:

Understanding parasites in your body and how and when to detox from them (do NOT do anything until you’ve really read up on this)

A guide to safe cleaning products and beauty aids:   

Why you need some good nutritional supplements:

Fulvic Humic Acid Ionic Trace Minerals with Electrolytes Liquid Supplement

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