February 25, 2024

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Port Arthur Massacre Victoria Police video Part 1 *GRAPHIC*

Read More At WASP – The Port Arthur Massacre 

 Horrendous footage and not for anyone who will find this material distressing. I can only reiterate please DO NOT WATCH THIS FOOTAGE as the images of violence and deceased victims are extremely graphic. Watch only if you must, to get some understanding of the gravity of the crime, but what is seen, cannot be unseen. It is NOT my desire to upset people. This is posted for those to bring some examination of the tragedy. I apologise in advance for any upset caused. Not to dismiss the raw horror of these images, but there are some perplexing moments on the video.
At one point, during the cafe aftermath, you see the camera pan across the table where the gunman sat. You see an open blue bag, presumably concealing the rifle used and most importantly, a video camera set up on the table, presumably to record the shooting. This tape, which would clearly identify the shooter, has never seen the light of day. Witnesses stated the gunman was carrying a large, multicolored, Prince tennis bag and grey video camera case. In the rear of the abandoned Volvo, you see a hammer, behind the Daewoo shotgun. You’ll also notice a victim lying deceased next to the open driver’s door of Martin Bryant’s VOLVO, despite the police statement they were dragged and shot from their own BMW. The Cheok family witness statements (2 in number) state at least one of the BMW occupants was seated in the front seat of Bryant’s Volvo, having a conversation, before an argument ensued and a blonde haired man exited the Volvo, retrieved a rifle and shot all four occupants in succession. What was someone sitting in the front seat of the Volvo talking to Bryant about? This police training tape was discovered dumped at the local tip, before being disseminated to the ire of police. Who dumped this tape? *Note this is only part 1.

3 thoughts on “Port Arthur Massacre Victoria Police video Part 1 *GRAPHIC*

  1. There’s nothing like a good haunting.
    The victims of this tragic event demand the truth be told of their plight.
    It’s a mathematical equation that demands to be solved by the universe & not the ghosts of persons deceased.
    The Walsh Street Shootings have played on my mind for years – any day now the pressure will begin & questions will be asked.
    Like 9/11 – it just does not stop until the true story is told.

  2. Russell St Police Headquarters bombing.
    I was on the bus cnr Bourke Russel St waiting to go home from CAE & the bomb went off – 10 min later the bus took off with 3 passengers & 1 driver – it was lunchtime – by the time we got 1 & 1/2 stops away it was approx 4:00-4:30 pm & the bus was full – The air was aura orange yellow & thick & the atmosphere had a Holy feel about it.
    I KNEW that a police woman was dead – from where – ????????
    I got off the bus at Newry St my parents place where I left my car & drove home to Preston.
    The news said Angela Taylor …. & I KNEW she was the diseased police woman – how – ???????
    I wrote an essay for my English class – Holy Thursday.
    whodunit ??????
    whogave the permission ??????
    whogave the order ???????
    Angela Taylor is always in my mind.
    Go Figure.

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