April 12, 2024

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Howdy Members, i joined Leon Pittard on his podcast show today for a chat and we were able to cover some great ground in about 90 minutes. 

Welcome to: Episode 998 Signs with Leon and Adam

Today Adam from the Crazz Files joins Leon to discuss current events down under in Australia and around the globe.

Together we talk Covid on pause? Why. What is the next phase of the Global Reset? Digital ID? Digital licensing? Digital internet ID access? How does the Ukraine Russia conflict relate to the advance of the New Communism – The Global Reset? What are the ultimate aims of this Beast system  the heart of mankind….and more.

Episode 998 Signs of the Times with Leon and Adam – Mega download

Episode 998 Signs of the Times with Leon and Adam – Dropbox download

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  1. Excellent podcast. And yes the jews are the most evil people in the world. Nice take Adam on historical Germany and bringing in “H ellstorm”.Ir seems Leon knows his history his history too. N ot many Australians do

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