April 20, 2024

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PR STUNT? ‘Doctor’s visit – time for vaccines!’ Zuckerberg publicly announces getting his baby girl vaccinated


NOTE: A publicity stunt is a planned event designed to attract the public’s attention to the event’s organizers or their cause, VACCINES.  Show us the child actually getting vaccinated & prove that this is a real Doctors office.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took his baby daughter Max to get a vaccination on Friday and posted the moment to his personal page to the dismay of ant-vaccination activists.

‘Doctor’s visit — time for vaccines!,’ wrote Zuckerberg on his Facebook wall along with a cute snap of Max in a colorful and geometric patterned onesie.

Most commenters on Zuckerberg’s page thanked the billionaire for ‘protecting other children,’ by getting his child vaccinated.



3 thoughts on “PR STUNT? ‘Doctor’s visit – time for vaccines!’ Zuckerberg publicly announces getting his baby girl vaccinated

  1. question;
    GERMAN SWINE FLU VACCINE SCAM – squalene was omitted from the vaccine shot that the German Dignatries received – I think that Zuccerberg qualifies as dignatry status.
    What’s the Danger of Swine Flu Vaccinations ? by Dr. Anders Bruun Larsen.

    It is possible that I am now receiving the Aged Pension AND Newstart.
    Centrelink has messed up still further. I hit the phone AM monday.

    1. NEWS.com.au
      article – Cracking down on Centrelink fraud
      Human Srevices MP Stuart Robert says fraudsters are on notice.
      * The fraud to the tune of billions is being comitted by the employees of Centrelink – there was this story going around about 5 years ago – that a female employee of Centrelink setup Aged Pension Accounts to fictious recipiants / fake accounts – and collected $25 million over 11 years.
      Crime syndicates run Centrelink right under the noses of the Australian government.

  2. Zuckerberg is a Jew and it seems that the Jew owned corporations who profit massively by promoting their toxins injected into humans would hardly inject his ‘beloved’ daughter with the same shit the Jew corporates promote.
    The ‘needle’ is a feared apparatus and is noted as ‘needle phobia’ by our illustrious allopathic guru’s as regards young children.
    Fascinating….. why would a young child, before the age of reason, suffer from this phobia?…… Gus

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