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“PODCAST” The Amino Age and The New abNormal Doctors With Tracey Northern

mRNA is apparently the only new cure for all our ills. They’re even giving this new era in medicine a name calling it the ‘Amino Age’ but is it all it’s cracked up to be? I just heard too that ‘anti-vaxxers’ are trendy now which tells me they are ready to complete their big swap of vaccines for gene therapy. Problem, reaction, solution in full swing. The amino age is the offered solution but is it a solution at all or just another terrible ‘healthcare’ paradigm to keep the slaves manageable and controlled?

Are you confused by all this talk of ‘messenger’ ‘RNA’, proteins, genes, genomes, DNA and contagious disease? Well you’re not alone and you are being confused on purpose. The way out of the confusion I thought was to dive in, swim around and see what I can find that is solid and factual in all this science-waffle being foisted on us. People with bits of paper to say they are qualified to tell us the facts are either lying or also confused.
I spent 3 weeks looking into their papers and articles, methods and tests and gave myself a massive headache. It reminded me of the days I was trying to argue with shills over vaccines and what they did and did not do which actually taught me a lot about their so-called science and how they confused people with their fancy language there too. All the technical stuff I learned about back then is just being rehashed and plonked onto what we are told about RNA and DNA. Just swap the word virus for DNA/RNA and you will see the same exaggerations, assumptions and lies.

I have to hit you with some big misconceptions which pull the rug from under the feet of modern medicine. This is a bit scary for some people but I promise you the truth is far prettier than the convoluted ugly theories we’ve been sold.
First bombshell incoming……

Lawsuit raises questions about DNA testing, race and ...

DNA. Does it exist like the pretty pictures say it does? The theory of a blueprint in the nucleus of every cell. As I was trying to knit all this info into some sort of semblance of cohesion I suddenly wondered where were the chromosomes in all this? No-one mentions them or what THEY are. SO I looked them up. Supposedly DNA is wrapped up in the ‘chromosomes’ in the nucleus of our cells which have only ever been seen when cells are dividing (only seen in embryotic cells in other words). They see these chromosomes double and split into the new cells as it divides into two. This process is called mitosis. DNA cannot be seen tho and the very few ‘photo’s’ of what we are told is DNA are very dodgy. Two I looked for have even been deleted from the internet but I found them on the wayback machine. Why did they delete them? Probably because they look so fake! Also sadly for them they look nothing like their cartoon DNA.

What did Lanka have to say about DNA and RNA back in the 90’s:
“I already had a somewhat critical attitude when I
started studying molecular genetics, so I went to the library to look up
the literature on HIV. To my big surprise, I found that when they are
speaking about HIV they are not speaking about a virus. They are speaking
about cellular characteristics and activities of cells under very special
I was wondering what viruses are for in evolution,
because they didn’t seem to have any function other than to be very
dangerous and killing other cells. So I went into evolutionary biology and
found that the first genetic molecule of life was RNA, and only later in
evolution did DNA come into existence. Every one of our genomes, and that
of higher plants and animals, is the product of so-called reverse
transcription: RNA transcribed into DNA.
But I had already realized by then that the thinking about
molecular genetics was very dogmatic. In the early 1960’s they came up
with the central dogma of molecular genetics, which they try to uphold even
today, and which is ridiculous. The dogma says that DNA behaves in a
static way (it doesn’t change); DNA makes RNA; RNA cannot be transcribed back into DNA; RNA comes into existence only on the basis of DNA. That was and is the basis,
of the central dogma of molecular genetics.
While studying the evolutionary aspects of biology, I quickly
realized that reverse transcription is common to all forms of life , and
in fact is the basis of all higher living. Later I learned that reverse
transcription is a repair mechanism for chromosomal DNA. But the
mainstream of molecular genetics is still committed to the central dogma:
‘There is no such thing as reverse transcription from RNA to DNA.’ In
1970, when they detected biochemically that there is a reverse flow of
genetic material, they didn’t give up the dogma or even try to change it.
Instead, they called it an exception to the central dogma of molecular
genetics, and explained it by postulating the existence of retroviruses.”
(from: Mark Gabrish Conlan interviews Stefan Lanka (from the December, 1998
issue of Zenger’s Magazine).

We are told that our chromosomes (the genome) were ‘mapped’ by a man called Morgan but all I can find is work on plants and insects. How did he map the human chromosomes by looking at plants and insects? They used ‘classical genetics’ as in looking at natural mutations like Mendell (A botanist) did with his peas which all this stuff is based on. Peas with different coloured flowers. Inbreeding and cross breeding. Chromosomes are like ur sock draw for keeping all those ‘6 feet’ of strings of DNA in some kind of order. But it’s not just one string of DNA because we have 23 paired chromosomes making 46 in all. So thats a lot of blueprints not just one. Oh and guess what! We can SEE chromosomes under a normal microscope BUT what they are and do is something else because they are only ever seen during cells dividing, as in foetal cells. If that’s the case there’s no proof they are in all cells and Harold Hillman disputed this. More recently new pics are emerging saying they don’t look anything like the pictures we’ve been sold again. The strands of DNA are supposed to be wrapped up in a globular mess somehow? Looks like they’ve been looking at bacterial chromosomes (or is it just more debris) and now they’re fighting over which ones are the real deal.

The new cartoon drawing of a chromosome looks just like a picture of their proteins. Like a lump of badly tangled wool. I can’t help but say too, even tho I might get blasted for it, that the original chromosomes look an awful lot like ‘bacteria’. There I said it. Then I remembered this…..

From an old article I edited by a fellow independent researcher called “Is it time to give up on the flawed modern day science of genetics?” by Lee Stevenson-
“They will not consider the fact that humans/animals and plants have microbes that modulate their genes. Changes in the functions of those genes also change animal and plant microbial makeup. Microbiota can alter host gene expression. These things have definitely not been considered by the biotech industry or the pharmaceutical industry. Something as simple as altering our diet can change our microbiome and alter gene expression in the body.”
So are the ‘genes’ (small strings of protein making recipes) really coming from our own cells or are they from our bacteria? Do our cells make the proteins from reading instructions from our own ‘blueprint DNA’ or do the bacteria deliver them? Seeing as there is no proof whatsoever of our own cells doing this and the fact they are using bacteria and yeast to produce synthetic proteins it looks like it’s all a lie, a mistake or assumptions?

All the work I looked at about producing ‘synthetic RNA/DNA’ seems to use bacteria and yeast to produce the product (which by the way a company called Trilink who produce it call it (RNA) a ‘drug’.) Funny description for something which is supposed to control our whole existence and heredity.
On the production end I just saw mixing of chemicals (acids and catalysts) with yeast and bacteria and then the usual poisoning and centrifuging plus heating and cooling till the end product pellets called ‘synthetic RNA’ is left and they call it a DRUG. This is what they call BIO-CHEMISTRY. Is it producing chemicals from biological processes or is it condensing living biology down to chemical processes or a bit of both? Just as they did with herbal medicines (plants) to turn them into patentable drugs.

Just for clarification we need to look up some of the things they talk about in these ‘gene modification processes’. RNA is said to be just strings of ACIDS. In their CGI illustrations they look like half a string of DNA. How do they know it has a function and how can it pass messages if it is just a string of chemicals (acids). What are acids?

from https://www.thefreedictionary.com/acid

Bicarb is supposed to alkalize so why is it classed as an ‘acid salt’?

from https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/acid

So an acid is a ‘reactive’ substance, not necessarily negative. Sounds like what an enzyme does too. So in this context acids don’t mean ‘acids’ as in acid/alkaline ok.
So what is an Amino Acid?

ANY chemical substance found in living tissues then. But then look what it says about protein too-

So proteins are just a mixture of chemicals too? Well in their eyes they are. So the supposed ‘spike protein’ is a bunch of chemicals mixed in a certain way according to them. Sounds just like a drug doesn’t it. Now maybe we can understand how they might seem to make them in a chemistry lab.
There are so many scare stories coming out left right and centre about how much damage this ‘spike’ protein could cause and not only to those who take the shots but maybe even those close to them who haven’t, so raking up the old contagion myth once again. We know viruses are a lie based on germ theory (another lie) but now we are made to believe proteins can suddenly spread disease person to person by ‘shedding’ of a fictional protein which they say they can force our own cells to produce at their bidding. But can they?

They are mixing chemistry and mathematics and applying them to biological functions. This is the materialistic world these scientists live in. We are just breathing/walking chemical labs. We need to look at how the science of genetics has evolved seeing as it is becoming the new dominant ‘science’ in medicine. They brag about it replacing chemo and vaccines – well could it be any worse than chemo? Could it be any worse than vaccines? Or is it just the same stuff repackaged with more bells and lights? The processes in the lab look like smoke and mirrors to me all to hide the fact they either do not know what they are doing apart from chemical mixing or they do know what they are doing but don’t want us to know, in fact it looks like the alchemy of old which was also very secretive and the old ‘science’ of the freemasons.

Pin on Alchemy

Lets have a look at the evolution of the smoke and mirrors-
Classical genetics was a very slow process of damaging/poisoning and observing reactions (mutations) and earlier just inbreeding. Classical genetics looked for new mutations in plants (peas originally) and fruitflies because they reproduce very quickly. When they saw a ‘mutation’ they blamed the genes. Genetics was all about inheritating traits but it has morphed into genes causing changes in real time. Just like they blamed germs and then viruses as scapegoats for chemical poisoning or malnutrition they have gone now to molecular levels of invisibility. So a plant grows with unusual features and instead of asking what caused it to grow like that they claim the reaction as the cause again. As with the TMV they assumed it was something smaller than a germ (so a virus) when it was soil depletion (malnutrition). Just as pleomorphism happens and bacteria morph to survive a hostile terrain the morphism is not the cause it is a symptom. The terrain is bad. Everything has to adapt to its environment or perish.

In the 90’s they went from classical genetics to technology and invented the ‘Microarrays’. Basically they take the cell debris and put each bit robotically onto a chip arranged like thousands of jigsaw pieces just like you would spread them out to see before you start doing the jigsaw except they claim to know what each bit of cell debris is and where it is placed.
Like this…..

All very nice but the reactions they claim are from specific genes were identified by classical genetics using observations of reactions to terrain anomolies and lots of guesswork. Now the assumptions made have become coloured dots produced by computers, robots and chemical reactions all programmed into computers from their old poisonings, observations and guesswork. These assays were adopted from gene labs into virology labs since they announced that viruses were bits of genetic material so we can see how the two sciences were already crossing over.

All the CGI pictures of DNA and talk of ‘snipping’ and editing makes it sound very high tech and mysterious but do you know what they use to ‘snip’ and ‘join’ these supposed strings of acids? Bacteria. Yeh. Apparently E-coli is a fave ‘tool’ for snipping at amino-acid strings they call RNA. The same bacteria that dismantle proteins and dead tissues in our guts and also claim are very pathogenic (cause sickness). More proof that bacteria are indeed the janitors in the body and they know it. In fact it exposes they might be even more than just janitors doesn’t it?

What else do they say about RNA. According to dictionary definitions it is a ‘polymer’. It is some ‘monomers’ clumped together. Monomers are another ‘chemical compound’ which may or may not react with others.

Plastic is a polymer, so is paper. All the info you find about these polymers and ‘reactions’ between proteins and acids when you look them up separately are chemical and atomic reactions. Like this….


It is a picture of a chemical reaction yet it also looks eerily like what they claim goes on at molecular level in the body. This is chemistry overlaid onto biology. That ‘polymer’ looks exactly like their description of a virus doesn’t it? Coincidence or plagiarism? A bit like saying all birds are aeroplanes because we can understand how aeroplanes work. We are supposed to believe the inside of our cells looks like a plastic factory in other words.

So lets have a little look at how they claim to do all this gene editing and splicing which looks so high tech and clever in their cartoon pictures……

They are claiming this CAS9 is a protein from a bacteria’s ‘immune system’. Now that is interesting isn’t it. They claim that bacteria produce proteins based on past experience of damaging chemicals just like the story of our own ‘immune systems’ do. So who is driving this ‘immune system’ is it our cells or our bacteria? Could it be that bacteria are not only our janitors but they are also our ‘immune system’ instead of being the enemy that our immune system was said to attack. This little nugget just tells us that THEY KNEW all along bacteria were helpers and not enemies. They clean up and they recyclecell fragments and they are trying to harness that. Problem is they only do this in our body with dead cells and debris they do not harm or damage healthy living cells. Remember RNA/DNA is not a living substance just like viruses were not. Are they trying to make this protein work for them on live tissue cells using ‘gain of function’?
There’s been a big whohaa about ‘Gain of Function’ experiments and we are led to believe they have been trying to make a virus. But what about this? No mention of viruses here;

from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK26818/

Is the Gain of Function story a bending of the truth (hidden in plain sight)? Are they trying to make these proteins edit genes in live cells in live subjects, US? Trying to genetically modify us under the guise of curing something. Remember what Lanka said about reverse transcription. There are lots of indications to tell us they have been failing dismally in their efforts tho. They’ve also been hit with public outcry….
Did you know that back in 1974 all genetic engineering experiments were banned because of public concern as to where it was leading. The genetic industry held a conference and declared to the world that they were just trying to find cures for deadly diseases like cancer and this was the only way. They were only allowed to resume work on the back of this massive promise which was a lie. Now we have gone from banning their experiments on foetuses to all volunteering to be their human guinea pigs and the world is their oyster.
I found this story after I published but want to add it in now as it shows just how bad this ‘wall’ was that GM was said to have hit.
“Jesse Gelsinger was 18 years old when he volunteered for a clinical trial at Penn State to test the effect on GT on a rare metabolic disorder called OTC Deficiency.  Within hours of being infused with “corrective genes” encased in weakened adeno-virus,  Jesse suffered multiple organ failure, and days later, his blood almost totally coagulated, swollen beyond recognition, and brain dead—he was taken off life support.

His death caused the then booming field of Gene Therapy to grind to a quiet screeching halt. When I went to Penn, as my first stop on the interview tour for the TALK article, the head of PR there said:

“Not sure what to tell you. We killed an 18 year old kid.””
(This article is well worth a look https://celiafarber.substack.com/p/the-machine-model-of-biology-denial)

from the complete guide to understanding crispr gene editing ……….

from the complete guide to understanding crispr gene editing

So only the last 5 years have human trials been allowed and 2020 gives them their results? Is Covid their big human genetic engineering trial? Obviously yes. Who gave them this permission to break all the rules made back in 1974 to allow them to continue? Is this why they needed an ’emergency’ to bend those rules? I think so and that is why covid was rolled out in the first place but if you think this is the 1st time they’ve used this technology you’d be wrong. The 1st vaccine they produced in a gene lab was the HepB hailed as the 1st cancer vaccine. The very one that caused the disease they called AIDS which Fauci and Micovitz were in on. The next one was the HPV which was their 1st attempt at ‘curing’ cancer except it didn’t cure anything did it. They can’t cure cancer because they know it is not a disease so they plumped for the unproveable prevention route and this was their 2nd attempt at a cancer vaccine with dire consequences again.

Lets regroup again back to the cell debris. We are told the mRNA is a short strand of genetic material which tells the cell how to mix all the amino-acids to make a specific protein. If we have a blueprint why do we need these smaller bits of info and where do they supposedly come from? If they are just a strip of different chemicals how on earth do they do all the things they claim? From what they are claiming it’s like saying a snip of a hair from my head can do double and triple salco’s while cooking the dinner. They are ‘discovering’ loads more supposedly different RNA’s too every day. Just add a letter or two before RNA like an m for instance. The inside of a cell is starting to look like downtown Manhattan by the sounds of it OR are they simply looking at loads of cell debris from cells killed by their processes in the lab and playing a weird guessing game at who can come up with the best story explaining what it might do. I found this gem of a paragraph in a science article;


Guess what panglossian means. Extreme optimism. Yes it does look like science is fooling itself. Apart from everything they’ve seen of cells under the totally alien landscape of an electron microscope these cells are always grown in tissue cultures. Harold Hillman pointed out that the cells in a tissue culture have “significantly different morphology, biochemistry, and environment than the cells from which they came”. Meaning all in all they might as well be looking at a lump of dog turd to describe the workings of a human cell. NONE of it can be believed because the fantastical story they have concocted goes against everything we see in nature which is always simple and perfectly sensible. Harold Hillman tried to stop this nonsensical storyline back in the 70’s providing evidence that our model of the cell was completely incorrect and used an old proverb as the intro to his book…..


In my three weeks of delving into genetics I found no evidence of any of these things RNA is said to do. Since the PCR and assays were invented these are all that is used along with chemical reactions, a lot of maths and computer programmes all based on the original findings back in the early 1900’s which looked at mutations and changes in fruit flies. Along with all the high tech gear and AI they have moved from dead tissues to bacteria and fungi to do all the work for them. If they don’t need the cells to do the gene splicing then surely it follows that it is the bacteria themselves that do it in the cells too? Bacteria are all killed when looking at cells under an electron microscope just like everything else so they’re claiming the bricks and mortar puts the fire out in a building and not the firemen to use the old analogy again.
Apparently cells with no nucleus (so no DNA or chromosomes) like platelets in the blood, can produce proteins too, where do they get the recipe from?

from https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/314123#what-are-platelets

In the science labs working on genetics the only biological ingredients they use are bacteria and fungi (yeast). Remember fungi and yeast are just another form of the bacteria in the pleomorphic stages. They make genetics look very high tech with talk of snipping and editing but remember bacteria recycle cell debris, they also produce enzymes (which are a type of protein) which cause the different amino-acids which make up the proteins to break apart, just like they do in the digestive tract.
So from all this they deduce that RNA is as inanimate as DNA because it is just strings of acids, it doesn’t DO anything, the BACTERIA are doing all the work in the lab AND in the cells.

All About the Functions, Types, and Uses of Plasmids ...

Other things I saw mentioned a lot in the gene lab work was something called ‘PLASMIDS’. They tell us that these are bacterial chromosomes. They use them as ‘vectors’ to ‘deliver’ drugs (RNA) into cells. The more I looked into these plasmids the more convinced I became that they were talking about bacteriophage again. They based the whole of virology on these phages remember? So plasmids are produced by bacteria and look like their description of a virus and they contain some genetic material. BINGO! Plasmids are viruses are bacterio-phage and lets go one step further because in the pleomorphic graph what is the start and the end of the bacterial morphology? The somatid, also called a microzyma by Beauchamp. It is immortal and contains all the information to start the whole process of life.
I’ve hinted at what I think this RNA could be already but then someone sent me a book in French about Bechamp’s work and I translated this…..

* Bacteria – are remarkable machine tools, intended to dismantle old/sick cells, cancers or scaffolds used to repair certain injuries. In this sense, it is fundamental to understand that we do not get germs from the outside. There is no biological warfare, says Bechamp. In an alkaline environment, microsimes assemble and manufacture bacteria. But if, on the contrary, the environment of the body returns to a neutral ph, the bacteria disassembles and the microsimes recover, moving freely. Thus, depending on bio-electronic constants, temperature, presence or lack of oxygen and nutritional substances in the living environment, microsimes communicate with each other to form a certain germ, a mycelium, a microbacteria that will be capable of fulfilling a certain mission. A body does not get infected by contagion: bacillas or bacteria are built on the spot, when needed, to destroy damaged cells or tissues and to evacuate waste. Diseases of so-called ‘pathogenic’ germs are healing processes. They don’t become serious, unless important nutrients are missing. For example, in the case of tetanus, microsimas build tetanic bacillas in deep muscle injuries caused by wounds or burns in an anaerobic environment (no oxygen). Their mission is to evacuate damaged cells and to rebuild new tissues. But this work requires a lot of energy and generates waste. In the absence of vitamin C, these wastes becomes toxic and trigger the famous spasms of tetanus. It has been shown on several occasions that IV injection of magnesium chloride stops the spasms in half an hour. Alternatively, the injection of vitamin C brings healing in two or three minutes. Microsimas are absolutely remarkable considering they can transform into other forms of living matter. They are complementary to each other, autonomous, specific, intelligent and responsible. They always do what’s best for the body. But for this we need to provide them with the elements indispensable to their lives and their functioning: air, food, vitamin C.* Microlyses (eg E.coli) are capable of reproducing at very high speed and in very large numbers.* They are not invaders or war aggressors. They feed and metabolize certain substances through a digestion mechanism. They need sugar, proteins, fatty materials and trace elements. They are living entities.* They dismantle and remove waste.* These entities made by microsime can be dismantled, to atomic/chemical level again.* Microzymas are almost eternal (except for brutal destruction, through extreme processes: cremation, soaking in formaldehyde or pure acid). They can go into hibernation, partially dehydrated. Thus, live microsims were discovered in fossils 12 million years old.* Microsides are specific to each individual and are likely responsible for the transmission of hereditary characters. “Properties of microsime Sickness, a rehearsal for life – MICROSIMES” Antoine Bechamp

RIGHT so now we’ve sorted out that whole mess lets look afresh at the mRNA shots and the covid story…..
The big topic on everyones lips now is this SPIKE PROTEIN. We know they have no virus so there is no spike from any imaginary virus. This one FACT that we know there is no spike protein IN the shots makes these shots a fraud. They are using the word ‘vaccine’ as a cover story and claiming the gene shot works like their vaccine theory because they can then be protected under the vaccine act from any litigation for the damage they are causing. Doubled with that they get to conduct their massive experiment on the back of an emergency pandemic rule permitting an experimental vaccine for a made up disease. This is double fraud. They really have pulled out all the stops this time.

They are saying the ‘SPIKE PROTEIN’ is a poison/toxin.
We discussed Arthus last time and his dabbling with ‘poison proteins’. So what are they?
When Arthus was playing with them they were venom from snakes and later Richet played with jellyfish venom. They were playing with INJECTIONS of these ‘poison proteins’.
The supposed deadliest of all ‘poison proteins’ is said to be Botulinum toxin. So how come people volunteer to have this stuff injected into their faces regularly? If it’s so deadly why do they not drop dead? It does seem to paralyze muscles locally but doesn’t spread and kill the whole body. Neither do they shed proteins so causing others to have instant facelifts. Ingested protein poisons only seem to affect the digestive system so it would seem the poison is localized and does not spread like a so-called virus is supposed to. Even tho they claim extreme deadliness they can only affect the direct tissues they come in contact with. So far so good. Could THIS be what their gain of function experiments have been trying to fix….
I delved a bit deeper into ‘poison proteins’ but couldn’t find much more of interest so ended up on general ‘poisons’ and looking at this website- https://www.britannica.com/science/poison-biochemistry I found this paragraph-

Some of this is obviously assumed and cause and effect being swapped around

Some of this is obviously assumed and cause and effect being swapped around but basically they’re saying that some poisons can cause mutations, yes we saw that with thalidomide but what does it have to do with DNA? Nothing as these ‘mutations do not get inherited. People damaged by thalidomide can have perfectly formed babies. How do poisons ‘mimic’? They obviously don’t so lets say they cause a reaction which damages the cell. Much simpler. Electron loving would imply a change in PH would occur, this would affect proteins produced. I didn’t know what Electrophilic meant so clicked on it and lookey here-

Lot’s of those ‘poisons’ are pretty common in our day to day lives I’d say so maybe we can conclude that poison is not only in the dose but also in the vicinity. Maybe like weeds are just plants/wild herbs growing in the wrong place, these chemicals only become poisonous when they are in the wrong place as well as how much of it gets there. We also know we can become tolerant to an extent to these poisons in small doses. But not to proteins? Why are they treated differently? Remember the anaphylaxis process. We still never worked out why that happens or how.
I also found out that proteins can change their shape and function according to the environment and it seems to have a lot to do with PH and electrical charge. The PH measurement is actually ALL about the positive or negative charge of things. So the optimal PH is slightly alkaline which is a slight positive charge. Even tho the sciences know this the biology side largely ignores it and treats the body like a chemical soup. It makes me wonder if all that ‘junk DNA’ they can’t understand is nothing to do with recipes for proteins and chemicals and where the real stuff is. I’m reminded of a scene from the film The Fly where the scientist has to try and program the essence of life into his computer and his girlfriend tries to explain it to him but can’t either.


Back to the lab……
So this ‘spike protein’, that they want our cells to manufacture, was it to be a poison protein? Well we know for damn sure it didn’t come from a virus so where did they get the idea for it? From poison proteins and Arthus and anaphylaxis? Did they MAKE it? CAN they make it? From what Malone told us yes they have a synthetic protein ‘on the shelf’ so we can only guess what it is hoped to do from their objectives. Sterilization seems to be their main aim and it just came out from autopsies that this protein is being found concentrated in dead subject’s ovaries, at least that is what they claim. Are they making a protein which is a specific poison to specific cells? That would make sense so it would end up where it’s supposed to be right? How do they know it is concentrated in those parts of the body? What test are they using to show this? PCR or Assays? Both bogus tests. Are they finding a specific protein in these places or is it as always the damage caused there by the poison protein? They have been swapping the words ‘virus’ and protein for some years now and their evidence of a virus is always the damage caused by their chemicals so it would follow that the same evidence is being claimed here too. What is this thing ‘off the shelf’? From what I gather it’s a string of letters and numbers from the ‘gene bank’ which is more or less just hundreds of recipes for making synthetic proteins.

Only our own proteins made by our own cells are welcome in the body it would seem. So even a human protein from someone else would be ‘foreign’. How does the body deal with ‘foreign proteins’? This is where their ‘immune system’ theory comes into play and they treat foreign proteins with the same story as germs and viruses. The ‘immune system’ story.

Just like they concocted viruses from thinking they were seeing things exploding out of bacteria (phage) I’m beginning to wonder if they are swapping these proteins for what they thought were viruses exploding out of cells which were actually just dead cells being dissmantled. They based viruses on bacteriophages as I explained in ‘Going Viral’ so are they just expanding on that storyline now with proteins? Are proteins to be the new viruses?

‘Messenger’ RNA is a figment of their imagination too but lets say that it is a ‘drug’ as they themselves describe it and a mixture of chemicals which is what all drugs are. This drug obviously can’t provide our cells with any recipe to make a protein because it is ‘foreign’. It can’t get in. Just like in vaccine theory they need an adjuvant (a poison) to cause any reaction or rather to blast it in. They need a poison to deliver this poison into the cells. Our cells would never make a synthetic, foreign protein either as that would go against all the rules of nature. They know this ‘drug’ can’t gain access to our cells they speak about it openly this is why they say they used plasmids (or did in the past) to deliver the ‘load’. That didn’t work either because their virus theory is wrong and plasmids are not viruses anyway. They have used the old immunity card too to pretend they need to ‘cloak’ the drug so our bodies defence system won’t see it. The whole story of these shots is geared to pretending they are vaccinating us against a killer virus and the truth couldn’t be further from that. The antibody tests are another smoke screen long used in the vaccine fantasy. They claim antibodies prove the vaccine works but antibodies also DO NOT EXIST.

Antibodies | Free Full-Text | IgG Antibody 3D Structures ...

They are glubulins and they are non-specific, that means the old theory that we make specific antibodies to specific germs is nonsense and they know this for sure because they know there are only a few different ones according to them. They are just proteins which clump together around toxins which can’t be processed by enzymes (also proteins). Compare it to throwing a blanket over a fire to put it out. So the appearance of globulins signifies ANY kind of poisoning which the body is having trouble processing. NOT a specific marker for any specific virus or germ nor any indication of ‘immunity’ which was clearly exposed by the HIV fiasco. It seems they’ve been struggling to put that little nugget back into the box since they let it out. Proof Fauci is a clown.

Dr. Anthony Fauci - Ass Clown University

I watched a couple of painful video’s talking to a scientist called Robert Malone who claims to be the inventor of this mRNA technology. Apart from the obvious chip on his shoulder over probably not getting a nobel prize his whining does reveal quite a lot about this whole gene/vaccine swap game they’ve pulled. First I was struck by how little he seemd to understand about biology as he claimed they thought the ingredients from the shot would ‘stay in the arm’. WHAT!! He reminded me of Judy Micovits and her whining about being ousted from the old HIV game and how she exposes more than she thinks. I made copious notes from his interview with Smell Bigtree but will try to compact so much bullshit into hopefully a few nuggets.

He explains that he was working on vaccines at the Salk institute when a friend in genetics told him they ‘hit a wall’. I remember talking about this wall before and he explains what the wall was. They couldn’t get the cells to ‘express’ the foreign proteins at all. That was the great wall genetic science hit. They thought it was our immune system and they couldn’t work out how to get round it.
They’d tried to ‘fix’ children with ‘no immune system’ do you remember the ‘boy in a bubble?

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It’s blatantly obvious to some of us that he was vaccine damaged and became a human lab rat for the genetics industry. All they did in the end was give the poor kid leukemia. They also failed miserably with a cure for cystic fibrosis and never could find a way to cure cancer as they’d promised but they sure could induce it.
So as I explained in my last podcast vaccines were struggling (particularly at the Salk institute as they had killed loads of kids with their polio vaccine and were now persona non grata) and genetics had hit a wall so these two muppets thought why not get together and we can sneak the non working gene therapy in through the back door of the vaccine industry. It was a purely financial and political manoevre. Nothing to do with saving mankind.
He let slip that ‘protein causes the immunity’ so either he is thick or he’s gone off script and revealed that they know there are no viruses and that proteins can induce an immune response (remember anaphylaxis). He also went on to state that the shots cause ADE. I already told you that is science-waffle for anaphylaxis. So he exposed they know this too.
He said that the ‘spike protein’ (he talked about ‘spike’ a lot like it was a friend of his) is a ‘biologically active protein, it has effects, it modulates the immune system’. Now firstly that last bit is bull but how can he say this with such conviction unless he holds a patent on it? Or is it a euphemism for one of the ‘drugs’ they’ve developed called ‘Spike’. He also stated his friend “Spike can open the blood-brain barrier”. The best quote for me tho was this
“NIH engineered the spike off the shelf”. Off the shelf implies they got it from the gene bank where all the patents are for ingredients to make synthetic proteins (not viruses) and it would have been on the gene bank already BEFORE covid was launched.
He said these are ‘1st generation mRNA shots’ and that no toxicology studies have been done yet then he slipped in “mice lie, monkeys mislead, only human data is relevant’. Which us antivivisectionists already knew but he is openly stating that covid IS THE TOXICOLOGY STUDY! Wow.
Malone is ‘in the business of repurposing drugs’ out of his own mouth, and works for the FDA which he said is “not independent of political pressure” and Department of Defence. Well he certainly has repurposed vaccines and gene therapy hasn’t he. I wonder tho how Gates managed to weedle into this cushy little arrangement there’s no mention of him at all….. no hang on he did mention Moderna. During the original inventing he says there were patent battles for this new ‘idea’ of his between Moderna and Bio-entech for recipes produced by him at Salk and the others working in the cancer field. There we are Gates was sticking his fingers in the pie right up to his elbows yes.
Most of the rest of his babble was just ‘junk DNA’ and of course pushing the bogus ‘cure’ for covid being some parasitic poison. So many people are buying that crap too even if they don’t believe in covid they think it will placate the believers. All it does tho is send everyone running back to the people who cause all this sickness in the first place with their poisons. It drives me insane, the pure insanity of it all.


A Romanian friend on Facebook wrote this and it basically says it all in a nutshell.
“I don’t believe in the bio-nano-tech manipulation thing that so called scientists brag about. What I think, is that these ′′ vaccines ′′ contain certain ′′ toxins ′′ that have already been tested on prisoners, orphans, mental[ly] sick and homeless people. My opinion is that the top producers and doctors in the so called research, claim anti-covid vaccines are experimental… just to provide a public excuse for the dramatic side effects occurring in case[s] of some of the vaccinated. However, the idea that the world ‘ scientist s’ have the scientific and technological ability to manipulate at bio-nano level… in my opinion is [a] disinformation so that they can appear in the eyes of the popular masses as semi-gods of intelligence and knowledge. I believe that especially in the bio-medical field… all the so-called advances in knowledge of the effects of toxins in vaccines and pharma-chemical medicines, are only done through uninterrupted clinical tests on defenseless people. So… how could they reveal this to the public… without compromising themselves? So the so called bio-medical researchers misinform and manipulate to give people the impression that they hold astonishingly advanced scientific and technological capabilities… although in reality, with their poisons they cannot heal even a trivial cold. Nicolae Nedelcu

Compare all this with what Moderna THINKS it can do with our bodies (bearing in mind this is Gates’ computer company).
‘Moderna claims they can program people like computers.’

thanx to https://hive.blog/corona/@captainklaus/moderna-and-life-as-an-app-they-can-program Is it correct to say that who controls the Protein Biosynthesis (the production/programming of proteins) controls life?

So to conclude and wrap this up……….

Back to Harold Hillman who said-
“2/3 of scientific work in biology since 1945 is fraud, led by secretiveness, dishonesty, hunger for money/fame, lack of proper equipment and compartmentalization in science”.
and I think we have pretty much covered all that here yes.

Now if they can’t make any of this stuff work do you really think they can make transhumans using this technology? I would take a stab at NO which is why I’m not delving into the nanotech at all. It’s all drawing board stuff but this experiment only concludes they can’t make it work in practise so it’s a mass cull dressed as a vaccine for a manufactured fake disease. If they can sterilize some of us that would be an added bonus but I doubt it is caused by their genetic experiments, it’s just a side effect of the poisoning.

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