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Author and researcher, Sharon Daphna

Howdy Members, on today’s podcast i am joined by author and researcher, Sharon Daphna from California to discuss her incredible book, invisible Soldiers, silent war and the power of Orgone Energy. 

Sharon Daphna is an author, orgonomist, planetary healer, researcher, and craftswoman from Los Angeles. She began her life as an artist and musician with a BFA from UCLA and spent many years touring and playing live music. In 2012, the severity of the worldwide geoengineering programs hit home due to finding out the connection between her health problems and these programs. From this point on she devoted her life to learning about and raising awareness of the weather modification programs which were damaging the environment and human health. In 2014, Sharon and her partner, Gabriel, discovered that orgone energy was the solution to ending geoengineering. Since April of that year, they have been making orgone energy devices called orgonite, and have distributed over 6000 tactical orgonite pieces (towerbusters) throughout California, the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest. On her blog site, Somewhere Under the Chembow, she documents their work with photos, descriptions, and weather reports, including the official end of the engineered California drought on April 7, 2017. This record of orgonite gifting work from 2014-2019 is compiled in her 2020 book, Invisible Soldiers, Silent War. This book ties together the seemingly disparate elements of ET invasion, air pollution, electromagnetic warfare, mind control, and the triumph of human consciousness. It explains how we can clean our skies and end drought, and how orgone energy is our key to liberation.

Sharon has done public talks, including panels and seminars at the 5D Event and Conscious Life Expo, and has been a guest on Buzzsaw with Sean Stone, Beyond Belief with George Noory on GaiamTV (now Gaia), Jimmy Church’s Fade to Black, and many others. Sharon and Gabriel were both interviewed on the Viceland TV show, “Mr. Tachyon” in 2018, which explored alternative science. She hosted The Activation Hour on, featuring health, science, technology, spirituality, and guidance into the new paradigm, and also co-hosted The View From Marrs, with the late Jim Marrs on Talknetwork, covering Jim’s areas of expertise. She is currently the co-host of The Human Frequency, which covers the war on humanity by forces beyond the government, and real life solutions to freeing ourselves from these negative influences.

Working with orgone energy to actively dismantle the geoengineering programs in California and end years of drought has led her to new understandings of the true nature of the energetic war on humanity, as has studying the work of Wilhelm Reich. These are ideas that Sharon conveys in her talks and writing in order to help people overcome the psychological effects of chemtrails and to become the creators of their world through accessing their minds’ power to shape their reality. Orgone energy is the gateway to a new level of consciousness, and through working with this free energy, our own life force, she has been learning and sharing the spiritual awakening that could only happen in the face of such darkness.​

Sharon Daphna is the name holder and CEO of the registered business entity, SHARON DAPHNA SCHLOSS, which she uses to operate legally in the fictional world of commerce. She lives with her husband, Gabriel Lazar, in the mountains of Southern California.



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Invisible Soldiers, Silent War by Sharon Daphna

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  1. I gotta say mate, I disagree with a bit of her point of view.
    Firstly the fact that she says the orgone devices are used to create rain clouds above. That’s contradicting the term cloud buster. Is it not?
    Secondly she says they create rain and that is a good thing. Then she says the recent flooding in Australia is NOT because of chemtrailing but because these areas are using orgone devices? Seriously?
    We know the rain making technology via atmospheric aerosolization is in use right now. And has been used for ages by many countries. We know the composition of many of the trails to be indeed heavy metals among other substances. Yet she claims that’s all wrong and all the flooding and rain we’re seeing is because good people are trying to stop droughts and protect themselves from EMF by purchasing orgone devices and having them in their homes all around the flooded areas?!
    That’s a big call that she cannot back up.
    Thirdly is that if indeed she is correct (which I don’t think so), then these orgone devices are WEAPONS! If they’re responsible for making rain then the people have been duped into buying/making them and then flooded themselves out of a home!

    Sorry. But I think she’s barking up the wrong tree.
    Was an interesting show and I always enjoy them mate. I don’t mind people having different opinions but when those opinions are baseless…. makes me wonder if she’s in it for other reasons.
    But that’s just my opinion.

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