February 27, 2024

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Jason Woodforth plugs in with me 12/08/21 to cover all the latest news and events from Australia and around the world. 

I plug in with Jason Woodforth today via mobile as we continue to break down the situation here on “PRISON ISLAND” 

We discuss COVID lock downs, planned lock downs and the unbelievable criminal police state now being formed across “PRISON ISLAND”  

Medical Apartheid is available on all good digital music outlets.


The connecting consciousness zoom was on Tuesday night and 2 senior public servants said they had been working from home as they were told 2 weeks ago that Canberra was going into lockdown. Last week someone reported from Canberra that the back of parliament house was being enclosed in a series of fences, but i can’t corroborate that. I looked on Google maps but couldn’t see anything.


Those seeking medical advice should consult medical professionals without delay. Consult trusted professionals to clarify and verify related issues. The author is not an authority. He is a critic of authority. His research addresses apparent contradictions and is designed to cultivate

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