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Ready to Have an Unlimited Number of Vaccines Pumped into Your Body?


SB 792 — —  just passed their crony-corrupt legislature. This bill criminalizes any adult who deals with child care and is not “fully vaccinated”, whatever that might mean. This new law is the “companion bill” to SB 277 which was passed a couple months ago, and signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brownshirt. That evil bill abrogated philosophical and religious conscientious objections to vaccines for children going to government and “private” schools (but not home-schooled).

.Prepare to watch immune systems collapse around you.

.This is an international trend that can, quite literally, kill you. That’s why it is more important than ever for you to be legally protected from the loss of your Informed Consent rights.

.You must have an Advance Vaccine Directive in place, preferably in your medical records, and absolutely in your wallet if you want to assert your right not to have vaccines forced upon you.

.With this card (and one for every member of your family) you are asserting your right to Informed Consent as protected under US and International law. Just like a “I am a diabetic” or “I am allergic to ___” cards that people carry, it is notice to all health care professionals.

.Any health professional who violates that directive is committing an assulat on your person and malpractice. And they know it. That’s been the law in the USA for at least a century*.

.This latest unlawful legislation will, we predict, “inspire” other states adopt similar restrictuions, aiding and abetting a crime against humanity. Your only protection is the assertion of your Informed Consent Rights.


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