February 24, 2024

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Racist Australian Open Tennis Officials Don’t Know The Difference Between Serbian & Russian Flags

The Communist & Racist Dictatorship Of Victoria Is Now Banning Flags & Tee Shirts From Tennis Matches At The Australian Open In Melbourne.


Serbian fans label Australian Open official racist: here is what happened.

Serbian fans would have branded one of the officials of the Australian Open 2023 as a racist, when the latter would have tried to confiscate the flag of Serbia from the fans in question. As reported by the Daily Mail Online, a possibly pro-Russian social media account, posted a video of the match, in which fans appear to be supporting Serbian players who were stopped by officials.

You’re fucking racist,” one of the fans said into the background, as the official tells them that Russian flags are banned. “It’s a Serbian flag. Serbia is the central region of the Balkans in Europe. Do you know what a country is?” says the fan to the official.

The angry officer then snaps at the fans, telling them they are not allowed to film it. “Call the police, arrest us, you will be on YouTube,” says one of the fans. “White, blue, red, that’s red, blue, white. These racists don’t allow certain flags,” says one of the other fans.

Increasingly flustered, the security guard storms off after telling the fans they’re fucking idiots as her young female counterpart politely confirms that it’s a Serbian flag. “The American flag, that’s what you should ban,” jokes one of the fans, to the young female official.

Racist Tennis Officials At Melbourne Park Are So Stupid And Ignorant That They Can’t Tell The Difference Between Serbian And Russian Flags. 

The flag controversy This all comes as the Russian and Belarusian flags are now banned from the Melbourne Park Grand Slam, after a rogue fan used the former to taunt Ukrainian player Kateryna Baindl during a match. Unlike Wimbledon, players from Russia and Belarus have been able to compete at the Australian Open, but must do so as neutrals instead of representing their countries.

When Baindl of Ukraine faced Kamilla Rakhimova of Russia earlier in the tournament, she was repeatedly waved a Russian flag at her in mockery. This led Ukraine’s ambassador to Australia, Vasyl Myroshnychenko, to criticize the Australian Open organizers for allowing the symbol to be displayed. Photo Credits: Firstsportz.com

Source: https://www.tennisworldusa.org/tennis/news/Tennis_Stories/127355/serbian-fans-label-australian-open-official-racist-here-what-happened/

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